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Sudarshan Reddy – 2018-04-24

 Verified Purchase ✓

This Gel works well, i suggest to buy only from licensed authentic suppliers like siobay stores, schnellmart, siozon sales and krozenwart only to get the original product, I ordered from siobay store site(this site) and got the product and good results.

Sudarshan Rao2018-04-29

 Verified Purchase ✓

Awesome ! This gel works. After lot of research over online i ordered this product from this authentic site. Finally i got my original product and helped to resolve my under eye unwanted hair. I am so excited to receive my second order for my cousin. People , don’t miss this stuff.

Sony_Baidya – 2018-05-02

 Verified Purchase ✓

Loads of  appreciation for launching this website. I have been searching a good online site from long time. Your service is too good  & prompt. Your products has helped to bring a lots of benefits in resolving my problems. When I was going through the demotivation phase, your gel helped me. Thanks a lot for  your great product.

Sneha Reddy – 2018-05-04

 Verified Purchase ✓

Simply Awesome stuff. Excellent hair removal gel in the market in this present era. It does really wonders over unwanted hair growth. I is use veet hair removal cream always totally demotivated because i needed an natural product with permanent results. This magical herbal product starts working within 10 days for me , i could see the changes happening more in the 2nd week, but PCOS & PCOD people should have little patience to see more quicker results, when I used for about a month my hair growth stopped completely. I will suggest this gel to all those who are suffering from unwanted face and body hairs, its specialty is that is the most coolest hair removal product felt after application. Must use gel !!!!

Kanchan Mathur – 2018-05-12

 Verified Purchase ✓

Best Gel i have ever never used till date , i bought it for under arm hair problem. I had very thick hair growing under my arms as i had very thick hence after trying many other things for permanent hair removal solution, first week i could just very mild changes but second week onwards i say many more improvement in hair removal process. After 25 days all my unwante hairs are gone.

Sagar Patil – 2018-05-16

 Verified Purchase ✓

Most Primary thing i would like to say that siobay store team is great service, some times delivery will be delayed, this gel is very cool and user friendly and very surprising face is that in 9 days i could see hairs becoming soft and thin little bit and am soon got hope for hair fall and complete hair removal, then with this hope i complete around 26 days and found unwanted hair on abdomen area was completely gone. No doubt about this gel and surely works 100%.

Gopal Hegde – 2018-05-21

 Verified Purchase ✓

Good Product but Stock Availability is the biggest issue, most of the time we wont get stock.

Velu Chennai – 2018-05-28

 Verified Purchase ✓

Good Product and customer care support is too good from siobay store, got very effective results after using my chest area without shaving, Quite Happy and Happy Buyer..!

Tommy Cyril – 2018-06-05

 Verified Purchase ✓

Very Good and Result base product, this got one of the top position in global products and as per my knowledge siobay store comes under one of 4 licensed distributors to obtain genuine and original product. Just reliable store and their service is too good and prompt service – thank you.

Lijjat Lal – 2018-06-15

 Verified Purchase ✓

This is really working product guys and just dont miss to buy from this licensed store, just 5 star for their prompt services, now am ready to recommend to friends and cousins.

Rohit Singh – 2018-06-25

 Verified Purchase ✓

It takes more time to eradicate the hair which are cut by metals and trimmed by machines and other than that this store supply the product on time and it gives good results but if hair are thick and cut then it will take more than as it is promised.


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Built up in 2014,SioBay Shopping is prestigious constrained organization which have put an advantageous specialty in industry in providing as retailer,importers,exporters,whole sale traders,distributing and exchanging an extensive variety of home grown items having home grown and characteristic fixings like Permanent Hair Removal products,Face Fat Reduction and Face Slimming Products,Belly or Tummy Fat Reduction Products,Weight Gain Products,Weight Loss Products,Hair Growth Products,Skin Whitening Products,Anti Aging Products,Nose Reshaping Products and some more.

We have turned out to be prestigious business on the planet from year 2014,by preparing exact wants of the customers with best of the capabilities.In turn our organization as earned the greatest repo of huge clientele.They provide orders repetitively,as an outcome our clients are happy with our health,cosmetic and magnificence mind growth products. We guarantee that the offered products is of 100% natural and herbal, result arranged with great effectiveness. Besides we secure the whole array from most dependable global market vendors,who process the entire range utilizing subjective elements of precise natural composition. We handle worldwide transportation of our items to USA,Canada,UK,South Africa,Europe,Malaysia,Srilanka including 25 different nations world wide.We are brokers of brands like SpearMint and Glutathione.

Our organization activities are performed by group of persevering personnel.They are for the most part knowledgeable with market and clients particulars and guarantee make conveyance of the items accordingly.Further,our staff keep refreshed with current pattern and developing business sector needs by occasionally directing the surveys.Team working with us incorporates quality controllers,administrative experts,sales and promoting personnel,logistics experts,warehouse and bundling specialists and some more.

All Our Business Operations are all around oversaw by Board individuals who are qualified to deal with SioBay Stores who helps us developing and obtaining recognized specialty with their sound space understanding and specialty involvement in the concerned field.

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