How to Reduce Hair Loss or Hair Fall Problems Naturally?

Now a Days Hair Loss has been considered as common problem among men and women of all ages, especially from teens to 40’s aged people. Before finding Hair Loss Solution first we have to analyze and see The few main reasons which makes the hair fall is :

** Hair Products What we use regularly

** Water used to Wash the Hair

** Methods to Wash Hair

** Life Style of Ours Affects Hair Fall

** Nutrition or Daily Food Intake Matters

Now we come to details of each point


** Hair Products What we use regularly ::

Daily We use Shampoo, Hair Styling Products and Electric Gadgets for Hair Styling and if these products do not match the high quality standards and if the ingredients in it are not herbal or ayurvedic then it will cause damage to hair leading to Hair Loss.

** Water used to Wash the Hair ::

Some people got habit washing hair with hot water, some people use borewell water, some people rub the wet hair with towels immediately after wash, hence these kinds habits lead to hair fall more and more.

** Methods to Wash Hair ::

Washing Hair with Hot Water and Hard Water like Borewell water will make the hair rough and loose moisture and as well leads to more hair fall.

** Life Style of Ours Affects Hair Fall ::

The Kind of Life Style We adopt everyday will also effects the hair fall, if we watching lots of televsions late nights or using electronics gadgets and laptops etc in day or night time then it will lead for hair fall.

** Nutrition or Daily Food Intake Matters :: If our daily intake food has got lack of nutrition then it will lead to hair fall issue to crop up. If you daily intake rely on junk foods then it will lead bad hair health.

Hence the Best Natural Solution to Avoid Hair Fall are ::

** Use Herbal Hair Products :: Use Products like Herbal Shampoo and Styling Products

** Use River Water or Soft Water :: Using Soft Water like corporation water without bleaching powder in it and using River Water and use normal water to wash the hair.

** Methods to Wash Hair :: Use cold water to wash the hair and also do not rub the hair with towel when it is wet.

** Adopt Healthy Life Style :: Take Proper Sleep of 7 to 8 Hours, Sleep Early and avoid watching electronic gadgets in late nights.

** Eat Nutritious Food :: Eat Lots of Green Vegetables and Drink Lot of Water along with Good Seasonal Fruits.