Hair Removal Concept

Hair Removal is a process where the grown hairs are taken out of the body and facial area by following certain methods or techniques, it has two basic methods like epilation and depilation and one more latest method is called permanent hair removal.

Hair is an biogically grown over the human as protector of the body from cold and also protects skin from harsh environments. Hairs are present over the human body from birth but it will become more thick and visible when boy or girl start attaining the puberty time.

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Men get more thick and tough hair compared to women body hair, Women get hair over head, eyebrow, underarm area, pubic area, as eyelashes and over arms and legs but body hair of women are visible but softer than men. Men will hair growth same as women body areas but they will have hair growth over chest, pubic, arms and legs. The mustache and beard are the common hair growth among the men. Women do not have upper lip hair or chin hair generally.

Hair Removal practice has been adopted from ancient as culture, hygiene, medical and various religious reasons. The Habit hair removal process is adopted since 10,000 years but as the period of the life keeping changing era by era then methods use to remove hairs also got advanced and changed. Shaving and Cutting are the method existing from many thousands of years.

Now a days it has been fashion to have clean body as all male and female models has body shaping consciousness and hence adopt clean body concept to look more glamorous. Hence today’s world of hair removal process threading, waxing, sugaring, hair dissolving, hair plucking, hair removal strips and hair removal creams in the form of products are used to remove the hair

In our present fashion trend we adopted very high fi cultures men want to have clean body with beard and women want to have completely clean body and face. Hence Women depilates the body areas like underarms ,legs and pubic area and does threading for facial areas like upper lip and chin areas if any unwanted hair are grown on them.

Men also depilates the private areas or pubic area while doing hair removal over the body but most men adopt shortest way to use razor to shave the particular area and use trimmer for beard areas to give and proper shape.

Hair Removal Process is Classified Mainly into 2 Types ::

Epilation Method : In this method the hair removal from root level is done using methods like sugaring, cold wax strips, waxing (hot waxing), epilator creams, laser hair removers, plucking and electrolysis etc.

Depilation Method : In this process hairs are cut from the skin surface level using shaving razors, trimming machines or manual trimmers, depilatory creams etc..

Epilation Methods in Detail ::
This is temporary hair removal method where the hairs are pulled out from the hair root level, but here the hair regrows back after certain years.

Tweezers : Here manual plucking or machine base plucking is done to say Tweezing

Waxing : Here an Hot or Cold Wax applied over the hair and then pulled out with pore base strips

Sugaring : Applying molten sugar after heating over the hair then pulling out with strips made of pores in it

Threading : An Strong moderate grippy twisted thread is used in the form cross design to pluck the hair from root level in the skin and also reshape it.

Epilator Creams : An Chemical Base cream used which dissolves the hair up to epidermis layer making tweezing effect as an output.

Medicate Supplements : Excessive Hair Growth caused by androgen and estrogen hormonal imbalance can be supported by supplement to cure pcos and pcod level in women, this method only to stop the excessive spreading or excessing hair growing process.

Depilation Methods in Detail ::
It is an temporary hair removal process where the hair are cut to the level of skin surface, this kind of hair removal of have hairless effect up to certain days.

Shaving : Here Metal Blades and Razors are used to cut the hair surface level after applying shaving cream to form foam to soften the hair.

Depilatory Creams : These creams has chemical which dissolves the hair up to skin surface leading to remove hair from skin surface level for certain days.

Salt Papers Scrubbers : These are rough surface over paper with hard salt sticked by rubbing such salts we could get hair cut from skin surface levels.

Permanent Hair Removal Process :

Here Various cosmetic like medical or surgical equipment insertion into hair follicles and herbal methods are used to stop the hair regrowth forever. Electrology is one of the method of cosmetic way to stop hair regrowth forever. Permanent Hair Removal Creams, oils, spray or form of Products are latest technology which research an alternative to cosmetic treatments to save money and also adopt easy usage.

Permanent Hair Reduction :

Here the cosmetic procedures like laser hair removal and electrolysis, Intense Pulsed light, Diode Epilation etc are used for the hair removal. Hair inhibitors and Hair Retarding Products are herbal base and non cosmetic one to reduce the hair growth.

Efficiency Comparison for the Effective as Hair Removal :

Cosmetic Treatments : Efficiency Rate of 64% to 73% ( very short time required to complete the process)

Home Remedies : Efficiency Rate of 70% to 75% ( it takes more time to complete the process)

Herbal Products : Efficiency Rate of 85% to 98.28% ( it takes short time to average time to complete the process)

Pros and Cons of Hair Removal :

Cons of Hair Removal :
** Inflammation in Skin
** Burns in Skin
** Scars
** Bumps
** Damaged Skin
** Infection in Hair Root

Pros of the Hair Removal :
** Clean Hairless Body
** Matches Fashion Trend
** Creates Attractive Body
** Avoids the Job of Hair Removal again and again
** Save the money of Salon and Parlor visits

Among Women PCOS and PCOD caused by hormonal imbalance, heredity issues or hirsutism factors creates excessive hair growth. Hence Curing PCOS or PCOD using Ayurveda or Homeopathic or Allopathy treatments is more while intending to stop the growth of hair.