Women Specially Best List Permanent Hair Removal

Women Specially Best List Permanent Hair Removal ::

Every Women and Men follow certain process of hair removal daily or regularly as their maintenance routine in their life cycle to appear beautiful and hygiene, hence several methods and techniques adopted each individual according to convenience to get rid of unwanted hair from face and body areas without any side effects. Most of us like to find Best Permanent Hair Removal Solution so that we can get rid of unwanted hair forever in life and still certain regular hair removal methods which are convenient, easy and fast to work on will discussed below to obtain silk smooth skin after the usage.

Set of Homely Methods are ::
** Tweezing
** Shaving
** Plucking
** Waxing

** Tweezing :
Tweezing is an process where the hair are pulled out from root level with the handy tweezers easily and comfortably and it works well only in smaller areas and it is not meant for large areas, hence recommended to use on upper lip, chin and neck or side burns. Once the tweezing is done then it will be remain not grown for about 2 to 3 weeks of time. If we are using the Tweezers regularly then it is recommended to clean the tweezer after every usage to avoid certain infections in future.

** Shaving :
Here an tool called razors with blades are used to clean the areas of unwanted hair growth areas it could manual shavers or electrical shavers. The blade in the razor basically cuts the hair equivalent to skin surface level to give clean area with smooth skin touch feel. After the usage it is recommended to throw away the blades and razor should be cleaned with sanitizers to avoid infections, but before shaving it is good the make the hair wet and soft by soap or foam of shaving cream. This shaving method can be used on any part of face and body and there no hindrance in that. Too much rigorous shaving may lead to growth of ingrown hairs likely be in bikini areas.

** Plucking :
In this method metal puller or pluckers are used to pull the hair individually one by one and hence this method can be used for upper lip hair or chin hair or eyebrow hair, hence similar technique adopted in threading process where an twisted thread is used to pluck the hair which is basically used in the salons.

** Waxing :
In this method an wax is used as base ingredient to spread it over unwanted hair grown areas in past form and after drying an strip is put over it to pull of the hairs so that wax holded hairs will come off with strips. Wax used here can be hot wax or could be cold wax also. This method can used over the larger areas of unwanted hair growth like face, underarms, legs and bikini areas. After waxing hair growth wont be there about 2 to 3 weeks of time normally.

Cosmetic Techniques of Removal ::
** Laser Hair Removal Technique
** Electrolysis

** Laser Hair Removal Technique :
An Trained Doctor or Technician uses an machine which product an high frequency beam of laser light which impinged over the areas of unwanted hair growth after cleaning the area with clean shave and this process is carried it out in sessions and hence it is an long hair removal process to attain inhibition and hair reduction. In this laser technology good one will IPL (Intense pulsed light) which is of more concentration form, it is best for women facial hair removal than full body hair removal. This treatment last long from 1 month to 3 month depend on the thickness of the hair including present hormonal conditions like levels of PCOS or PCOD.
It has definitely has side effects in sensitive skin people like rashes, skin burns, etc. It is recommended to take laser hair removal treatments under high quality service clinics under more experienced technicians.

** Electrolysis Hair Removal System :

In this technique an expert of electrolysis system is involved in treatment process where and tiny micro needle is inserted via hair to make reach into hair root level then chemical or electricity is passed to damage the hair root leading to death of hair root so that there is no regrowth of hair. It is very much applicable for upper lip and chin or neck areas. Results will long last for about 2 to 3 weeks but expected side effects for sensitive skin people are red rashes and scars.

Market available Herbal Products ::

** Depilatory Creams / Medical Creams
** Permanent Hair Cream / Spray/ Gels / Lotions

** Depilatory Creams :
There are lots of companies product depilatory creams made with chemicals which has the ability to dissolve the hair follicle and remove hair from skin surface levels. It is good for larger areas like legs, hands, underarms, bikini lines, chest, abdomen, back etc. It will long last for 1 week to 10 days of time practically. Possible side effects will burning sensation, skin rashes or redness. Even medicated creams like vaniqa works well as best inhibitors till it used, once we stop to apply then the maximum amount of hairs regrow back.

** Permanent Hair Cream / Spray/ Gels / Lotions :
These will be in product form like creams, lotions, spray etc, these are produced by ‘n’ number of people globally, There are many herbal product manufacturing companies produce permanent hair removal products. These permanent hair removal creams or gels or sprays etc are made of pure herbal ingredients like herbal roots and plant extracts and it do not cause any side effects and also it has an permanent hair removal success rate of 98.28%. In this year certain best permanent hair removal gel are doing well in the market which has really done good job in past 3 years and named in the market as top hair removal products. These products should be applied for very shorter time and it will take just 2 to 4 weeks of time complete permanent hair removal process in normal cases and it will be around average of 8 weeks in case of PCOD or PCOS.

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