Which Hair Removal Method Provide Long Lasting Results ?

Hair Removal Methods are already classifieds as Home Remedies, Clinical Treatments, Herbal Products, Prescription Products.If rating is given then there certain methods which will provide the data of efficiency in descending order.

Order of Efficiency in Treating Unwanted Hair ::

** Home Base Techniques has got Efficiency Factor of 45% to 64%
** Clinical Treatments are Rated with Efficiency Rate of 64% to 78%
** Herbal Products are Rated with Efficiency Rate of 98.28%

*** Home Base Techniques has got Efficiency Factor of 45% to 64% ::

Here the methods like Shaving, Depilatory Creams, Plucking, Tweezing and Waxing sort of things are used to remove the hair, these kinds of methods yields hair removal for the period of on average of 5 to 8 weeks with efficiency factor in hair removal of 45% to 64%. Shaving is an method where an sharp blade is put into the razor and then hairy area with made wet with water and made softer by shaving foam and then razor wiper hard over the area so that hair get cut and get removed from skin surface level. Depilatory Creams are market available normal hair removal creams which is made with chemical and formulated to dissolve the hair follicles or hair from skin surface level, hence depilatory creams are applied over the areas of unwanted hair growth and kept for 5 to 15 mins depend upon brand application procedure and then wiped with tissue paper or clean cloth or it could washed also with soap and water, hence hair gets removed instantly. In plucking or tweezing methods and small metal tool is used the hold the hair and pulled out from hair root level, hence it is also easy method but it is bit painful in nature. Waxing is an method used at home and as well salons where an either cold wax or hot wax, either cold or hot wax is poured over the unwanted hair grown areas then after certain second wax is removed by pulling with strip sticked to it. Hence waxing method also got providing good hairless area with soft skin but it is painful hair removal methods. Hence till date depilatory creams has given painless way to home base hair removal method but in depilatory creams most of the brands has too much odors which is unbearable sometimes.

*** Clinical Treatments are Rated with Efficiency Rate of 64% to 78% ::

Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Treatments are the two major clinical way hair removal which has efficiency factor of 64% to 78% in hair removal. In Electrolysis methods an micro needle is inserted into the hair and an chemical or electricity is passed to the hair root bulb and hence making the hair bulb damage or burst, hence hair roots get damaged and hence it may reduce itself from regrowth further and inhibits from growing further, in this method hair can be removed from both face or body areas, it is very useful to remove the hair from chest, back, shoulders, legs, hands, etc. Of course electrolysis got some side effects like little bit pain or product skin rashes around the hair individual. Most of the doctors apply anesthetic cream for the hair removal area and then electrolysis process is carried out. Before going to have electrolysis hair removal it is better to go through the reviews of the clinics or get reference from friends and known people about the clinic. Also check the specialization experience and check experience and expertise of the electrologist or electrolysis technician.

Laser Hair Removal process is also carried out at laser centers or clinics by expert or doctors or dermatologist who are good in doing laser therapy to remove unwanted hair with intense pulsed light with high frequency produced by an diode base machine, hence before doing the laser hair removal process over the unwanted hair grown area first it is cleaned by shaving process and then an laser therapist spent half an hour to 45 minutes in average to impinge IPL light over the unwanted hair grown areas, hence the light of laser impinging produces heat which will burn down or burst down the hair root bulb or follicle hence reducing the hair regrowth period with inhibition factor which it holds by the laser process.

If the lase therapist or the laser technicians are not good then it lead to damage of skin with redness, rashes, skin burns etc. Laser can effectively work over face, hands, leg, chin, upper lip, back, shoulder, underarm, bikini line also. Laser hair removal is a process which does the hair loss of unwanted hairs takes lots of time like 6 to 8 weeks of time. If the hairs are thick and deep then session taken will increase till the hair gets removed from hair follicle levels.

*** Herbal Products are Rated with Efficiency Rate of 98.28% ::

Herbal Permanent Hair Removal Products are the form of cream, gel, spray, lotion, powder or oil form. It is basically prepared based on the formula adopted by the brands or manufacturers of the product, any brand before producing any product its research teams work from several months to output an formula on that basis the product will be developed. Various factors like efficiency in hair removal, side effects, ingredients combination to provide an efficient output are checked till an final product is ready, once the product is ready then it is branded and marketed by the branding or marketing team. Major advantages of the herbal permanent hair removal products are that it removes the hair permanently and naturally without any side effects, it has got highest efficiency rating.

Most of the Herbal Permanent Hair Removal Product are available in online markets or stores, hence very rare and less permanent hair removal products could be obtained from the physical stores near by us. Herbal Products ensures that products contains only pure herbal ingredients and plant extracts and which will be suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. These products could be used by all genders of the society. More focus of the big product manufactures are growing and expanding in developing herbal permanent hair removal products globally.