Braun Face Mini Hair Remover FS1000 Working and Benefits

Braun face mini hair remover is an elelctrical facial hair remover device which runs on chargeable batteries, it is having laser lights guided hair cutting technology, hence the spot light detects the hair grown areas and removes the hair so smooth that even metalic razor can do.

This electric device is too good for the women and it is very handly and portable to carry anywhere in women vanity bag or hand purse.

Features of Braun FS-1000 Device :

** It is supported by chargeable battery power
** It is a cordless device
** Its body is completely stanless steel
** It weighs just 100gms
** It is having rotatable head
** Quite handy and portable

Functions of Braun FS-1000 Mini Facial Hair Remover :
** Provides Smooth Skin : It shaves the hair such a way that area will be clean and very close to the skin, it makes easy for make up application instantly
** Gentle and Careful Make : It is made considering the sensitve skin of women on facial areas, just a instant facial hair removal system
** Fast and Easy to Use : It is quite handy and portable, hence make the device to keep even in small bags, totally instant facial hair removal device
** Accurate : The Smart Light of the Device is so precise that it wont leave any single micro hair at skin levels, it shaves so easily and cleanly
** Adaptable : This facial hair removal device can easily used over

Braun Mini Facial Hair Remover – FS 1000 is quite quick & easy facial hair removal, hence Braun’s Mini hair remover is intentionally built for delicate and stress-free facial hair removal
,it’s made to provide very smooth skin at over face and very easy use at home instantly.

What is Smart in the Device ?
It has laser base led light which is totally smart for spotting the micro hair and removing it from skin level with consistant facial hair removal retaining the smoothness of the skin even after multiple usage in hair removal.

How the Device Works on the Challenging Areas ?
It works very well to remove facial hair on twistly areas like upperlip, chin, cheeks in easy manner. Its head is rotatable makes the working process so easy that it works quick
and in effective manner even on very tough curvy angles of face.

How it Works on Any Skin ?
This Device suits all types of skin including senstive, dry, oily etc or say any type. While Removing the hair the rotary head will so adjustable to the curves and angles of face
that it removes the hair skin surface level keeping the comfort level high.

How it Supports any Cosmetic Applications After Shave ?

Braun Mini Face Hair Remover device is so perfect in creating an smoothest shave ever and hence any women can remove the hair instant and can do the make up on the spot
without hassles, so an seamless makeup application is possible over face.

What About Portability and Design of the Device ?
By looking at the device size we could make it up that device is very small and easily carried in a small hand bad or vanity bag or even in a purse, it weighs just 100gms this mini hair remover is so compact that you could remove from your purse anywhere and anytime and just do hair removal and followed by quick touch up.

What about the Design Background ?
Its design is done in Germany and Even the technology is from germany. Hence more than 50 years if german expertise has been put for the device design.

What About the Maintainence Part ?
It has rechargeable batteries which commonly available in market and hence batteries can be replaceable and even the device is repairable with Braun service support. Uses a regular AAA battery. Have to replace after it runs out of powder. Normal battery, the one we use in alarm clocks quite suitable one, the final finish is the same only it will remove hair skin surface but not from the roots. Hence from hair root removal we need to use Permanent Hair Removal.

Conclusion :
It is an absolute smart light guided shaver not epilator device, The Device feels good at touch and quality of this product is really good by built and it’s well engineered to suit the women perfect qualities. few classes laser hair elimination and for that reason I even have peach fuzz on my face and a few skinny hair on my chin, higher lip and neck. The barun face shaver does an notable activity to even eliminate the tiny peach fuzz on my touchy pores and skin and is absolutely painless. It hardly ever takes any time to finish complete face. You will need to cross in round motions and directly strains relying at the vicinity of the face. And the hair does now no longer develop returned thicker and takes it’s regular 15-20 days to develop returned like while you did threading or waxing. I could without a doubt advocate this product over threading and waxing because it doesn’t purpose redness or bumps and pain.
No problems even after a week. No loopy thick regrowth. It is fine. I understand hair will come again however to this point so good. Also have now no longer visited a salon in covid times, so that is a touch miracle for the task it did, Works flawlessly on top lips, chin and cheeks! Best component is that it’s far absolutely painless!! Just roll across the face and hair vanishes… pores and skin is likewise virtually smooth.. Also, it is virtually lovely and looks as if a lipstick.. Planning to stay with this for my top lips/face from now onwards. Overal Braun Mini Facial Hair Remover quite awesome device at Affordable Rate. It best suits for women with smooth skin or rough skin though on facial areas.