Enyi Hair Removal Tool : Worthiness Benefits and How to Use as Eraser

Enyi Hair Removal Tool is an Simple Hair Removal Tool made with compact and entact material to hold by hand and then front part from where we have to remove the hair is completely made of Silk Smooth Nano Glass material. It is quite reusalbe tool and which can be used again and again without any impact on our skin. This is specialist tool for women which can pamper the delicte skin of women. It is considered to be alternative to any person who is suffering from daily regular hair removal practise like razor cuts, waxing pains, costly laser hair removal treatment. It works instant and alternative to normal available hair removal cream.

It is having tendency to remove the hair in painless way and even it helps in exfoliating the skin and helps in removing the dead cells and it has major advantage of reusability i.e it can be used by rewash and works as eco friendly object. It has good reviews till date and it merely helps to remove hair from facial and body areas easily.

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Worthiness of Enyi Hair Removal Tool :

Yes it is quite worth to use because it comes at affordable cost/price and it has no side effects and it is quite eco-friendly because it can be used again and again by rewashing it every few days once, probably 2 weeks once it can be wash if it used daily or it can be washed monthly once if you are using it weekly twice or thrice in a week.

How to Use this Enyi Hair Removal Tool ?
Hold the tool with the hand from its back part and front portion where silky nano glass is present should touch the skin and putting mild pressure delicately rotate the tool over the unwanted hair grown areas, the silky nano glass present in the tool gradually starts exfoliating the area where it is moved and rotated and then the hair will come of from root level and
even it helps in removing dead cells from the areas of usage. Just use this tool for couple of minutes and you can see instant results. You can clean this tool frequently with clean water wash.

Interesting Facts of Enyi Hair Removal Tool :

** Why the Hair Removal Process by this Tool is Painless ?
Enyi Hair Removal Tool is working as hair eraser which is quite painless because why this tool used as alternative to shaving and waxing which are painful if used regularly. It is quite handy device and has no adverse effect on the skin or hair and it is considered as easy hair removal device or tool. In summers this tool is quite useful compared to shaving and hence removing heavy clumped hair are easy for the tool to do the job. As this tool has got the silky Nano Glass which is very delicate material, even it runs on any part of the body it provides an painless exfoliation effect. Hence usage of any Post shaving gels or post shaving lotion or after shave products are not required.

** How It Keep us Away from Razor Burns and Razor Bumps ?
As enyi hair removal tool is made of silky nano glass eraser typer material whose usage over the unwanted hair grown will provide the same effect as we done shaving, as it has silk nano glass which makes the skin so smooth after post usage exfoliation, hence it do not cause any razor bumps.But not with real shaving razor, hence as there is no usage of real metal razor and hence there wont be any razor burns and razor bumps sort of impact on it.

** How it is Travel Friendly and Instant Hair Remover ?
As the tool is quite compact and handy and hence there is no need of big space to carry it, It
can be taken out from your hand bag and can be used at any time and any where without any hassels and works as perfect instant hair remover.

Enyi Hair Removal Tool Cost or Price :
Cost of this Tool fall between $30 and $40 US Dollars. But it could vary from store to store or seller to seller with few dollars in difference.

Any Adverse Effect of the Tool :

It has no adverse effect as mentioned earlier because it is made of pure silky nano glass, it quite non-toxic because of natural material used in it, hence there is no side effects of this tool over skin or hair.

Advantage and Disadvantages of the Tool :

Advantage ::
** Along with Hair Removal it flake off by removing its perished cells
** Tool is Quite Safe and Non Toxicant
** It is recylable and Eco Friendly
** Affordable Cost / Price
** Beautiful and Attractive Tool
** You can provide this tool as gift to any women

DisAdvantage ::
** If it used very hard and rough way the life span the tool could reduce by couple of months.

Frequently Asked Questions :

(1) What will be the Life Span of Silk Nano Glass ?
Ans : It has life span of around 12 to 14 months providing high quality results during these months.

(2) Does it Cause Pain while using this Tool ?
Ans : There is no pain because it is made of silk base nano glas material which is smooth and sophisticated tool to use.

(3) How to Wash the Enyi Hair Removal Tool ?
Ans : Just put some soap over the silk and run some luke warm water and slightly massage with your fingers to clean the silk glass areas
and then rinse of to dry.

(4) Does it Work on Thick Hair ?
Ans : Yes it will work on any kind of hair, even though small, clumped or long or thick hair it just works over it.

(5) Can I use it over body areas like hands and legs ?
Ans : Ofcourse this tool can be used over the body areas as well and hence should not be any hesitations regarding that process.

Conclusion : Overall Quite a Good and Hand Tool to use , it has no side effects or adverse effects on face and body unwanted hairs and it exfoliates the skin in easy and sophisticated manner. It has travel friendly size and eco friendly as it is resuable again and again. It gives smooth finish to the smooth and it good alternative to shave and wax processes.