Sweet Hair Removal Electric Machine Cost Pros and Usage

Sweet Sensitive Precision Hair Remover Tool is an electronic small machine and it is basically used for eyebrow trimming and hence it is called as Sweet Sensitive Hair Removal Tool. Even you can remove hair removal facial areas like upper lip, chin, above cheek, side bun etc. It is best alternative to instant hair removal cream which is available in near by shops.

It is one of good electronic machine which operates on battery of AA-size, hence single battery is enough to run the machine, just a single alarm clock battery of AA size is more than enough to run this machine. Sweet Hair Removal is just look like a Veet Sensitive Hair Removal machine. It is basically runs on single AA-size battery but it is not rechargeable, hence everytime when machine is down then you have to replace a new battery.

It is quite comfortable machine to trim the hair and it is quite painless way to trimmer and reshape your eyebrow but not only that you can remove upperlip hair and as well as the chin hai including even other facial hairs. It is very good machine and removes the hair cleanly and gives a very good hairless finish. Even it can remove the big and thick hair present over the face. Sweet hair removal is quite small and travel friendly and compact enough to carry in the handbag or medium purse. This pack does also have a brush which is having the function to clean blades after use, hence there is no need to wash the machine. It is quite a comfortable machine and even very cheap cost machine to afford and can be used for all face and body hair removal purposes. It is within a budget machine to buy and use. It looks like a pen and quite light weight machine to handle. Changing the blades are quite easy and hence no hassles to operate and remove hairs from other areas like private areas hair removal also. This machine has got a cap to cover up the blades when we are not using to protect it from corrossion. Even it has eyebrow super shaper cap to put over the eyebrows to shape the eyebrow hair properly with required size of the hair or to retain a proper desired hair length over eyebrows, facial and complete body hairs. You can use the machine at any time and at any place and hence it is an instant hair removal machine with lots of benefits from compactness to quality of hair removal. Hence once you buy this machine then there is no need to go for the parlour.

This machine has to be used very delicately and patients while using over the eyebrow because you get unshaped if it runs randomly and use it with enough patience and get very good eyebrow shaper, hence it is one of the sophisticated beautiful eyebrow trimmer. There wont be any strawberry legs and unwanted random grown hairs, just use it over face and body areas without side effects and use it with patience to provide beautiful reshaping to eyebrow and clean and soft skin is obtained after the use. It is also called as the styler machine by which men can reshape their beard and mustache in style. It is quite cost worthy and it is very good product to try and use it with satisfaction. No more complications and no more hassles just get rid of the unwanted facial hair and body in fraction of seconds. It has stainless steel blades which has long life to run over and over and life span of the blades will be around 6 months 1 year and machine life will be there upto 3 years. It is perfect machine for all ladies who are frequent beauty parlor visits and salon visitors. Hence lots of money will be saved by buying this very low cost and highly efficient machine and hence it is worth buying this machine and use it regularly whenever and wherever it is required as an instant hair remover.

Types of Blades Available :

Small Blade : Used for trimming the eyebrow

Medium Blade : Used for Upperlip and Chin Hair Removal

Large Blade : Used for Removing Hands and Legs Hair Removal

Pros :
** Come at Cheaper Cost between Rs.300 and Rs.400
** Easy to Use over the Eyebrows
** It can used even over upperlip and chin areas
** It is very handly tool and travel friendly
** Normal AA-size Alarm Clock type Battery is suitable for this device to Run
** Compact and Easy to Keep in Handbag
** An Extra Brush is provided for Cleaning up the Blades
** Can save the money of parlor or salon visits
** No Cuts and Razor Bumps and it squite Painless Hair Remover

Cons :
** Everytime new Battery has to be put once the power is over
** Once the Blades looses its sharpness then you need to put new blades
** Finding the extra blades other the box set is tough thing
** The New Box wont have Batteries, you have to buy it separately

FAQs :

(1) Sweet Sensitive Precision Hair Removal and Veet ensitive Precision Hair Removal are Same ? Ans : No both are different brands but both look same.

(1a) What Kind of Batteries to Be Used for the Device ?
Ans : You Can use the Single Cell or Batteries, Zinc Carbon AA-Battery can be used which usually used in Alarm Clock or Toys.

(2) What is the Durability of Life Span of this Tool?
Ans : This tool will work upto 1.5 years ot 2 years and battery life duration in an average will be 2 months maximum if the tool
is used 2 times in a week.

(3) Can We Do Facial Hair Removal Also by This Device ? Ans : Yes Ofcourse you can do all facial hair removal

(4) What is the Cost of this Tool ?
Ans : It will between Rs.300 to Rs.400

(5) Is it Rechargeable Tool ?
Ans : No Everytime you need to replace the new battery in it

(6) It is good to buy from Amazon or from the Market Directly from Shop?
Ans : It is better to buy from the Market or Shop near by you if original sweet hair removal is found
otherwise you have get it online from original stores not from amazon because most of the times amazon provide damaged device.Sometimes
flipkart provides good condition tool.

(7) How many blades will come in the pack?
Ans : It comes with thress blades usually along with one battery in the pack.

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