Silkaline Hair Removal : Does it Really Works Best and Safe

Silkaline IPL Hair Removal is an elctronic machine handset for hair removal at home use and which provides long lasting results and it can be used by both men and women. Its results stay for several months, it provides noticeable results in just 3 weeks. This IPL handset could be used for maximum twice a week. Its outcome is smooth skin without any hair. It gives professional clinic or spa like hair removal feel during the usage at very affordable cost. It is best alternative to normal hair removal cream available in near by market or stores. silkaline hair removal reviews are too good.

Silkaline IPL Hair Removal Benefits Cost and Various Other Aspects :

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Brief Summary of Silkaline IPL Hair Removal :
** Any Body Part Application
** Painless Hair Remover
** Smooth Skin Finisher
** Travel Friendly
** Compact IPL Machine
** No Side Effects
** Totally Painfree

Product Description :
Silkaline machine is build based on IPL which is not similar to laser hair removal machine, hence Silkaline is an Intense Pulsed Light Machine which runs are at particular frequency producing pulses of lights, IPL machine will be based on broad spectrum of light, hence the light energy produced by Silkaline will be spreaded widely and hence very weak light is product which is suitable for at home use. Hence its ligh energy wil be somewhere around 760 nm maximum intensity over the skin depth. But better fix the hair removal process around 540 nm by selection from the 5 intensity option provided by the silkaline machine.

Easily Remove the Unwanted Hair at Home :
This Machine is provides long lasting hair removal in an comfortable manner at home and it could be used at any time in the home, the IPL light gradually remove the hair in painless manner at home and give you the fee of professional clinic present at home. It gives smooth skin finish but you could the results within 4 applications or uses, then you need around 8 to 9 applications for complete hair removal. It will take around 60 minutes maxiumum for full body hair application. Visible result could be seen in just 3 applications.

Provides Long Term Results :
If anybody facing the unwanted hair issues over face or body completely due to hormonal issues based on PCOS / PCOD or due to heredity reason or could be any other reasons then Silkaline is the best solution to be used at home, This machine gives professional clinic finish providing smooth skin and it is an instant using IPL machine could be used at any place at any time. It is best alternative shaving and waxing and even there is no need to go for laser hair removal process once you choose to use this Silkaline machine.

Safety and No Pain Type IPL Machine :
This Machine’s first priority is safety to the skin and hence it has passed all the safety test conducted by third pary labs obtaining safety certifiction, it do not cuase any pain during or post usage applications, the frequency of the pulsed light is moderate enough to just burn the hair root and not causing any damage to the skin. Other than warmth there is no pain during the use of this machine.

Fast and Long Lasting Results :
This Machine is quick enough to show the results in just 3 applications and also it is provides hair long lasting results upto 6 months and in some people the results will stay for much more longer time with just 8 to 9 applications.

Pros of Silkaline IPL Hair Removal :
** It is used on the multi body parts like hands, legs, undreams, face, chest and back areas etc
** It provides smooth skin finish without causing any pain to the user
** It is travel friendly and hence can be carried even in a small handbag anywhere
** It do not cause any side effects and Completely Painless process machine
** Reduces the Growth of the Hair from Very First Applications
** Even Remove Ingrown Hair from root level
** Professional Hair Removal Feel at Home
** 5 Mulitple Intensity Option Available to Treat Various Kind of Thick and Deep Root Hair
** Hardly Takes 1 Hous to do Complete Body Apllication

Cons of Silkaline IPL Hair Removal :
** It is not Permanent Hair Removal Machine

Price orCost of Silkaline IPL Hair Removal :
It will cost you $70 to $80 for each piece.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions :

1) Is Silkaline is Really Safe to Use on Skin ?
Ans : Yes of course, post manufacturing the machine there several case studies at Third Party Lab and all the safety precautions taken during manufacturing the machine and hence this machine has passed all the safety norms conducted at third party labs and even having positive reports by real time users with case studies, hence it is quite safe to use at home by any gender.

2) Does This Machine Cause any Pain to Us ?
Ans : Absolutely No, It do not cause any pain to the users, mostly it is pain free and maxium amount real users has said that is quite pain free and feel little bit warmth during the usage which is quite normal by all ipl machines but it has very delicate function with safety.

3) What is the Duration the Next Hair Regrowth Occurs after the Usage of this machine Once ?
Ans : It will provide long lasting results of 3 months to 6 months based on each individual hair thickness and hair root depthness.

4) How Fast We Could See the Results ?
Ans : We have to do atleast 3 Applications daily for 3 days regularly to see the small changes happening but it will take around 7 to 10 regular applications will make the hair completely gone and results will long lasts for several months.

5) Which Part of the Body We Could use this Machine ?
Ans : This Machine is quite adaptable and hence we could use this machine on any part of the body and face including sensitive areas like bikini lines.

6) Will it Be Shipped to Any Country ?
Ans : Ofcourse this product machine will be sent to any country of the world.

7) Any There is Refund Policy Exists and What is the Criteria ?
Ans : Anybody consumer who has purchased the machine could apply for refund without 1 month along with purchase proof like bill number or invoice number along with payment trasactions proof.

8) Does it Give Permanent Hair Removal Results ?
Ans : No, IPL machine are not permanent hair removal machines, it is just a laser light base machine to burn the hair root and retards the hair growth for several months like 3 to 9 months long lasting period.

9) Does it Really Destroy the Hair Follicles ?
Ans : Yes Ofcourse the hair follicles will be destroyed by the heat produced by laser frequency light wave at the rae of 72 Dec/ millisecond.

10) Can Silkaline IPL Remove the Hair Growth Caused Due to Hormonal Imbalance like PCOS / PCOD?
Ans: Even hormonal imbalance based hair also will get eradicated by this machine and hence stopping from regrowth for several months.

11) How Often We Could use the Silkaline IPL Hair Removal ?
Ans : It could be used weekly twice or thrice and should be stopped after 8 or 9 applications of regular usage. Hence results long lasts for several months.