Celestial Goodiez Hair Removal : How it Works and its Pros and Cons

Celestial Goodiez Hair Removal : Working and its Advantages or Disadvantages as Follows :

Celestial Goodiez Hair Removal is an pure herbal hair removal kit having 6 magical items in it. It is completely made of herbs and plant extracts and hence do not cause any side effects. These products are based on ayurvedic formula which is nothing but made with nature extracted natural leaves and herb roots etc. This product is completely prepare based on the feeling of love among the compatible partners and hence this product is an symbol of love during hair removal process. This Celestial Goodiez Hair Removal Cream mixture is far better and safer than the normal market available hair removal creams.

The 6 Magical Products Present in the Kit as Follows :

1) Hair Removal Powder
2) pH Toner
3) Bliss Oil
4) Exfoliating Cloth
5) Silicon Mask Brush
6) Pure Coconut Bowl

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1) Celestial Goodiez Hair Removal Powder :

This Hair Removal Powder is prepared based on the ayurvedic formula which is in global terms called herbal formula or natural formuala, it has pure herbal ingredients like betonite clay soil, Tea Tree extract, Sweet Neem Leaves, Aloe Vera Gel, Green Lentils Powder, Rice Starch extract, calcite and aragonite or Calcium Carobnate, Basil Leaf extract, White Camphor. All these mentioned ingredients are purely nature extract and has no side effects. Combination of these ingredients will make the hair thinner day by day as we keep applying the powder over the time with regular intervals of application. Celestial Goodiez Hair Removal Powder is having capability to prevent the growth of ingrown hairs in the areas of application and also remove any ingrown hair occuuring on skin. It will suit all skin types including sensitive skin.

2) Celestial Goodiez pH Toner :

pH toner is one of the special item in the kit, as it is made of pure rose water, lavender flower extract, aloevera gel, lemon grass juice, its purpose is to maintain the pH level in the skin and by maintaining the moisture level intact and keeps the skin fresh and bedew.

3) Celestial Goodiez Bliss Oil :

This Bliss Oil is completely purely based on Ayurvedic Formula and it is prepared using the ingredients like moringa oil base, Rosehip Oil base, Coconut Oil extract and Lemongrass Oil. This oil helps to pack the skin from moisture level from escaping from the skin level. It retains the moisture level of the skin and gradually helps in brightening up the skin as we keep using it regularly.

4) Celestial Goodiez Exfoliating Cloth :

This exfoliating cloth is completely made of eco-friendly material and hence it can reused by regular wash and cleaning it after its use while removing the hair from the skin.

5) Celestial Goodiez Silicon Mask Brush :

This is silicon material made brush which is very handy in nature and very useful during the mixing of the powder and applying the powder mixture with other ingredients to the unwanted hair grown hairs so that mixture could stick to the skin very well.

6) Celestial Goodiez Pure Coconut Bowl :

This Coconut bowl is made with Coconut Shell and its fur is removed and hence shaping the coconut shel so well that it forms a good bowl shape and hence it is natural bowl to mix the ingredients combination well in the bowl and easy to hold during the application of Celestial Goodiez Hair Removal Cream mixture prepare from celestial goodiez hair removal powder and other ingredients as well.

Pros :

** Products are made of Pure Herbal Plant and Herbs Extract
** It has No Side Effects
** It wil Stop Occurrance of Ingrown Hairs
** It can remove even Ingrown Hairs
** Made with Ayurvedic Formula so more safe and suits all skin types
** Can be prepared as hair removal cream form and easy to apply
** Very soothing and cooling experience once the mixture exists on the skin due to aloevera gel
** Good Fragrance due to lavender oil and lemongrass oil in the mixture cream

Cons :

** It has no disadvantages or cons as it is completely safe and has made of herbs and plant extracts from nature.

How to Use the Celestial Goodiez Kit :

Goodiez Hair Removal Cream mixture should be prepare based on the 3 main items of the kits like hair removal powder, bliss oil and pH toner. Depend on the areas like private part areas, hands, legs, under arms or armpits just take the sufficient amount of hair remover powder and put it in the coconut bowl provided along with the kit and then add 1/4th quantity of bliss oil of powder amount and 1/4th quantity of ph toner of powder amount and mix them well in the consistancy such that it could be prepare like cream form consistency. For Example if you have taken the 4 table spoon of hair removal powder then try to add 1 table spoon of bliss oil and 1 table spoon of ph toner and then adjust the amount of hair remover powder such that you could prepare the mixture in the form of skin cream. Once this cream is prepared then apply it over the unwanted grown hair areas and leave it for 20 minutes to 30 minutes and then wipe the cream from the skin by exfoliating cloth provided in the kit. Once you remove the cream by the exfoliating cloth then wash the areas by tap water cleanly and then dry the area by towel and let it dry naturally. Then you could wash the coconut bowl as well and let it dry perfectly.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions :

1) What is the Cost of the Complete Kit ?
Ans : The Complete Kit will cost you around $22 (US Dollars)

2) Is any monthly Refill Powder Available from Celestial Goodiez ?
Ans : Yes , you can order monthly refill sachets from celestial goodiez seperately if you want.

3) How frequenctly we can use the hair removal kit?
Ans : You could use it as the hair on the body areas start appear.

4) Can it be used over any part of the body ?
Ans : Yes, you can use any part of the body including private part areas as well.

5) Can we use the Soap after cleaning the area with exfoliating cloth ?
Ans : It is recommended not to use soap but if the areas is found stickly even after the water wash from tap and then mild soap could be used to cleanse the area.