No!No! Micro Hair Removal : Does it Work Effectively System Benefits Best Price Set

Many Women and Men are suffering from peach fuzz hair and micro grown hairs over face and body, even some special unwanted hair growth like upper lip, chin, bikini lines , private parts etc. Hence No No Micro Hair Removal Device set used for the handling micro grown hair like peach fuzz hair and various face and body unwanted hairs grown very easily providing smooth skin finishing. This No No Hair Removal Device is an instant hair removal option to any normal hair removal cream in market or near by supermarket or stall.

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No No Micro Hair Removal Device Set is an electrically chargeable mirco hair removal device with multiple thermicon cap options for various hair size cuttings. There will be an Thermicon tip to make adjustments for various hair removal sizes. The Special Narrow tips can be utilized for the facial hair removal, armpit hair removal or underarm hair and wider tips can be used for the bigger areas like chest, hands, legs, shoulder, back etc. It should not be used for the private parts and chest areas of women.

After ordering from the No No Hair Removal Company the orders will be delivered very fast possibly and it really works very effectively with fine finishing effect. It works really superfine over the fuzz areas. After using the device most of the women get good glow over the face because very clean removal of unwanted hair and hence help the women to wear the make up easily and also gives good makeup finish and it also considered to be alternative to the painful waxing method. This device do not provided any pain or do not cause any nicks and cuts. Using this device women has gained enough confidence of having clean and smooth skin without any hairs.

How Does the No No Micro Hair Removal Works ?

This Device has got three levels of hair removal intensity like low, medium and high intensity treatments. It removes the hair by the wire which electrically heated upon which will be just above the skin. The heat of the wire will work as heat cutter of the hair from the skin surface level. Even good grip will be possible over by 90 Degree angle to obtain even good finish of the hair.

Pros of No No Hair Removal Device Set :

** It provides painless hair removal process
** It do not cause any cuts and nicks
** It works on both face and body unwanted hairs
** It works well over peach fuzz hair
** It gives smooth finish after hair removal
** It is very safe device to use on body, face and head shaving also
** It is travel friendly and easily comes in any small bag
** It is instant hair removal device and can be used at any instant
** It works as an alternative to hair removal cream and wax

Cons of No No Hair Removal Device Set :

** It is Not Permanent Hair Removal
** Sometime slight odour of hair burning can be felt

Directions to Use :

Charge the Device to the fullest level using the charging chord and just push the “ON” button to top and then device will start running successfully just glide the device over the unwanted hair grown areas with mild touch to the surface of the areas and then there crystal cut micro odour you could feel and hence it proves it is working over the areas and there will clear and smooth hair removal happening over that areas, then clean areas with the provided brush and then follow the same process for whichever areas you want to remove the hair.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

1) Whether No No micro hair removal work over any color hair ?
Ans : Yes, Of course the device will work over any type of hair color.

2) Is it possible to get the Thermicon Tips Separately from Some Where?
Ans : You cannot get spare thermicon tips from Ecommerce Websites but you could contact No No Hair Customer care and can place the separate order from them.

3) Is No No Micro Hair Removal Device is Permanent Hair Remover ?
Ans : This Device do not provide Permanent Hair Removal Solution.

4) It is Possible to use the No No Hair Removal Device for the head areas of half bald men?
Ans : This Device is very much suitable for the head shaving purpose without any nicks and cuts to get easy smooth skin finish. It provides very safe functioning of the deive over the head areas and it provides very application.

5) Does It have any extrac Spare of Charger ?
Ans : Usually the complete set will of one charger in the box but you do not get any extra charger or extra thermicon tips. It has very easy plug which can fit into any electrical point. Even it comes with pouch to hold the AC/DC charger adapter.

6) Is it Chemical Free Object ?
Ans : It is purely electrical device and do not contain any chemicals in it.

7) How much time it will take for full charge ?
Ans : The Lastes device will get full recharge within couple of hourse.

8) While using the device do we get any bad odour?
Ans : You will get an mild odour of hair burning but that is nothing much too huge to withstand.

9) Is this Deive Clinically Proven ?
Ans : Yes, this device has passed the third part test of clinical test and obtained certificate from third party clinics.

10) On Which areas it is very useful ?
Ans : Facial Areas like Upper lip, Chin, Neck, Side Burns, Forehead can be used, for larger over the Body like Hands, Legs, Chest, Back, Shoulder can be easily used.

11) Is there any guarantee provide for the No No Micro Hair Removal Device ?
Ans : The Manufacturer provides upto 1 year warranty over the device working.

12) What is the technology behind this Device working ?
Ans : Research team of No No Micro Hair Removal Device has adopted Wire Heated thermicon method to cut the hair from the skin surface providing smooth skin finish to the hair. While cutting the it burns the hair which can provide mild hair burning smell.

13) How Frequen should we use no no micro hair removal ?
Ans : It is recommend to you use this device initially 3 to 4 times a week for the first 6 to 8 weeks. After that, you could use only whenever required.

14) What is this term Called “Micro” used with this Device ?
Ans : Micro is one particular level hair removal setting done in the device to remove very small hair like facial hairs and peach fuzz hair over face areas of women and men.