EpiSilk Hair Removal : How it Works Benefits and Side Effects ?

Episilk is one of the rechargeable epilator used for the removal of unwanted easily from the face and body areas. One of the Reputed Brand Called Emoji is one of the good producers of Epilators. Episilk hair removal is completely different from normal hair removal creams but hair regrowth wont happen upto 2 to 3 weeks in case episilk when compared to hair removal cream.

The Special Research Done on this Product and Implemented over the years and hence highly talented engineers from Emjoi company has come out to specially designed epilator with all best features to create unimaginable working epilator which electrically rechargeable and used over face and body areas. This epilator is completely supported by 72 tweezers to remove any kind of face and body hair from root level providing silky and very smooth skin.

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The best of use episilk hair removal will be for the body areas when compared to face but certain high quality episilk hair removals works very well on facial unwanted hair like upper lip, chin, neck , side burns etc. But unfortunately episilk hair removal do not work for peach fuzz over facial areas. Most of the top quality episilk hair removal works very well of pubic areas results best hair removal among women private parts. Episilk hair removal works very efficiently for coarse hair and facial hairs and also it works fasts and hence there is no need for shaving blades and Razor blades for hair removal when we use episilk hair removal. Episilk is one of the instant hair removal methods using the rechargeable device and also makes the hair removal process very easy at any place instants and hence there is no cuts and nicks sorts of side effects which is basically done by shavers and razors. Where are laser hair removal and IPL are top methods of hair removal compared to episilk hair removal. But laser hair removal and IPL has expensive hair removal methods compared to Episilk and so far episilk hair removal stands high when compared to cost of hair removal and Episilk Hair Removal will be more cheaper than the laser hair removal and IPL or Electrolysis Hair Removal.

Types of Epilsilk Hair Removal :
(1) Low Quality Episilk Hair Removal
(2) High Quality Episilk Hair Removal

** Low Quality Episilk Hair Removal :
Low Quality Episilk Hair Removal are those epilators whose tweezers and discs of cheap quality and clump grip will be less and hence the efficiency factors of removing hair less and also there will be more pain while removing hair over face and body areas.

** High Quality Episilk Hair Removal :
High Quality Episilk Hair Removal are those epilators whose tweezes and discs of high quality and it clumps the hair very well and efficiency factor will be very high and there will be very less pain while using these high quality epilators.

Various Brands as Follows below Holds the Extension Name like ” EpiSilk ” :

(1) Emjoi Episilk Hair Removal
(2) Braun Epilator Silk Hair Removal
(3) Get Episilk Hair Removal

Benefits of Episilk Hair Removal :
** Emjoi Episilk Hair Removal comes at Best Price
** Facial Hair Removal in Efficient Manner with PCOS/PCOD
** Best Hair Removal for Legs, Face, Arms and Armpits
** It Removes Hair Fast and Completely
** 2 Various Speeds Button available
** Combo of discs helps clean hair removal from root level
** Remove Hair Quickly and Cleanly
** 100% Better than Shaving
** Very Compact in Size
** Efficient and Very Effective

Side Effects of Episilk Hair Removal :
** Certain Epilators are painfull and top Brand Episilk Hair Removers will have less pain

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

(1) Can any Epilator can Remove the Hair Permanently ?
Ans : An electrolysis epilators are considered to be short wave base radio frequency which has the capability to destroy the hair roots and makes the person to get rid of their hair permanently and hence only electrolysis epilator is considered to be the effective permanent hair removal epilator.

(2) Is it Possible to Use Epilators on Pubic Areas or Private Parts ?
Ans : Epilators can be used over very small coarse hair over facial and bikini areas also including pubic areas, but it is when it is used over pubic areas just ensure the epilators are quite sterilized one. Pubic epilators are made of stronger rotor motors and also the with more tweezer heads to manage the smaller areas without causing any irritation and skin rashes.

(3) Are Epilators Working Better than Shaving Blades or Razors ?
Ans : Razor Blades and Shaving Blades can cause buts and nicks over the skin and also leads to skin burn, where as epilators wokrs like waxing which will make the hair remove from root just like clumping the hairs and hence no pain is caused by epilators and even save the money and uncomfortness of sticky waxes.

(4) Is Epilator Better than Laser Hair Removal ?
Ans : Laser Hair Removal is considered to be top most Hair Removal Method among all the hair retarders and hair suppressors. Epilators are just like plucker which operatred based on battery power through the motors. But Epilators doen’t have any side effects and also once the epilator base hair removal is done then atleast the regrowth of hair wont happen upto 3 to 4 weeks.

(5) What is the Life Span of Epilators ?
Ans : Poor Quality Epilators will have life span upto 2 years maximum where as top quality epilators will show their durability upto 5 years.

(6) What are the Ares we could use Episilk hair removals ?
Ans : We can use over body areas like legs, arms, underarms, chest, back and over coarse hair in face and also over bikini lines, private parts and pubic areas.

(7) Is IPL are more painfull than Epilators ?
Ans : NO, IPL are painless and more efficient compared to epilators and hence it has to be agreed that certain epilators surely causes pain while removing hairs.

(8) Can we Stop Strawberry Legs by using Epilators ?
Ans : YES, usage of Epilators helps in not forming the Strawberry Occurrance

(9) What should be the time table for using Epilators ?
Ans : Epilators can be used once in a week on regular basis or couple continues sessions will make the hair growth stop for atleast 3 weeks in most of the people.

10) Is it Possible to Use Epilator on Upper Lip Areas ?
Ans : Yes, Epilators works more efficiently on upper lip areas when compared threading or tweezing hair removal methods.

11) Does Epilator Works Good on Peach Fuzz Hairs on Face ?
Ans : Epilator wont be so used for Removal of Peach Fuzz Hairs, basically works better for little grippy grown hairs so that it could clump hair easily.