Bloomy Hair Removal : How it Performs and Various Types of Devices

Bloomy is an brand under which couple of hair removal devices are manufactured by couple various producers of products, but Bloomy is an hair removal brand in general.

Types of Bloomy Hair Removal :

Under Bloomy Brand there are two types of devices can be found currently in the market which is as follows :

(1) Bloomy Crystal Hair Eraser

(2) Bloomy IPL Hair Remover

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(1) Bloomy Crystal Hair Eraser :

Bloomy Crystal Hair Eraser is an easy handy compact tool build with nano crystal technology using micro scrub type nano glass which will make the hair remove so easily and makes it really remove steadily from face and various parts of body. Bloomy Crystal Hair Eraser can also be easily used over specific areas like hands, legs, chest, back, thighs, buttocks etc. This Bloomy is an such handy and painless tool and hence it do not cause any pain during usage of the tool and final results will be provided with soft and very smooth finish skin. Many Women prefere to use this Bloomy Hair Eraser over legs as an intant hair remover rather than using any razor. The durability of the tool is upto 24 months to 36 months usually because of its reusability after each use just and use it again.

It has been considered as best alternative to any traditional commercial hair removal like laser hair removal in clinic or normal hair removal cream available from the supermarket near by. After each wash and sterilization it will keep the Bloomy Hair Eraser from Bacteria avoiding infections to the skin and Hence this hygine tool will be very safe to use over skin again and again. Its resuability makes it quite an ecofriendly tool and hence it will save the razor blade cost and also the cost of salon bills over waxing or threading. Bloomy Hair Eraser will completely painless hair remover and do no cause any skin irritation providing no razor bumps and avoid strawberry legs formations and even there wont be any cuts providing complete safety to the skin.

Bloomy Hair Eraser is completely chemical free and free from toxicity, it is made of simple micro crystal glass which can even scrub the skin to make it dead cells free and also it will make it glow more brighter than normal skin glow. Nano technology helps to clump the hair from the root level and also does exfoliation funtions providing more smoother and very bright skin.

Pros of Bloomy Hair Eraser :

** This will maker the skin smooth and softer after hair removal
** It suits all skin types including sensitive skin
** It is completely toxic free and chemical free
** It has no side effects and completely safe on skin
** Comfort to Use and Very Easy method of usage
** Bloomy Hair Eraser is built on Nano Crystal Technology made with Glass
** It works on face and body areas like upper lip, chin, chest, arms, legs, underarms etc
** Material used to build Bloomy Hair Eraser is ABS glass
** It provides very smooth finish
** It can also remove ingrown hairs

Cons of Bloomy Hair Eraser :

** No Disadvantages found regarding this tool

(2) Bloomy IPL Hair Remover :

Bloomy IPL Hair Remover is an Intense Pulsed Light Device for the Permanent Removal of Hair with More Efficiency Factor, It can be used by both men and women and it has unlimited flashes and it can be used for many years. There is no need of refill or catridges but it is an simle Pulsed Light Laser Hair Removal Device.

Features of Bloomy IPL Hair Removal :
** Infinite Pulses
** Painless Hair Removal
** Skin Rejuvenation
** Provides Permanent Results
** Various Energy Levels

** Infinite Pulses :
It is nothing but unlimited pulses of laser lights, No refill cartridges required. Having an lifetime of pulses so no worry about refilling of your cartridge.

** Painless Hair Removal :
It provides Painless hair removal, No irritation of skin and completely free to use at-home hair removal and there is no need for frequent salon visits.

** Skin Rejuvenation :
It uses Galvanic energy which helps to stimulate the skin to rejuvenate and hence it provide smoother and more softer skin.

** Provides Permanent Results :
It has very effective technology like eHPL energy to provide the long lasting reduction of hair growth leading to completely hair-free skin for life.

** Various Energy Levels :
It has very customized treatments with various power settings for required hair densities or levels for your comfort.

The major advantage is that this device is completely safe and effective for women and men both over face and body skin areas. It is designed for use on both face and body like legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines, chest, back and other parts of the body where unwanted hair grows and hence can be removed permanently with long lasting results.

After every application of IPL , the count of the hairs is completely reduced, resulting in brighter, smooth skin without any hairs.

How ot Use Bloomy IPL Hair Removal ? Steps to Follow :
** Shave the Areas of face or body according to requirement
** Just Switch ON to power
** Set the Correct Energy Level as per requirement
** Run the Device over the areas where you want to get rid of the hair
** Just Glide the Device over the complete areas

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

(1) What is the Time duration of Pulse in Bloomy IPL Device ?
Ans : It will be somewhere around 500-800µs

(2) What Kind of IPL Technology this Bloomy IPL Device Uses ?
Ans : It is based on Enhanced Home Pulsed Light technology in the Device for Hair Removal

(3) Does It have Option of Galvanic Energy in the Device ?
Ans : Yes, It has the Option of Galvanic Energy as one of the energy levels option

(4) Does it Provides Permanent Hair Removal ?
Ans : Yes, It is providing Permanent Hair Removal with long lasting results

(5) Does it have Skin color sensor ?
Ans : YES, it is having the skin color sensor which plays an important role for the people around the globe.

(6) What Kind of Mode of operation It Follows ?
Ans : It has ” Continuos ” Mode of operation in the Device

(7) What is extact wave length of each pulse ?
Ans : Wavelength of the pulse in Bloomy IPL Hair Removal is 475-1200nm

(8) Can this IPL Device used over the Brazilian areas ?
Ans : It is not recommended to use the IPL Device over Brazillian areas or parts.