Nood Hair Removal : Does it Really Work ? Pros and Cons

The Whole Globe running in a trend of having hairless skin and most the women has been in the process of getting rid of unwanted hair from many era. Women and Men both want to avoid razor to avoid its various disadvantages and also women want to have soft skin with many many eras and hence an company called “Nood” with specialisation of having an wonderful IPL at Home Device to get rid of any kind of hair from face and body. Nood Ensures an Hair Free Life from the day you start using the Nood Hair Removal (an Pure IPL Home Device). It is very good product work alternative to any normal hair removal cream. This article clearly gives answer to does nood work.

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If we estimate the cost of a person over waxing, shaving and laser hair removal for about estimation will be like $500 for shaving, $3500 for waxing and $4500 for basic laser sessions for top quality service. But the Investment for Nood Hair Removal will be just $190 and hence Nood will long last for 48 Months easily.

After Getting Fedup with the Razor Blades and its Side Effects like Skin Irritation, Skin Burn, Bumps, Cuts or Nicks and also Strawberry Legs, even the Cost Factor of Laser Hair Removal has impacted the consumers on theirs pockets.

Nood also provide certain after nood hair removal skin care to make the skin so soft and glowing and make it look elegant. Nood Skin care also an good support for after hair remove process which is quite effective one.

Currently there are two types of Nood Hair Removal is available which is as follows.

Types of Nood Hair Removal :
(1) Nood 1.0 Flasher Hair Removal
(2) Nood 2.0 Flasher Hair Removal

(1) Nood 1.0 Flasher Hair Removal : This is Initial Version Flasher Nood Hair Remover which light flash guided for faster results and yield the results for all body parts of men and women.

(2) Nood 2.0 Flasher Hair Removal : This is Advanced version of Flasher Nood Hair Remover which ensures the Permanent Hair Removal Results within 6 to 9 weeks.

Pros of Nood Hair Removal :
** Safety
** Simple Device
** Effective Results
** Skin Friendly Ingredients
** Consumer Review Rating is 4.5
** Nood Hair Remover life span will be around 4 years in approximate
** It has FDA approved Skin Safe Technology
** Very Less Pain or No Pain Device

** Safety :
Nood has an reputation for skin safety and also to the person who is using it, each device produced by Nood Brand has been gone through Third Party Test and It will meet the Top Class Standards of Manufacturing Safe Guidelines. Nood Promise for Highest Priority with Safety.

** Simple Device :
Usually Each Individuals Skin Texture and type of Skin Varies from Person to Person, So Nood uses very simple technology which embedd with skin safety will be the most matter of fact used here.

** Effective Results :
Nood Hair Remover has been designed so good with immense research it will ensure for High Efficiency Results outcome, which is experienced practically by all the Nood Hair Removal users.

** Skin Friendly Ingredients :
Post Hair Removal Skin Care Product uses completely natural ingredients which is Safe for Skin

Cons of Nood Hair Removal :
** Confusion about which to Buy Nood 1.0 or Nood 2.0
** Global Shipment Delivery will vary for country to country

** Consumer Review Rating :
Customers who has bought and used it has very good feed back and average review rating is about 4.5 STAR is considered to be very good.

** Very Less Pain or No Pain Device :
The FPL technology will make the energy to spread over the broader range and hence the intensity of energy reduces over the skin and so the person who is using the Nood Hair Removal Device will have either very mild meek pain or sometimes No Pain.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

(1) Does Nood Hair Removal Really Works ?
Ans : Yes, It works definitely, Especially Nood 2.0 is more advanced one with more efficiency factor of removing hair.

(2) What is the Cost of Nood Hair Removal 1.0 Version and 2.0 Version ?
Ans : Nood Hair Removal 1.0 Version will cost approximately $170 and Nood Hair Removal 2.0 Version will cost approximately $190.

(3) What is the Technology used in Nood Hair Removal ? Can Elloborate in Detail ?
Ans : Nood Hair Removal uses one of the Top best technology called FSPL technology in full form it is ” Full Spectrum Pulsed Light ” which is nothing but large spectrum and broad area coverage energy spreading technology. This technology makes the energy to spread over the complete light falling area which means how much the flash light has covered that much area is provided with pulsed light energy completely. This Broad range makes the hair removal process effective within less span of time. Technically if speak Nood Hair Removal 2.0 Version provide 3.4 J/cm2 whose light is provided by Xenon Halide Lamp with Energy Spectrum of 500nm to 1200nm.

(4) What is the Difference Between Nood IPL Hair Removal Device and Laser Hair Removal ?
Ans : The main difference between the Nood IPL Hair Removal and Laser Hair Removal is the Nood uses Intense Pulsed Light Technology that too which broad spectrum for covering the engery for larger areas. Laser Technology uses single monochrom light with high frequency. IPL and Laser both technologies will impact the hair bulb present in the root and hence an permanent destructions of the hair root can be obtained which in term results in Permanent Hair Removal. IPL and Laser suits all types of skin. Whatever may be the technology used for hair removal but the efficiency of hair removal and results outcome will be completely based on hair root depth and the thickness of the hair.

(5) Does Nood company provides any Warranty on its IPL device ?
Ans : Yes, the Nood Company ensures to provide around 12 months of Waranty Period for each device it sells. Nood company also has replacement for the defective or mal functioning nood hair removal device.

(6) Can Nood Hair Removal Work for Tattoo Removal ?
Ans : The Simple answere is ” NO “. The technology used for the hair removal is different for the tattoo removal but right now the Nood Hair Removal will be used for the removal of unwanted hair removal.

(7) Can Nood Hair Removal Works of Any Gender ?
Ans : Ofcourse YES, it works for all genders like men, women and transgenders

(8) How Frequenct We should use the Nood Hair Removal Device for any Person ?
Ans : As per the Directions of Nood manufacturers the Device should be used for 2 times in a week for about 8 weeks continuosly and then just 6 months once is enough to obtain Permanent Hair Removal on any part of the body and face.