Aopvui Laser Hair Removal : Does it Work Permanent ? Benefits Side Effects and Cost

An Simple Laser Hair Removal Device from Aopvui Brand which can be used at home easily any individual is the research results provided by Aopvui. This device is one of the top best laser hair removal used by all genders with special sapphire cooling system having capability of 999900 Flashes for an long lasting Permanent Results and this device laser is completely IPL based hair removal system which can be used by both men and women easily at home. It is best alternative to any hair removal cream in the globe.

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Features of Aopvui Laser Hair Removal :

** Permanent Hair Removal Device : This laser hair removal device provides an pulsed light which will be obsorbed by the hair root bulb in the hair and this light energy passes enough heat to make the hair root get burned by bursting hair bulb presnt at the root and hence this hair bulb destruction will make to hair not to grow back or retard the hair growth for an long lasting time.

** Operation Modes and Levels : This Device has got around 9 Level of Energy Adjustment to suit the various type skin texture and hair. As you increases the energy level settings then the effect on the hair bulb will be more and hence it is recommended to start with lower engery level setting and then gradually move towards high energy level settings day by day. When it come to modes options it has technically 2 modes which manual mode and automatic mode. Manual Mode is used for the customized area size for hair removal for example for upper lip hair removal it could small areas settings, If it is arms and legs then it is large areas setting but all will be done manuall understanding the areas of body from which you need to remove the hair. If Automatic mode is selected then it is used mainly for the larger areas over body especially that means automatic mode works only for larger areas.

** Device Functions and Touch Screen Facility : This Laser Hair Removal is combo of 3 main functions like SR, SR and AC. This home device provides salon base professional device feel and effectiveness. The LCD touch screen is provided to adjust the mode and engery levels based on the requirement of an individual. The LCD screen will be always displaying the time by default.

** Money Saving Body Hair Removal Treatment at Home : This device provides the effectiveness same as the professional laser hair removal devices which is used at salons and cosmetic clinics. This device once bought for home use then it will save all the money which you supposed to spend in salon or cosmetic laser clinics. Its special design to obtain 999900 flashes helps upto 12 individuals for whole body hair removal at home, it is always considered as best purchase for life time.

** Energy Effectiveness : The energy obtained from the light will be having rate of 16J / 4CM2 with wavelength of 510-1200nm which can produce enough heat engergy to break the hair bulbs at the root and hence stopping hair growth back providing permanent hair removal results.

** Fast Hair Removal Device : According to user feedback and third party test has concluded that 80% of the hair grow very slow or will get retarded for about 6 to 8 weeks. If this device used for 2 times a week for about 8 weeks then hair removal will completely vanish for about 4 to 6 months, during the process of use of this device there will be visible appearance of hair getting thinner everyday. This Device will completely stops the hair at the root level causes the unwanted hair never reach the skin upper layer.

** Best Home Laser Hair Removal Device : Any Individual can buy use this device at home easily. This is money saving device because it will be one time investment and hence bought once in life to save the cost of salon bill and laser clinic treatment bills. It easily remove the unwanted hair and best hair removal for face, underarms or armpits, legs, hands, bikini lines and even pubic areas. Hence saves all the money of salon and laser clinics.

Pros of AopVui Laser Hair Removal :

** Private Home Laser Hair Removal Device to use by any individual
** Money Savinv Device once bought then it will be life long use
** Very Effective and Result Oriented with efficiency factor of 98.29%
** Permanent Hair Removal Device basically
** Easy to Operate
** Easy Modes
** Flexibility of Various Energy Levels to suit the skin and hair type
** Latest Design of the Device quite compact

Cons of AopVui Laser Hair Removal :

Automatic Mode do not suit of smaller areas

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

(1) What is the Difference betwee Aopvui Laser Hair Remvoval and Normal Laser Hair Removal Machine ?
Ans : Aopvui has sapphire cooling system which typically reduce the heat and balance the heat such a way that skin remain safe and also the hair root get destructed by laser flash and hence provide painless hair removal during the use of this device.

(2) Is the Results of the Device for all people is same on the face and body ?
Ans : The answer is actually “NO” , you cannot expect the results on all parts of the body for all people same, each individuals hair thickness, texture and depth of hair root will matter for results and also the skin type of each individual will also be the big matter.

(3) What are the other Stuff comes with the entire Kit ?
Ans : It comes with Aopvui Laser Hair Removal Device in main and it is made combo with AC Adapter, Protection Glass for eyes, an Simple Razor the remove hair instantly if required and also an beautiful manual.

(4) What is the Price of Aopvui Laser Hair Removal Device ?
Ans : In Amazon you are getting at around $170 but Wallmart is providing at much cheaper price like $75.

(5) It is travel friendly device ?
Ans : Yes, It is quite compact device and can be put in the small bag while travelling and also it is instant user that means you can use it at any place anywhere.

(6) Can it used for the Tattoo Removal ?
Ans : No, it is not made for tattoo removal but is can help just for hair removal.

(7) Whether to Remove the Hair Before using the Device ?
Ans : Yes, it is required to remove the hair before the device is used because only the clean areas over the skin will help to make good impact of light over the areas.

(8) How to Start the Device ?
Ans : Just the Press the Power ON button for long press, the device will automatically starts and leave the button then do mode sett ings and energy level setting using the LCD screens.

(9) Can We Do Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant ?

Ans : Laser Hair Removal is considered to be be safe during normal conditions but it is not recommended to have laser hair removal treatment during pregnancy, hence better to avoid laser hair removal during pregnancy.

(10) Can we use this laser machine for Vagina Hair Removal ?

Ans : Yes, this laser hair removal machine can be used to remove hair around vaginal areas.