Best Hair Removal Razor for Ladies in India : Is it Effective and Working ?

Obtaining Painless Hair Removal over Body and Facial Areas has been one of top goals of Women now a days and that too without any side effects, from many centuries women has been trying to get rid of excessive facial and body hairs and even men wants the same results as women were doing now a days. Women grooming with hairless body has been the top trend which is followed by 92% of women worldwide. Many Sports Women follow the same trend of hairless body which will be more convenient in their career. To have one of the easiest and most fastest ways for complete body hair removal eventually on larger areas will using the shaving method using razor blades and razor with the support of shaving cream. If you use most top quality razor and razor blades then shaving will be the most sophisticated method but many people face the issues of razor burn and skin rashes caused by irritation of razor blade movement over the skin.

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Even other methods with painfull process is Sugaring and Waxing which has become most famous among the women globally but these are painfull process hence most of the most do not want to face this painfull process because the wax strips ripping will cause enough pain because the certain amount of hairs are clumped off together. Shaving has lesser long lasting results compared to waxing and sugaring hair removal methods.

Now a days another top class method to remove hair in painless manner is laser hair removal using IPL technology. In these advanced technologies people find long lasting results with permanent retardation of hair. The Thermal transmission technology with high frequency waves has been used to make the hair root damage for the permanent hair reduction for painless hair removal at home or professionally at clinics.

Hence most of the women has given feedback that Razor Hair Removal has been the most instant painless hair removal at any place and at any time, hence razor hair removal will be considered one of the most top hair removal methods that women do considered.

Kinds of Razors Available for Shaving the Body :

There are lots of different varieties of shaving razors and blades available in market with various top quality brands who most interested to produce them. Shaving the body hairs has been regular routine among the women from many centuries globally but Women should the kinds of razors and razor blades available to choose on. Choosing the best variety of razors as per individual shaving style or method available in market now a days.

The Razors can be Classifieds Basically into 3 Types :

(i) Straight Angle Razors
(ii) Safety Angle Razors
(iii) Double Catridge Razors

(i) Straight Angle Razors :
These razors are very straight in angle but the blades inserted in it will bendable, since from many centuries straight angle razor has een used for the hair removal over face and body areas. Straight Angle Razor has been in practise untill the Safety Angle Razors were not invented. Some People even today uses the Straight Angle Razors to do wet shaving method.

Advantages of Stright Angle Razors :
** Cost of these Razor are less
** These comes with disposable blades with leade to hygine
** Very Effective Shaving Angle provided in these razors

Disadvantages of Stright Angle Razors :
** Possiblities of cuts are more
** No Safety at All
** It is meant for men but not women hair removal

(ii) Safety Angle Razors :
These razors are considered to be best razors for women they have become very famous since 1800 century, the make of such bars will be like comb as alternate to direct exposed blade. Cuts will be zero in these types of razors and these types of are razors are more famous than Double Catridge Razors and Power Base Razors. It is comes are better and affordable low prices with famous retro designs

Advantages of Safety Angle Razors :
** Safe Razors and Has no Risk of Cuts
** Comes at Cheap Cost
** Provides Clean Shave
** Durability is More

Disdvantages of Safety Angle Razors :
** Needs Practise to avoid cuts
** Comes at Particular Angle, So handling practise is must

(iii) Double Catridge Razors :
These are recent time most famous Razors used world wide naturally for most safety shaving purpose among women, here the razor blades will be inserted inside the catridges and whenever it is required to shaving the catridge is clipped on. Hence these kind of design will lead to most safest razor ever with multiple blade options provision inside the catridges. Gillette Mach3 and Philips shavers top most used Double Catridge Razors along with Venus Razors, these high effeciency razors which can remove the hair in less time with most soft and clean hairless skin.

Advantages of Double Catridge Razors :
** It is user friendly
** Lastest Razors comes with Flexi Heads
** These Razors can be used on any corners and cuts of body
** Most Fastest Shaving Razors compared other two

Disdvantages of Double Catridge Razors :
** Expensive Razors
** Even Catridges are Very Expensive
** Multiples Blades leads to Skin Rashes among sensitive skin people

Conclusion :

Now a days the Brand who are providing the very good razors is of higher competition and providing best razors for women with different flexibilities and adaptable to different shaving styles of women and also depend upon whether the larger area shaving or smaller area shaving etc. For at Home Safer Shaving it is always recommended to use the Double Catridge Razors provided certain good brands like Mac, Gillette, Philips Shavers. The brands which are mentioned are really performing well in the market and also got good reviews and feedback from the users who used them regularly without any side effects. These brands are on top of the list of the among the women razors which are considered to be categorized under the Double Catridge Razors and which are very well known to be for safer shaving without cause any nicks and cuts and neither leading to skin irritation or skin rashes over the sensitive skin and no more strawberry legs among the women who never strawberry legs for themselves at all, Double Catridges are designed with flexibles heads to moves through the curves and edges of the body.

It is always recommended for women to go for the Double Catridge Safer Razors made by Gillette, Philips and Mac Shavers brands whose make are reliable, safe and high quality performing razors for all kinds of hair among men and women. But these are specially builts for any kind of curvy areas of women body.