Is Venus Razor Good for Hair Removal : Will it Best for Women ?

Venus Smooth Hair Removal Razor for Women come with Aloe Vera from the Gillette Brand.
Venus Razor has been designed especially for women which provide very smooth finish after the shave and when it used over our the women body it just glides through the surface at any tough curves. Venus Razor Price is very much affordable, Venus Razor for Women Price come with high discount, It is very easy to use the Venus Razor Hair Removal, Just put some shave foam above the wet skin damped by water and then just gide the Venus Razor Hair Removal over the skin the hair will get cut some easily without causing any cuts and nicks, then provides the very smooth skin finish. After the shave just wash the areas with tap water and then matt with clean towel and then apply some good cold cream or high quality moisturiser cream. Each Refill will have life span or durability upto 90 days with regular usage also. Here the Glide Strip enriched with Aloe Vera Extracts.

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Gillette Company has designed the Venus Razor so well that it has made easy hair removal for women with three disposable catridge blades to remove any unwanted hair by shave process to obtain smooth skin. Blades are so sharp that if you just apply water and glide the razor and it is enough to remove the unwanted hair easily to have very smooth skin. After the completion of the process it is always good to use the moisturiser. It is one of the razor with moisture dispensability by aloe vera extract in the strip and also it provides radiant skin after the shave because of the aloe vera extract content in the strips comes in contact of the skin providing the radiant look.

Venus Razor for Ladies Hair Removal is so well designed keeping in mind the women body shape and softness of the skin, Venus Razor Hair Removal is specially made to suit the softness and sensitiveness of the women skin. Each catridge consists of 3 curvy close blades which will make shaving output very smooth and without causing any cuts, nicks and rashes over the skin. It Delivers the smooth skin after each shave filled after shave moisturizing effect provided by aloe vera extract fill in the venus strips.

How Does the Venus Razor Hair Removal Works ?

Venus Razor Hair Removal is an Head-On shaving tool with stainless steel with titanium mix new hug of blades in combination of 3 and it is can complete set with razor and hence when the razor fitted with blade catridge hug, then when the razor is moved over damp skin in opposite direction to the hair growth then blades are close enough for the skin to cut the hair at skin surface level even upto 4X times finer and thinner hairs including peach fuzz hair. Hence after the smooth shave the skin will become soft and radiant and after the water wash an application of high quality moisturizer will make the skin glow or shine along with more radiance.

Venus Razor for Hair Removal among Ladies has been very famous globally as an instant hair removal and even venus provides exfoliating gel for skin smoothening which can be used regularly in between schedules of shavings to obtain more and more smoother skin and radiant skin. Hence all the dead skin will be removed regularly by clearing all the dirt, clotting sweat from the skin pores avoiding the growth of ingrown hairs in certain areas of the skin.

Venus Exfoliating Gel is totally Chemical Free and made with gentle formula and more of natural ingredients and hence do not cause any side effects. The Fine Particles exfoliates the skin for dead cells removal from the skin providing smoother skin and radiant skin. Even the Venus Daily Soothing Serum in combination with Venus Razor Hair Removal for Ladies will help in avoiding the growth of ingrown hairs, smoother skin, razor bumps and skin rashes. There wont be any dryness over skin and even skin never become darker after the each shaving process as per your regular usage.

Venus Razor Hair Removal can used by young women, teen girls and all aged ladies over facial areas, underarms, legs, bikini lines, back, chest, etc. Venus Razor Hair Removal will suits all skin types including dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin. This Razor will also removes all kinds of hair even though the hair is thick or think, light rooted or deep rooted one. Provides Cent Percent Smoothness with Every Glide of Venus Razor Hair Removal. Venus Razor handles are made with 32% recycled plastic and even Venus Razor Boxes are fully Recyclable.

Pros of Using Venus Razor Hair Removal :

** Easy to Shave Using this Venus Razor
** Provides Smooth Skin
** No Fear of Cuts and Pain because it is Safe Catridge Razor
** Glide Strip will be Aloe Vera extracts
** Can be used at any part of body
** Can Remove Hair from any Curvy Shapes
** Can be used by Young Women, Teen Girls, Aged Ladies also
** Razor is made with Recyclable plastic
** Each Refill Blades will have life span of 90 days
** Razor Set Provides the 3 Refill Blades
** Instant Hair Removal
** Travel Friendly
** Removes even Fine Hair and Fuzz Hair
** Removes Hair without Pain
** Test by Dermatologists Ensuring it Suits for Sensitive Skin
** Handle choise is there among mint or platinum handles
** Private Hair & Skin Razor available with Cleansing Gel and Shave Gel
** Private Area Venus Razor Hair Removal is also Tested and Certified by Gynecologist
** Exfoliating Gel, Cleansing Gel and Shaving Gels are made of Chemical and Paraben Free Ingredients

Cons of Using Venus Razor Hair Removal :

** It is not Hair Retarder just like Hair Retarder Creams
** It is not Epilator Tool but Just an Shaver Tool

Other Supporting Products from Venus along with Razor :

(1) Cleansing Gel
(2) Shaving Gel
(3) Daily Routine Soothing Serum
(4) Exfoliating Gel

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions ::

(1) What is the Cost of Venus Razor Hair Removal Set ?
Ans : It will be available MRP of around Rs.300/- with 3 Set Blades

(2) Is Venus Razor Hair Removal Safe to use Every Where ?
Ans : Yes, it is quite safe to use on any body parts including facial unwanted hair removal.

(3) Can Venus Razor Removes Thin and Ultra Thin Hair ?
Ans : Yes, Venus Razor has capability to remove 4X size thinner hair including peach fuzz hair can be removed.

(4) Does Venus Razor will make the Hair Removed area Blacker and Dry ?
Ans : No, Venus Razor do not cause any side effects, it will keep the skin condition as it is. Hence it do not cause any blackness or dryness in the skin.