Ulike Hair Removal : Does it Works Effectively ? Pros and Cons

Ulike Hair Removal is an IPL Hair Removal Device providing painless hair removal. It has capability to provide Long Lasting Results embedded with Sapphire Diamond, It has really cooling effect while removing hair for women or men and it can be completelty utilised over face and body areas without any side effects.

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Features of Ulike Hair Removal :

(1) Long Lasting Results or Permanent Hair Removal
(2) PainLess Hair Remover
(3) Cooling Technology
(4) Multiple Power Adjustment Levels
(5) Precise Head for Effectiveness

(1) Long Lasting Results or Permanent Hair Removal :
Ulike Hair Removal is an IPL technology based device used at home researched and tested well to perform well and provide Permanent Hair Removal like means long lasting results or hair will get retard for upto few months. Complete Hair Reduction Happens in just couple of weeks of time.

(2) PainLess Hair Remover :
While using the Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device there wont be any pain occurring over the skin but just an cotton easy hair removal process will happen. Hence there wont be any pain occurring during the hair removal process. It is an easy user device without pain while removing the hair.

(3) Cooling Technology :
Ulike Hair Removal is complete based on Diamond Ice Cooling technology with whose research team has implemented this technology for having very cooling effect during the hair removal process. Hence due to present of this technology the skin wont get burn to due the Pulsed Light Frequency, it retains the temperature of the skin in between 20 Deg C to 42 Deg C during the running of Ulike Hair Removal Device, hence the skin wont get burn and there will be easy smooth skin and simply an painless happy hair removal, hence there is no need for going for actual clinical or professional laser hair removal instead at home only we could remove the hair permanently and can have retarded hair for few months. It is suits all skin types and also it will make the hair retard for several month once used for just couple of weeks. It will also work for thin and thick or light rooted or deep rooted hair.

(4) Multiple Power Adjustment Levels :
Ulike Hair Removal is Provided with 5 Level power adjustment which helps in removing complete body hair removal which is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and adjust the level to various points according to hair thickness and skin sensitivity type.

(5) Precise Head for Effectiveness :
Usually normal IPL Devices will have concave head, but the Ulike Hair Removal will have unique flat precision head which will make the engery level to intensify by concentrating the light energy on particale area and avoid missing of hits of lights. This precision will save the time and will have effective clean hair removal on the areas. This will also reduce the clogging of hair pore and with dust for easy cleaning.

Ulike Hair Removal research team has done very deep and advance device with more precision with high end technology and also advanced hair removal device which should be useful for both men and women, it is usefull for both homely beauty and grooming part and also as well as professional hair removal process at salons. An Specialist team in south korea’s R & D department has implemented the method the formula for building this Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device based on diamond sapphire cooling technology. Usually this of cooling technology will be used by the salon device but the brand has provided the same technology for the home Ulike IPL Hair Removal Devices.

Ulike is completely Diamond Ice Cooling IPL Device for hair removal which has achieve strong trust among the users with its performance and results including the safety part for the skin. It is completely painless IPL Hair Removal Device and very strict about the hair removal process. Permanent Hair Reduction effect will start once the device is used for couple of weeks 2 times in a day, once the initial couple of weeks treatments started then its results will long last for few month with no hair growth.

Pros of Ulike Hair Removal Device :
** Long Lasting Hair Reduction
** Painless Hair Removal
** Provides full Safety to the Skin
** Cools the Skin during the process
** 1 Million Flashes is possible
** Very much suitable for entire family members

Cons of Ulike Hair Removal Device :
** Bit Expensive by Price
** It is not suitable for dark skin tone people

Ulike Hair Removal provides salon hair removal treatment results to be obtained at home, the company has manufactured very standard device which helps in removing the unwanted hair very effectively and as it is holding the special technology called diamond ice cooling technology. All the features included in the tool will have easy and painless hair removal treatment at home equal to salon or spa hair removal process.

Lamp Head is designed flat because for easier cleaning post usage and the holder which is diamond lamp holder which will be in concave shape helps in cleaning the head easily and keeping it quite hygine keeping away the bacteria and germs without affecting the hair removal process and its results.

Ulike Hair Removal Device main power point is that it has capability of 1 Million Effective Flashes with the complete hair removal process helping the entire family of users with precised and controlled energy tunability with durability with maximum 1 million flases as said earlier.

Permanent Hair Removal Results happens in Just couple of weeks like about 2 weeks to 3 weeks span of time, it is required to use just twice a week for 2 to 3 weeks regularly then stop the process after observing that all hairs has been removed, then you could see hair regrowth wont happen upto several weeks or couple of months hence providing long lasting hair removal or permanent hair removal. The Pulsed Light provides the focused light which helps in making the hair root die and hence retarding the hair growth upto several months.

Varities of Ulike Hair Removal Device :
It basically comes in 3 different varities which are as follows :
(1) Ulike Air
(2) Ulike Rose
(3) Ulike Air+

Ulike Air is lower version or basic version of Ulike Hair Removal Device, Where as Rose variant is an medium version with medium features and where as Ulike Air+ is an advnced version of Ulike Air Removal Device. This device basically target the hair root and hence pores around the hair keeping the dirt free pores.

Sapphire AIR+ Dark Green Color Ulike Device will to enjoy a cool, safe, and comfortable IPL treatment at home for individual and for the entire family.