Wax Pen Hair Removal : How it Works Efficienctly ?

Wax Pen Hair Removal is an device which provides wax comes from the mouth of the wax pen which is selected. It is better than normal market available hair removal creams.

There are two types of Wax Pen Hair Removal Device Exists as Follows :
(1) Cold Wax Base Wax Pen
(2) Hot Wax Base Wax Pen

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(1) Cold Wax Base Wax Pen :
In Cold Wax Base Wax Pen the wax is compresed and made out throught the mouth of pen which is nothing but an cold wax and this wax is place over the upper lip, chine, eyebrow etc and covered with wax strips for 2 minutes. After the remove the wax strips in opposite direction and hence all the hair from hair root level comes off retarding the hair growth for very long lasting time.

(2) Hot Wax Base Wax Pen :
This Device will have battery power whose power will heat up the wax when button is pressed and emitt the molten wax present in it and makes the wax to come out of the device, then touch the pen mouth over the various of pen to the unwanted hair growing areas like upper lip, chin, side locks or side burns and then place the wax strips for couple of minutes till the wax get hard after oxidations and then remove the wax strips in the opposite direction of hair growth then the hair will come out from root level providing very smooth hair.

Wax Pen Hair Removals is made with advanced formula design to pour out the wax from the pen mouth, in case of Cold Wax Pen it uses ergonomic tech where there is no need of wax heating is required. Dosage adjustment can be done with precise adjuster button and each pen can provide around 20 to 25 dosages with each pen. Usually Wax Pen mouth and ajustor button are able to provide the perfect curvy wax with very intellectual application way. Usually Wax Pen contains beewax along with various mineral oils and sugar.

Features of Wax Pen Hair Removal :

** Instant User Device
** Easy and Quick Hair Removal Wax Pen Kit
** Wax Strips of Upper Lip and Chin Hair Removal
** No Parabens in It
** Ideal for Instant Finish and Touchup
** Best as Eyebrow Shaper

** Instant User Device :
Usually normal conventional wax strips will be used over the Wax provided by Wax Pen which is specially designed with advanced formula which helps in making the device read to use at any place and hence it is also an instant hair removal. The wax will be ready to use wax pen which dispense the wax from the pen mouth with mild thin layer over the skin with precise shape without wasting and diverting the wax.

** Easy and Quick Hair Removal Wax Pen Kit :
It is very good at home hair removal waxing kit and it results in perfect hair removal with awesome results at home, usually wax pen mouth nozzle will be able to provide 20 to 25 dosages of wax for fast and efficient results and very much suitable for small areas like upper lip, chin, eyebrows in order to provide soft and clean hairless skin.

** Wax Strips of Upper Lip and Chin Hair Removal :
It is having waxing strips as an combo pack with the small size for upper lip and chin hair removal after wax placing in it. Wax strips are part of the Wax pen from various brands who produce Wax Pen but very less brands provides post waxing moisturisers along with the combo kit, it is always recommended to go for the high quality with more items Wax Pen Combo Kit. Was Strips will be very strong but thin enough for easy use and it while remove the hair along with wax and Wax Strips provides the very strong effective results while removing the wax from strips. Strips are always made with high quality and it can remove any kind of hard hair along with thick layer of wax from the skin easily and smoothly.

** No Parabens in Kit :
Usually Wax Pen with advanced formula designed by experts and it is having instant waxing pen which is having moisturing capabilities for skin vegetable oil inorder to provide very soft and smooth skin and all the ingredients will be made natural extracts and pure herbal extracts in it and hence no parabens used in it.

** Ideal for Instant Finish and Touchup :
Even New Users can get very professional spa like finish after the waxing from Wax Pen. Wax Pen are easy tools to use which provides very efficient results in order to remove any kind of unwanted hair from upper lip, chin, side burns etc and it is recommended o use only on the smaller areas of face including eyebrow shaping waxing as an instant hair removal systems just like a professional spa

** Best as Eyebrow Shaper :

This an an compact Wax Pen tool sort of thing which is quite perfect for fast and very quick hair removal and each pen has the fine nozzle designed to provide an easy output of wax in controllable manner for the smaller areas over the face including reshaping the eyebrow part hair to provide more lavish look to the eyebrow as a part of women grooming in daily life, the wax strips pulls the unwanted hair from the root level and provides the long lasting results and the hair growth will retard for many weeks for such a long time which quite amazing job by the Wax Pen. It is user friendly because anybody can use it easily and it is quite travel friendly because it is compact enough to put in a small travel bag and carry anywhere while travelling. It is Best for Instant and Very Quick touch ups.

Directions to Use Wax Pen for Hair Removal :

Just use the press button or press pusher from back of pen and then apply small amount of wax over upper lip, chine, side lock or side burns and put the miny wax strips provided along with pen by the particular brand as an combo pack and hence it is a small mini kit of Wax Pen, Wax Strips and Moistures in some brands will be provided as an combo kit. After putting the Wax strips over the wax just wait for couple of minutes and remove the Wax Strips in opposite direction of hair growth and hence all the hairs will be clumped from the root level and hence providing very smooth skin along with softness over the skin.

Various Brands of Wax Pen like :

Dr Me Ping Wax Pen Hair Removal from Siobay Store
Mylee Wax Pen Hair Remover
Parissa Wax Pen Hair Remover
Nad’s Wax Pen Hair Remover
Remove Retouch Wax Pen Hair Remover