Jovs Hair Removal : How Does Each Product Device Works ?

Jovs has been one of top reputed brands globally today, It produces awesome products related unwanted hair removal for complete hair removal at home easily with compact devices. It has produced world’s high end personal products especially related to hair removal today which has been producing products of tomorrow and each product will be able to produce impact on skin with more radiance, clear skin and ultra smooth skin.

The various variety of Hair Removal Products Produced by Jovs Hair Removal are :

1) JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Remover
2) JOVS X Lamborghini
3) JOVS Venus Hpro Hair Removal Device
4) JOVS Venus Pro Hair Remover
5) JOVS DORA Hair Remover
6) JOVS Mini Hair Remover

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Details of Each Product of Jovs Hair Removal :

1) JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Remover ::

This is special combo hair removal product systems which will be the combination of skin treatment and hair removal system with ice cooling head made with full screen ultra thin sapphire made to hold and consistent balanced temperature of 5°C to 6°C in average during hair removal process and also provide and hair removal without any pain at all.

Highlighting Features of JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Remover ::

** Ice Cooling
** 6 Modes of Working
** 6 Energy Levels
** It is combo of skin rejuvenation and hair removal
** 6 Modes for Different Areas of the Body like arms, underarms, legs, bikini line, face, chest or back
** 360 Rotation Head facility for easy movement of machinary
** Dynamic Cooling Systems
** Use MFCPT (Multi Frequency Continuos Pulse Technology)
** Backed with OPT Continuos Frequency Technology (Increase the 60% efficiency in energy concentration)

Experience or Outocme Obtained from JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Remover :

** Growth of Ingrown Hairs are stopped forever
** Easy to use the Tool
** Pain Free Hair Removal
** Suitable for both Men and Women Hair
** Safe and Effective Results are obtained


2) JOVS X Lamborghini :

It is very sophosticated device with 6 very powerful levels and has got 3 speed cooling systems with turning facility, using the power on / off buttons to swtich among the various levels of 6 levels inorder to match skin type and also areas of hair removal over body like face, body, arms, underarms, legs, bikini lines, back, abdomen etc. Contant tuning into 5°C temperature which of very cool feel to th skin during process to the hair. Hence the cooling temperature never allows to feel any kind of unecessary pain that means it will be of completely painless hair removal process.

Highlighting Features of JOVS X Lamborghini ::

** High Energy Output with 7J/Cm2
** 3 Step Ice Cool temparature adjustment
** Saphire Screen for Painless Hair Removal
** Provides Infrared proton energy for brightening skin
** Ion technology for moisturising the skin
** User Friendly adjustment in button for mode adjustment
** Due to High Energy just use once in a week
** Uses both Infrared and Ion technologtyt
** Multi Result Skin Repair Option
** Other Facility like Child Lock system, Head with Filter, Auto Flash Mode, Auto Shutdown, Excessive Heat Protection

Experience or Outocme Obtained from JOVS X Lamborghini :

** Removes Dark Spots, Scaly Skin, Skin Firming, Removes Wrinkles and Saggy skin
** Stimulates the Skin
** Removes the Hair with High Energy output with painless manner due ice cool technology
** Removal of Hair with 6 mode option for various body areas
** Enhances the Beauty of the Skin
** Skin Care
** Complete Hair Removal easily even over sensitive skin
** Brightens up the skin


3) JOVS Venus Hpro Hair Removal Device ::

It is an awesome ice cooling based holding 6 tunable modes for various areas of body with 6 energy levels adjustments for energy intensity settings. It will have constant cooling temperature around 10°C for smooth and hair removal without pain process.

Highlighting Features of JOVS X Lamborghini :

** 6 Modes for different Hair Color and Skin Tone
** Combo Treatment of Skin Anti Aging and Hair Removal
** Skin get rejuvenated while Hair Getting Removed
** It Look like and Work Like Professional Hair Removal Device
** It has got Magnetic Optical Fibres
** Multi Lighting Intensity
** Inbuilt Cooling System
** Complete Ice Cool IPL

Experience or Outocme Obtained from JOVS X Lamborghini :

** Awesome Painless Hair Removal within few minutes
** Cool Breeze Base Hair Removal
** No Pain Sense during hair removal
** No Side Effects at All


4) JOVS Venus Pro Hair Remover :

It is one of reputated cooling device with ice freeze feel with multiple modes, it has energy levels with balanced temperatures, with
Ice Cooling head at 5°C for painless hair removal process.

Highlighting Features of JOVS Venus Pro Hair Remover :

** It has got 6 super modes for various hair colour and various skin colour
** 6 Awesome Energy Level Controll
** Very Super Ice Cooling head at 5°C
** Photon Light for Skin Rejuvenation
** 3 to 4 times faster than any other electronic hair removal products
** Super Effective Results due to focused energy levels

Experience or Outocme Obtained from JOVS Venus Pro Hair Remover :

** Completely Painless Hair Removal
** Visible Results within 4 weeks during usage continuosly


5) JOVS DORA Hair Remover :

It is one of multiple controlling of energy levels device with 0.7 seconds flash period for easy and fast removal of multiple hairs with continuos 10 minutes. It has got round successive rate of hair retardation or hair regrowth stoppage is around 90% based on real users feedback.

Highlighting Features of JOVS DORA Hair Remover :

** Free Accessory like goggles and razor are included in package
** 5 Awesome Mode for complete Controll
** Touch Adjustments for easy Operations
** Very Fast Treatments
** Xenon gas for Even Spreading for Energy
** Painless Hair Removal Experience
** Best and Effective Hair Removal
** Powerful and Portable
** Well Tested Device by Third Party Labs
** Stepless Knob Shift
** Specialist and Customized for Private Part Hair Removal
** Focused and Concentrated Hair Removal
** Precise and Controlled Hair Removal

Experience or Outocme Obtained from JOVS DORA Hair Remover :

** Safety Product compared to competative brands
** Fine Design due to Talented Craftsmanship
** Precise and Intimate Hair Removal
** Better Hair Removal Effect
** Compact and Travel Friendly

Direction to Use JOVS DORA Hair Remover :

Clean Hair Intially by Waxing and then just start power on by plugging in the device and adjust the knob for any one of the required suitable energy level mode and wear the goggles before running the device over the skin. Then smoothly glide the device the unwanted hair grown areas. It is good to avoid shaving the areas before using the device.


6) JOVS Mini Hair Remover :

It is the most tiny hair remover along with free accessories involved in the package like goggles and razor, it is quite tiny hair remover with dual band facility with powerful machine with light weight in physical appearance and gauge, it is also rechargeable and completely portable easy usuable device. It is completely very hygenic device to use.

Highlighting Features of JOVS Mini Hair Remover :

** 3 Different Modes Available
** Wireless Charging
** It has got Cleansing Base
** Dermatologist Recommended Device
** Precisely Designed Wavelength Energy

Experience or Outocme Obtained from JOVS Mini Hair Remover :

** Makes the Skin Smooth and Silky in 4 to 6 weeks
** Removes Pigmentation in Skin
** Very Clean Hair Removal
** Highly Synching with Skin and Hair process together
** Quick and Painless Hair Removal
** Long Lasting Retardation Effect


Special Facilities by JOVS Brand for its Product :

** Free on Every Order
** 2 Years Warranty
** 180 Days Span of time for Money Back facility
** Returan Policy of Product after good
** Professional Care for Beautiful Skin