Thanaka Powder Hair Removal in Chennai : Where to Buy It ?

Thanaka Powder is an plant powder prepared from the plant bark called Thanaka Plant Bark, these barks are dried first and then powdered in machine to an ultrsoft level. This thanaka powder is basically made to paste mixing in water or milk and applied by men and women of burma which is an traditional ancient facial mask for good looks and glamour.

Now a days almost all the facial make up cosmetic uses thanaka powder as an base ingredient in preparing facial mask paste, facial talcum powder, makeup compact powder etc. Thanaka Powder helps in brightening the skin, removes acne marks, provides clear face without pigmentation.

As a traditions applying thanaka powder paste has been most liked cosmetic treatment for all skin issues and most of the ancients queens of of myanmar used to apply this thanaka powder paster for their glamour maintainence.

What are the Uses of Thanaka Powder ?
** Thanaka Powder can be used for Skin Glamour Maintainence
** Thanaka Powder along with Kusumba Oil Mixture used for Hair Removal

What are the Benefits of Thanaka Powder ?

Skin Benefits :
** It Removes Heat from the Skin
** It Removes Body Odor
** It Avoids too much of Skin Sweating
** It adds scent to the skin because it is an natural scented powder
** It Removes Pimples, Acne Marks and Pigmentation
** It Will Help in Skin Brightening
** Used as base ingredients in most of Myanmar’s Skin Cosmetics

Hair Benefits :
** It Removes the Unwanted Hair Permanent If used with Kusumba Oil
** Only Powder can retard the hair growth for couple of weeks usually
** Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil used Hair Removal Cream in Various Brands of Myanmar

How to Use Thanaka Powder Grade A and Grade B Variants :
Grade A and Grade B variants will be used as follows ::
Step 1 : Mix the Thanaka Powder in milk or rose water
Step 2 : Then make like thick paste or in the form of mask like consistency
Step 3 : Then Apply the paste over the face and then keep it till dry naturally
Step 4 : Then rinse with tap water thoroughly

How to Use Thanaka Powder Grade GROZ Variant :
Grade GROZ variant will be used as follows ::
Step 1 : Mix Grade GROZ Thanaka Powder with Kusumba Oil in 1:2 ratio.
Step 2 : Keep it aside for 10 minutes
Step 3 : Mix it again and apply over the unwanted hair grown areas
Step 4 : Keep it minimum 3 hours or overnight and then wash with soap and water

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions ::

(1) Can We Use Thanaka Powder for Permanent Hair Removal ?
Ans : Yes, Thanaka Powder mixed with Kusumba Oil which provide certain protein reaction which helps in breaking down the hair root bulbs and stops the regrowth of the hair again, also leading to permanent hair removal over face and body areas. But the Hair Removal Process takes certain long time of around 6 weeks to 12 weeks in Grade Groz variant.

(2) Does Thanaka Powder Available in Chennai ?
Ans : Yes, Thanaka Powder for Skin Brightening and also Thanaka Powder, Kusumba Oil Combination for Permanent Hair Removal
are both available in Chennai at Siobay Online Store, this store provides the pure herbal thanaka powder from myanmar or burma.

(3) What is the Thanaka Powder Price in Chennai ?
Ans : Siobay Store has got around 45 imported brands of thanaka powder and hence check the latest price by visiting siobay store contact page and calling the customer care number. If you take other local brands of chennai the price range starts from Rs.300 to Rs.4000.

(4) Will the Thanaka Powder Really works for Hair Removal ?
Ans : Ofcourse, as discussed earlier it had been clearly said that thanaka powder really works for hair removal like grade A, grade B, grade C and grade groz. Usually grade A is used for skin brightening and in other cosmetic products of face and body.

(5) How to Buy Thanaka Powder Online in Chennai ?
Ans : Visit the Contact Page of Siobay Store site and call the customer and place the order or you could fill the order form present in the contact page of siobay store site.

(6) Where to Find Best Thanaka Powder in Chennai ?
Ans : Usually Brands who manufacture the Thanaka Powder with top quality will be from Myanmar and Thailand. Such top quality thanaka powder brands will be imported by Siobay Stores, hence Siobay Store is one of the best options for buying Best Thanaka Powder in Chennai.

(7) How will be Thanaka Powder Results Before and After Looks Like as an Hair Removal ?
Ans : The Below Pic is an representations of Results obtained before and after using thanaka powder and kusumb oil combination for hair removal. But the Results as below pic then individual usage timer period will vary person to person, so average time period of complete hair removal in general case will be between 8 weeks to 12 weeks but in case of PCOS / PCOD it could be more or undefined.

(8) Which is the Best Brand of Thanaka Powder from Burma ?
Ans : Shwe Pyi Nann and Isme Rasyan are the top 2 best quality brands from Myanmar, these two brands are available in chennai online from siobay stores.

(9) Which is the Best Thanaka Powder in Chennai for Face ?
Ans : Shwe Pyi Nann thanaka powder provided by siobay stores is the Best Thanaka Powder in Chennai for Face

10) Which is the Best Thanaka Powder in Chennai for Hair Removal ?
Ans : Isme Rasyan thanaka powder with Kusumba Oil provided by siobay stores is teh Best Thanaka Powder in Chennai for Hair Removal.

11) Which Grades of Thanaka Powder can be Used for Skin Brightening ?
Ans : Grade A Thanaka Powder usually used for Skin Brightening.

12) Which Grades of Thanaka Powder can be Used for Permanent Hair Removal ?
Ans : Grade GROZ Thanaka Powder can be used for Permanent Hair Removal.

13) Which Grades of Thanaka Powder can be Used for Acne Scars and Pimples ?
Ans : Grade B Thanaka Powder usually used for Acne Scars and Pimples.

14) Does Thanaka Powder has any Side Effects ?
Ans : No, Thanaka Powder is an Natural Product and It do not cause any side effects, the thanaka powder is an plant bark extract and hence it is completely natural product, so no worries of side effects over skin or hair.

15) How is the Thanaka Powder Reviews for Hair Removal and Skin Brightening ?
Ans : Average star rating of Thanaka Powder Reviews for Hair Removal is aroun 4.3 star which is quite good because it is above 4 star rating. Thanaka Powder Reviews for Skin Brightening has got 4.6 star which is really too good for the skin pamper lovers.