Shaving vs Epilating Which is Best Hair Removal Method ?

Most of the time the question stand for that which method will be better for hair removal while using epilating and shaving for hair removal in both men and women. Women always compare which hair removal method will be more effective, safer and cheaper and also expects silky smooth skin with long lasting results , which means hair should not grow for few weeks will be the main expectation from most of the women globally. After using the razors and wax strips for long years from few decades most of the women slowly switch their option to epilating process using top quality electronically controlled epilators. Usually epilators has carries the function of both shaving and waxing in one device. Majority of points proves epilators are efficent compared to shavers or razors. More Detailed comparison is mentions below. So we see go ahead now !

What is Shaving ?
Shaving is a process to remove the hair using the razor and razor blades combination. Here in shaving the hair will be removed from the skin surface by cutting the hair very delicately from the skin surface level. It is always required to moisten the area of shaving with shaving soap, shaving cream or shaving foam etc. Shaving can be done on legs, chest, hands, facial areas like beard, upper lip, chine, cheek areas, various body area like back, underarms, abdomen etc.

What is Epilating ?
Epilating is a hair removal process of removing the hair from root level just like waxing which clumps the hair from the root and hence makes the hair regrowth stops for atleast 4 to 5 weeks long. If hair are short then there is will be less pain or no pain, but epilating provides very smooth skin without any any irritation or skin burns. Totally epilating is combination of waxing and shaving method for providing long lasting results for certain weeks.

Pros of Shaving :
** Shaving is Instant Hair Removal method
** Emergency hair removal just before outgoing like function, party etc
** Fastest way to remove hair

Cons of Shaving :
** Shaving Causes Strawberry Legs
** Shaving is expensive compared to epilating
** Cost has to be invested over shaving blades and razors regularly
** Shaving causes skin irritation
** Shaving lead cuts and nicks
** After Shaving hair grow back in couple of days
** Need to moisten the skin surface by shaving cream or soap or foam

Pros of Epilating :
** Epilating is Cheap
** Epilating is Eco-friendly
** Epilating is time saver
** It Provides Smoother Skin
** It Long Lasting Results upto 4 to 5 weeks
** Better Results than Depilatory Creams, Shavers, Tweezers or Pluckers
** It is safe to use epilating process over bikini line and private parts hair
** Epilating can be done frequently while you have to wait for hair to grow for waxing purpose
** After each epilating process the new hair growth will be softer and less thicker
** Brazillian can be by epilators or epilating process
** Epilators avoids ingrown hairs

Cons of Epilating :
** Epilating does not help in ingrown hair issues in 1 out 1 million people sometimes
** You need exfoliation done every after epilating ingrown hairs
** If hairs are long there will be some pain while epilating
** Epilating works painless manner only if hairs are short
** In certain there will be stubbleness exists in legs after epilating 1 out 1 million people sometimes
** If you use epilating for scalp there will be skin darkening chances due to repigmentation occurance

Comparison of Shaving and Epilating :
Epilating stands more efficient and cheaper cost compared to shaving because investment cost will be one time and epilating process makes the hair to grow only after 4 to 5 weeks of time. So Epilating will be more cheaper, eco-friendly and efficient.

Conclusion : Which is Better Either Shaving or Epilating ?
Epilating provides long lasting results and damn good smoother skin compared to shaving and epilating do not cause any side effects like strawberry legs, cuts, burns, irritation etc,
hence recommended to go for epilating as an long term hair removal process.

What is Epilating Strips an Brief Facts ?
Epilating Strips are the delicate strips used during the soft wax treatments, where as soft wax treatments are those where thin layer of wax is put over the hair removing area and then epilating strips are put over that thin layer of wax and then pulled off through the epilating strips, hence soft wax treatment are commonly used over larger body areas like back, arms, legs. Soft wax treatments are more painful because here along with hair an thin layer of skin will also comes off hence leading to reddish skin providing more pain. Hence using epilating strips makes the less pain to the user. Epilating Strips are not re-used, but certain companies provides muslin epilating strips which are re-used after wash hence being eco-friendly. Muslin epilating strips usually for facial hair removal by soft wax method. Little bit stiff epilating strips are used in professional spa and salons.

Steps to Use Epilating Strips :
Step 1 : Apply the wax over the area with spatula in thin layer.
Step 2 : Put the Epilating Strips over the wax and press it.
Step 3 : Wait for couple of second before you rip the epilating strip.
Step 4 : With Medium speed rip off the epilating strips and clean the excessive wax

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

(1) Is it good to shave or epilate the hair ?
Ans : Epilator provides more smoother skin and long lasting results compared to shaving, hence it is good to epilate the hair.

(2) Whether we have to moisten or wet the skin before using the epilators ?
Ans : It is recommended to apply some moistening liquid or water damp to wet the skin before starting the epilating process by using the electronic epilator.

(3) Are there any Re-usable Epilating Strips exists ?
Ans : Yes, certain top quality brands provides muslin base epilating strips which are re-usable after wash to an certain exentent and usually comes with 40 piece in a box in general.

(4) Do we need any preparation done before epilating the hair from the body ?
Ans : It is better to exfoliate the skin 48 hourse before epilating process done and also apply moisturizer or aloe vera gel to dampen the skin just before epilating process starts.

(5) Can we use Epilating Process for Face ?
Ans : Yes, epilating process can be done on face also like chin, upper lip, side burns etc.

(6) Does Epilating process causes to grow stubble hair ?
Ans : Usually No, but rare of the rare cases where one person out 1 million may feel the stubble hair but not becaue of the epilating process but it could be the hair texture which that person would have got due to heredity.

(7) Does Epilating Cause any Red Bumps ?
Ans : In Top Quality Epilators the red bumps wont occurs but in certain brands of epilators red bumps could be outcome after epilating process and hence doing exfoliation 48 hours before epilating and also moistening the skin with aloe vera gel just before epilating process would be more suggested tip.

(8) Is it possible to get rid of strawberry legs by epilating process ?
Ans : Some times Dryness will be the main cause for strawberry legs or too much of shaving will lead to strawberry legs. Hence just do exfoliations two days ahead of epilating process and apply moisturising lotion or liquids just before each epilating schedule regular, then the strawberry legs will sure reduced or avoided.