How Bad Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

One of the Most Question the People Who are Preparing themseleves for Laser Hair Removal Treatment is that “how much does laser hair removal hurt?”. Major Choice of the people will be clinical hair removal method that is Laser Hair Removal Treatment for their unwanted hair growth problem. Laser Hair Removal Cost few hundred dollars for whole of the session discussed and decided by the laser therapist to eradicate the unwanted hair completely over the chose part of the body or facial area. Now to know about Laser Hair Removal is that Laser Machine is which emitts strong concentrated monochrome light at high frequency, this laser light produces enough heat which hits the hair tip and reach down upto the hair root level or upto the hair follicle level making the hair root get destroyed in order obtain long lasting hair removal.

Having unwanted hair over face for women and excessive hair on the men body is always be an nightmare for men and women. In olden days probably from 4 to 5 decades back, there were certain methods like shaving, plucking, threading, trimming had been an instant hair removal solution where there was no permanent hair removal solution or there was no hair reduction solution. But from 2 to 3 decades Laser Hair Removal has caught the eye of the people who are really desperate about their unwanted hair to be removed for an long lasting time or forever permanently will surely this modern day therapy called laser hair removal treatment. Laser Hair Removal Treatment is an outcome of an modern day technological research which provides an option of having few session of laser hair removal therapy then the hair is gone for an long lasting time and henceforthe there is no need for daily shaving, waxing, threading, salon visit for beauty therapies for unwnated hair removal.

Once the Laser Hair Treatment session are completed as per the suggestions of dermatologist of the respective clinic the patient would experience an very long lasting no hair growth. If there were certain more session could provide you the permanent hair removal for the patient. Even though it is bit expensive but laser hair removal will save you from an same daily life regular hair removal methods which quite cumbersome job to do. As per the expectations of the people the laser hair removal therapy will give you no hair growth for long number of months which considered to be long lasting period. Hence follow the suggestions of the clinic’s dermatologist about how session to be taken for the particular unwanted hair growth for an particular area of the body or face of both men and women.

Like Any Other Medical Treatment, the Laser Hair Removal is also got the its own cons and disadvantages like it could be mild adverse effects and risks over the sensitive skin areas. Most of the people will think that there might huge pain while during laser therapy and post laser hair removal therapy sessions.

(1) So Now the Main Questions is that Does Hair Removal Really Going to Hurt ?
The Real answer for this question is YES, so you should be aware of the factor that laser hair removal process produces enough strong heat that our nervous will immediately feel it and also some delicate skin will get affected by the concentrated high frequency light. Hence destruction of the hair root will be more risky method which will be handled by experience technician to balance the process of hair removal and adverse effect over the skin. Time Period of focussing the Laser Light over the hair will be precisely handled by the technician so that the heat flow from tip of the hair to the hair root will be handled properly. There is definitely there will be pain during the laser hair removal therapy irrespective of what kind high tech laser machine is and how larger experience of the technician in handling the Laser Hair Removal Procedure in the Clinic.

(2) Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt So Much ?
(a) Major Happy News is that for Men and Women who are using therapy of Laser Hair Reduction is that the pain during the process is tolerable when compared to another clinical method of hair removal is Electrolysis, because in electrolysis the an micro needle is inserted inside the hair and electrical power is passed through that needle which is more painful process as per users feedback. Most of the users who has used the Laser Hair Removal over the bikini line areas and certain curves has experienced tolerable pain and while the latest laser hair removal mahcine comes with instant cooling mechanism where once the laser light pinches the skin the cooling system will reduces the heat so that heat dont stay for longer time.

(b) Another Happy New about the Laser Hair Reduction therapy is that the pain often reduces after sometime once the sitting or laser session finishes, hence there is no need to bother about having bigger care or bigger post laser treatments after the laser therapy session to avoid any adverse effects.

Solution for Reducing Pain of Laser Hair Removal :
There are always many other ways to curb down the pain of laser hair removal therapy during the sessions or sittings and hence most of the clinics will suggest such solution like using numbing creams before the start of the session of laser hair removal treatment but this solution will be suggested by dermatologist present in the clinics for the laser technicians to apply on the patient if they are not in position to go through the tolerable pain of laser hair removal treatment.

(3) Does Laser Hair Removal Really Hurt us ?
Yes, ofcourse the Laser Hair Reduction will hurt a little bit but it can be tolerable one by most of the people but if you take the electrolysis hair removal method then pain is unbearable, once you complete the laser hair removal session within couple of minutes the pain reduces gradually but various other factors will confirms how one could feel the pain or the uncomfort like color of the skin, thickness of the hair, how deep rooted the hairs are? , body stamina to withstand the pain level caused by the heat of the laser light.

Even today laser hair removal for men body has been considered as the most likeable clinical treatments the men will opt for, as the men prefer the chest and back hair removal by laser hair removal process the most. In some cases of patients who has gone through the Grade-C treatment of laser hair removal therapies has gone bad and had adverse effects on the patients skin but in such cases the choice of the patient for such clinics withou knowing the reviews of the patients about such clinics could be a bad step, hence without bothering about the cost of laser hair removal, it is always good to opt for the high quality, so people who has gone through the high quality laser hair removal therapies then it has done wonderful job with good experience of having laser hair removal process.

Conclusion : The Laser Hair Removal Treatment definitely hurts and causes pain, but the pain is tolerable by any individual in most of the cases when compared to electrolysis methods. If someone is really very much afraid of the pain of laser hair removal treatment then such person should be opting for numbing creams with the prescription of the dermatologits present in the clinic, hence the technician will apply the numbing cream before he or she starts the laser hair removal therapy and then the patient who is going through the therapy will no way feel the pain at all during the session of laser hair removal.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

(1) On a scal of 1 to 10 how bad does laser hair removal hurt ?
Ans : It will be between 2 to 6 , but it is tolerable pain as you feel like rubber band bite each time the light hits.

(2) How bad does laser hair removal hurt brazilian ?
Ans : Yes, there will be some painful moment and you could feel slight bump due to laser heat for few minutes.

(3) How bad does laser hair removal hurt on bikini area ?
Ans : Yes, pain will be there in the bikini area during laser hair removal process, you feel like having waxing in bikini areas during laser treatment.

(4) How bad does laser hair removal hurt on legs ?
Ans : It Hurts little bit less or moderate way because the legs skin will be thicker and stronger when compared to facial and bikini line skin.

(5) How bad does laser hair removal hurt on armpits
Ans : It hurts like having waxing in armpits, because armpits skin will be sensitive and delicate as facial and bikini line skin, hence it hurts.

(6) How bad does laser hair removal hurt underarms ?
Ans : The thin skin of underarms will be prone to have more pain compared hands and legs skin pain, but pain will go away after few seconds of laser hit on
the underarm.

(7) How bad does bikini laser hair removal hurt ?
Ans : Bikini Line skin will be very sensitive and delicate and hence it hurt more and you will feel like you are doing waxing over bikini lines.

(8) Should laser hair removal be painful ?
Ans : Yes, laser hair removal is painful for certain extent but it is tolerable pain for 90% of people in the world, but 10% will be afraid of pain especially among women.