Best Home Remedies for Grey Hair Turns into Black

Greying of Hair among young people is called as Premature Greying Hair but if this problem faced by by teengers then it will be more embarrasing in modern day now in the world. Appearance of white hair or grey hair here and there in your 20’s will make us seek for some safe treatment and immediate treatment at home. One of the best solution with safety will be home remedies to turn grey hair into black naturally and hence it is called as natural grey hair treatment at home. Display of grey hair on scalp is nothing but two reason one either the person is getting aged due to aging or at young age if it appears then body is not able to produce enough hair pigments in the body to cover up the white hair which sign of premature greying at young age.

Best way to curb down fast premature greying of hair, then first to have control over proper diet with full of nutrition. Having lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits with regular combination of dairy products will help regulated diet in order to have smooth skin and proper working of glands which produce melanin for hair to avoid faster premature greying of hair.

Most of the people dont want to go for allopathy grey hair treatment or want to have any chemical treatment for grey hair because of its adverse effects on skin and hair.

So seeking something from our own home kitchen items to get rid of white hair and reverse grey hair to black hair. Many olden decades used to rely on the kitchen base items solutions for grey hair to turn the grey hair into black. Our main and prime suggestion is to go for natural remedies for grey hair to get rid of white hair make us strive ourselves into kitchen recipes and to find the best grey hair false opinion.

Best Home Remedies for Grey Hair Reversal :

(1) Hibuscus and Curd Pack
(2) Bhringraj and Amla Pack
(3) Haritaki Oil and Jatamansi Oil
(4) Ashwagandha Tea and Black Tea with Lemon
(5) Eating Omega 3, Vitamin B and Copper Rich Food
(6) Eat Lots of Berries, Cashew, Potatoe, Almond, Mushroom, Curd, Chickpeas

(1) Hibiscus and Curd Pack : Hibiscus is one of the major and primary plant whose leaves and flowers are both useful in reversing the grey hair into black, but the Hibiscus Flower is more nutrient compared to leaves in the role of reversing grey hair into black. Curd works as mask component and provides hydration to the hair and scalp.

Steps to Follow for Mask Preparation and Application :
** Take a couple of flowers in a mixer jar
** Add a half 1/4 cup of curd into the jar
** Then Grind it very well in mixer jar to a level of hair mask
** Apply the mask over the scalp and keep it for 45 minutes then wash it off with herbal shampoo
** Use this mask weekly twice to get faster and good results

Hibiscus and Curd with little bit of will also help in taking care of extra oil in scalp and also dandruff issue in the head or scalp.

(2) Bhringraj and Amla Pack : Here the raw few Bhringraj Flowers and leaves along with Raw Amla (Indian goose berry) can be taken and mixed in mixer jar and prepare like a mask paste and this paste can be applied over the scalp and keep it for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, then washed off with warm water and dry the hair or you could use mild herbal shampoo to wash the hair and dry it naturally. Even another method is to use equal amount of Bhringraj Powder and Amla Powder and add proper proportionate of water to prepare like paste and this paste can be applied over the scalp and kept it for about 1 hour then can be washed with luke warm water and even you could use mild shampoo with normal water. Application of powder pack can be done weekly twice for rapid results and keep up the health of the hair.

(3) Haritaki Oil and Jatamansi Oil : Haritaki is one of the dried fruit from which Haritaki Oil is prepared because it will be one the distinguished grey hair reversal ingredients and also the next ingredient will be Jatamansi which hairy flowering plant herba whose oil is prepared from that Jatamansi dried hairy herb and then both the Haritaki Oil and Jatamansi Oil are mixed in equal proportion and that mixture oil is applied over scalp using the cotton ball and the applied oil should be kept atleast 2 hours and then washed off with pure herbal shampoo and luke warm water or you could choose to apply the mixture of oil in the night and then wash your head next day morning using shampoo and tap water combination, it is recommended to avoid the bore water or hard water to wash the hair. Always use river water or mineral water to wash the hair because hard water will have lots salts and minerals which makes hair rough also the applied contents wont get washed away properly.

(4) Ashwagandha Tea and Black Tea with Lemon : Ashwagandha is an winter cherry shrub plant whose root will be majoribly used to reduce the stress in the body, you could use as intake or you could apply the ashwagandha powder over skin and hair. Another ingredient called black tea which is well known more oxidised tea which makes its color more blacker, hence equal mixture of Ashwagandha Tea and Black Tea application over the scalp and keep it for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes, then rinse the hair with warm water, or even yo could use mild shampoo and tap water to wash the hair, application of these tea application weekly twice will be very mucy helpful in further spreading fo the grey hair and also reversing the grey hair into black in natural manner.

(5) Eating Omega 3, Vitamin B and Copper Rich Food : When somebody is facing lots o premature grey hair issues, then the particular person body required to have omega 3, vitamin B, copper rich foods. Some examples of Omega 3 rich food are Flax seed, salmon fish, cod liver oil, chia seeds, walnuts. Some examples of Vitamin B rich food is broccoli, brussels, leafy green vegetable etc will be fine. Some examples of Copper Rich Food are nuts, melon seeds, wheat, grains, raisins, avocado, blackberry etc. Even if you choose vegetables you could have chick peas, potatoe, beans will be more helpful in providing copper rich stuff into the body.

(6) Eat Lots of Berries, Cashew, Potatoe, Almond, Mushroom, Curd, Chickpeas : Major Focus will be to have lots of good and grey hair reversal concentrated food stuff like lots of berries, it means all kinds of berries, regular cashew consumption, having atleat coupld of almond, having regular mushroop soup, roasted mushrooms, dairy product like curd, having chickpea and potatoe combination food.

Extra Bonus Tips : Have atleast 7 to 8 hours of good sleep, avoid smoking and drinking, stop watch late night televisions and electronic gadgets, do regular exercise or yoga for fit body and mind, these valuable tips will make the life free from grey hairs naturally.