Acua Yosaten Hair Removal Lotion

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Acua Yosaten Lotion  is an  Pure Herbal Permanent Hair Removal Lotion which completely made of plant extracts and ayurvedic herbs which works best for face and body areas of men and women and considered as best hair removal cream lotion for private parts. This facial hair removal cream lotion can be used for head also. This product has very good customer reviews which is like homemade type, it works best for women’s underarms. It is permanent hair removal cream lotion for face for coarse hairs in india with ease cost and prices, it is also alternative to cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal and electrolysis, it is defined as best sensitive areas and skin.


Product Description :

This comes in lotion form which is semi liquid with concentrated herbal ingredients of the original plant extracts, it is formulated to give an amazing results that will give permanent hair removal results for long lasting time, this works well over face hairs like upper lip, chin, neck and side buns, it also works well over body areas like legs, hands, chest, bikini lines, thigh areas, back and shoulders.

The Effect of the lotion is very fast, hence you could see the results within 7 to 10 of time without any side effects, this is ultimate lotion for permanent hair removal.


Benefits :

** Extra Powerfull than any other Permanent Hair Removal product

** Remove clearly Facial Hairs

** Removes Perfectly Body Hairs

** It has No Side Effects

** It is pure Ayurvedic and Herbal Permanent Hair Removal Product

** Specialist for UnderArms and Private Areas

** Works well for kids, Men and Women of any Age

** It Suits all Skin types and Skin Color


Directions to Use : Apply the Lotion over the unwanted hair grown areas and keep it for 30 mins to 1 hour and then wash it off with soap and water.


Results Obtained ::





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Customer Reviews ::


Shreya C – Hyderabad (Telangana) :

It is a nice product,  it removed my upper lip and chin hairs perfectly.



Nalini A Rao – Amravati (Andhra Pradesh)

It works well and it has removed my neck and underarm hairs clearly.