Why Cant You Use Hair Removal Cream on Your Pubic Area ?

Past History of Pubic Hair Removal :

In the ancient time people from various parts of world like middle asia, west asia, northen africa and mid of europe used adopt the practice of healthy and hygenic way of removing hair because to keep the diseases and parasitic attraction away from the genital areas of women and even men. Among women having smooth body and hairless body has been big practice. Later the trend began as the centuries passed and had been followed till date among men and women for having good and clean pubic areas. This practice has been more among women rather men and even many men has followed the practice. Natural Waxing and Threading had been the practise in olden days.

But even today we find pubic wax and threading process but as it is quite painfull and hence the people want to have and painless method of removing unwanted hair from pubic areas and they are getting switched for Pubic Hair Removal Creams. Finding patiently the pure herbal cream will be more better and if you find permanet pubic hair removal cream then that person will be lucky enough to have it.

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Pubic Hair Removal Cream :

Now a days many Manufacturers are preparing the hair removal creams especially for pubic areas and hence it is called as ” pubic hair removal creams ” . Classification of Pubic Hair Removal Creams can be as follows :

Types of Hair Removal Cream for Pubic Areas :
** Low Quality Pubic Hair Removal Cream
** Medium Quality Pubic Hair Removal Cream
** High Quality Pubic Hair Removal Cream

** Low Quality Pubic Hair Removal Cream :
Such Creams are manufactured with full of chemical which comes at lower cost and even the complete Cream Product comes at lower cost and will lead to skin rashes, severe skin burns, skin cancer and skin inflammations.

** Medium Quality Pubic Hair Removal Cream :
Such Creams are manufactured with medium quality chemical or combination of medium quality chemicals and herbal ingredients which comes at medium cost and hence the complete Cream Product comes at medium cost and its results will mild irritations in skin, milk red rashes, frequent itching of the skin.

** High Quality Pubic Hair Removal Cream :
Such Creams are manufactured with high quality chemicals which are totally safe over skin or completely made of pure herbal ingredients which comes at higher cost and hence the complete Cream Product could cost high and its results will cent percent at the fullest safety and do not cause any side effects. If you get high quality pure herbal pubic hair removal cream and then it will be like icing on the cake, you will be more lucky to find such high quality pubic hair removal creams.

Pros of Using Pubic Hair Removal Cream :

** Easy to Remove Hair at Pubic Areas
** It will be Painless Hair Removal
** Long Lasting Result upto couple of weeks
** Most of the Pubic Hair Removal Creams now a days are pure herbal or natural creams
** Travel Friendly, hence can be carried in pocket anywhere
** Instant Hair Remover, hence can be used to remove hair at anytime and any place
** These creams comes seperately for both men and women
** For Teens there are seperate Cream available
** Most People feel convenient feel convenient during intimacy time with hairless pubic areas.
** Removing Pubic Hair will have hygine and the good health
** No Bacteria and Parasite occurance will happen in genital areas.
** Now a Days Around 46% percent of mid aged women and 30% of teen girls use the pubic hair removal creams
** These Creams save you from bumps, nicks and cuts.
** Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Creams can remove the hair from pubic areas forever permanently and naturally at home.
** These top quality creams has no side effects especially herbal pubic hair removal creams

Cons of Using Pubic Hair Removal Cream :

** Low Quality and Medium Quality Creams will cause side effects like rashes, reddishness, irritation, skin burns and skin damage
** Could Cause Skin Cancer

Question is Can We Use Pubic Hair Removal Creams on Our Genital Areas :
The Answer is both “YES” and also “NO”.

** The Answer is “YES” because if you used herbal or natural ingredients base pubic hair removal cream or high quality creams then of course it is recommended to use it over pubic unwanted hair growns areas because it is safe and do no cause any side effects.

** The Answer is “NO” because if you are using medium quality pubic hair removal creams or low quality pubic hair removal creams or chemical base pubic hair removal creams then it is not recommended to use such creams over the pubic areas.

Major Side Effects :

If you use medium quality pubic hair removal creams then you could suffer from mild rashes and irritations. If you use low quality pubic hair removal cream then you could suffer from major skin damage like severe skin burns and skin cancer caused by low quality ingredients and highly toxic chemicals in the cream. So best is to use high quality pubic hair removal cream which will not cause any side effects and if the high quality cream is chemical base then manufacturer would have used the safe chemical ingredients and if the high quality pubic hair removal cream is pure herbal ingredients base then obviously it will have quite safe nature extract ingredients which can easily make the hair removal easy and painless without causing any damage to skin. It is always recommended to pubic herbal hair removal cream.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

1) Which type of Hair Removal Cream for Pubic Areas is Safe ?
Ans : Go for High Quality Creams and that too if it is Pure Herbal Cream it will have more Safely of Pubic areas.

2) How Long Does these Cream Lasts its Results ?
Ans : High Quality Pubic Hair Removal Creams will have results upto 2 weeks continuosly, but in case of medium and low quality
creams it will be just few days.

3) Are there any Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Creams ?
Ans : Yes, there are certain creams like Dr Me Ping Pubic Hair Removal Creams available which provides Permanent Hair Removal
results for private parts unwanted hairs.

4) What is Non-Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Creams or Semi-Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Creams ?
Ans : Non-Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Creams are those which are just momentary or temporary hair removal creams which will just remove the hair from pubic areas but it will come back in just of days. Semi-Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Creams are those which will remove the hair but the regrowth of the hair will be delayed for few days. Hair Retarder are also called as Semi-Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Creams which will have very best results among the pubic hair removal creams.

No No Micro Hair Removal : Does it Work Effectively System Benefits Best Price Set

Many Women and Men are suffering from peach fuzz hair and micro grown hairs over face and body, even some special unwanted hair growth like upper lip, chin, bikini lines , private parts etc. Hence No No Micro Hair Removal Device set used for the handling micro grown hair like peach fuzz hair and various face and body unwanted hairs grown very easily providing smooth skin finishing. This No No Hair Removal Device is an instant hair removal option to any normal hair removal cream in market or near by supermarket or stall.

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No No Micro Hair Removal Device Set is an electrically chargeable mirco hair removal device with multiple thermicon cap options for various hair size cuttings. There will be an Thermicon tip to make adjustments for various hair removal sizes. The Special Narrow tips can be utilized for the facial hair removal, armpit hair removal or underarm hair and wider tips can be used for the bigger areas like chest, hands, legs, shoulder, back etc. It should not be used for the private parts and chest areas of women.

After ordering from the No No Hair Removal Company the orders will be delivered very fast possibly and it really works very effectively with fine finishing effect. It works really superfine over the fuzz areas. After using the device most of the women get good glow over the face because very clean removal of unwanted hair and hence help the women to wear the make up easily and also gives good makeup finish and it also considered to be alternative to the painful waxing method. This device do not provided any pain or do not cause any nicks and cuts. Using this device women has gained enough confidence of having clean and smooth skin without any hairs.

How Does the No No Micro Hair Removal Works ?

This Device has got three levels of hair removal intensity like low, medium and high intensity treatments. It removes the hair by the wire which electrically heated upon which will be just above the skin. The heat of the wire will work as heat cutter of the hair from the skin surface level. Even good grip will be possible over by 90 Degree angle to obtain even good finish of the hair.

Pros of No No Hair Removal Device Set :

** It provides painless hair removal process
** It do not cause any cuts and nicks
** It works on both face and body unwanted hairs
** It works well over peach fuzz hair
** It gives smooth finish after hair removal
** It is very safe device to use on body, face and head shaving also
** It is travel friendly and easily comes in any small bag
** It is instant hair removal device and can be used at any instant
** It works as an alternative to hair removal cream and wax

Cons of No No Hair Removal Device Set :

** It is Not Permanent Hair Removal
** Sometime slight odour of hair burning can be felt

Directions to Use :

Charge the Device to the fullest level using the charging chord and just push the “ON” button to top and then device will start running successfully just glide the device over the unwanted hair grown areas with mild touch to the surface of the areas and then there crystal cut micro odour you could feel and hence it proves it is working over the areas and there will clear and smooth hair removal happening over that areas, then clean areas with the provided brush and then follow the same process for whichever areas you want to remove the hair.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

1) Whether No No micro hair removal work over any color hair ?
Ans : Yes, Of course the device will work over any type of hair color.

2) Is it possible to get the Thermicon Tips Separately from Some Where?
Ans : You cannot get spare thermicon tips from Ecommerce Websites but you could contact No No Hair Customer care and can place the separate order from them.

3) Is No No Micro Hair Removal Device is Permanent Hair Remover ?
Ans : This Device do not provide Permanent Hair Removal Solution.

4) It is Possible to use the No No Hair Removal Device for the head areas of half bald men?
Ans : This Device is very much suitable for the head shaving purpose without any nicks and cuts to get easy smooth skin finish. It provides very safe functioning of the deive over the head areas and it provides very application.

5) Does It have any extrac Spare of Charger ?
Ans : Usually the complete set will of one charger in the box but you do not get any extra charger or extra thermicon tips. It has very easy plug which can fit into any electrical point. Even it comes with pouch to hold the AC/DC charger adapter.

6) Is it Chemical Free Object ?
Ans : It is purely electrical device and do not contain any chemicals in it.

7) How much time it will take for full charge ?
Ans : The Lastes device will get full recharge within couple of hourse.

8) While using the device do we get any bad odour?
Ans : You will get an mild odour of hair burning but that is nothing much too huge to withstand.

9) Is this Deive Clinically Proven ?
Ans : Yes, this device has passed the third part test of clinical test and obtained certificate from third party clinics.

10) On Which areas it is very useful ?
Ans : Facial Areas like Upper lip, Chin, Neck, Side Burns, Forehead can be used, for larger over the Body like Hands, Legs, Chest, Back, Shoulder can be easily used.

11) Is there any guarantee provide for the No No Micro Hair Removal Device ?
Ans : The Manufacturer provides upto 1 year warranty over the device working.

12) What is the technology behind this Device working ?
Ans : Research team of No No Micro Hair Removal Device has adopted Wire Heated thermicon method to cut the hair from the skin surface providing smooth skin finish to the hair. While cutting the it burns the hair which can provide mild hair burning smell.

13) How Frequen should we use no no micro hair removal ?
Ans : It is recommend to you use this device initially 3 to 4 times a week for the first 6 to 8 weeks. After that, you could use only whenever required.

14) What is this term Called “Micro” used with this Device ?
Ans : Micro is one particular level hair removal setting done in the device to remove very small hair like facial hairs and peach fuzz hair over face areas of women and men.

Hair Removal Foam Spray: Is it Safe and Working or Best ?

In the globe there are many ways to remove unwanted hair from face and body areas without any side effects, hence women and men feel hairless body without any side effects, Hair Removal Foam Spray is an product whose material will be in foam form when it comes out of the spray can when pressed the nozzle. This product is completely made is made by such ingredients and hence when it pressed by nozzle and hence due to pressure and air reaction outside in the environment will foam spray. This hair removal foam spray will be basically working as depilatory foam. This depilatory foam used as an alternative to wax strips, hair removal creams, epilatory devices and also does exfoliating the skin. It is also best alternative of hair removal creams used for face and body areas which is normally available in the super markets near by.

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Main objective what you need to do is to remove the hair remove large regions of the body like chest, back, legs, hands and it is totally very fast in spreading and will form will thick layer of foam which will work perfectly over the unwanted grown areas. Even using the pad you could apply over the face and private part areas also. It is is completely instant hair removal foam which could be applied immediately anywhere instantly at any time.

This Hair Removal Foam Spray is very good for travel purpose so that any women or men can remove the hair from even from small areas of body regions. It is very having wonderful results as they will work in very good form and reliable form of foam spray in eradicating the hair very effectively.

Usually Hair Removal Foam Spray is designed in very well manner by its formula constructed based on effective ingredients and provide the real effect in removing the hair over the quick and painless way of removing the hair and it is very good alternative to shaving and waxing methods of hair removal and hence safeguards the skin from nicks and cuts made by razor blade.

It is really good form of hair removal product which will work very well even on bikini areas and in no pain manner all the hair will be removed from hair root level, some low quality hair removal foam spray will have some wied odour but top quality hair removal foam spray will have very good smell while using, it is very much alternative to the various hair removal methods which will be painless and best alternative to brazilian waxing and chemical base nair and provides safety from cuts and nicks made by razor blades.

It is special for women and it is so easy and comfortable hair removal on all the body areas of ladies. This form of hair removal had been boon to women worldwide and it is the most smooth hair removal and easy to get rid of unwanted for the face and body areas of men and women. Most of the top brands provide very safe ingredients base hair removal foam spray with good odour and hence it very good to choose the proper brand by going through the hair removal foam spray reviews and also good customer reviews by genuine customer feedbacks.

Pros of Hair Removal Foam Spray :

** It is Effective in Nature as it removes the hair from root level
** It is quite painless hair remover and even anybody cant feel the hair removal process and hence such a smooth removal
** Most of the Top Brands like Siobay Store’s Dr Me Ping Hair Removal Foam Spray are of globe tope quality
** It is quite easy to use and apply over the various regions of the body areas including facial hair removal
** Most of the top brands is having very safe ingredients which do not cause any side effects for the skin
** It provides very smooth finish of hair removal process after use of the spray for hair removal
** It suits all skin types and works well on dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and also normal skin
** It can be used over facial areas like upper lip and chin hair removal
** Even it can be used on private parts areas
** It can remove any kind of thick hair over arms and legs or body areas
** It is alternative to razor blade and hence just apply foam and wipe and remove hair easily and painlessly.

Cons of Hair Removal Foam Spray :

** Not all brands provides good quality foam spray for hair removal
** Some brands may not suit all skin types

Directions to Use the Hair Removal Foam Spray :

Step No 1 : Press the nozzle at the spray bottle and make the spray spread easily over the region of hair removal.

Step No 2 : Applying the foam evenly on the skin just leave the spray to be there for 5 minutes to 10 minutes depends on the skin.

Step No 3 : Then take clean and hygine cloth and wipe the area and then wash the areas with water and leave it dry or even mild
soap could be used for washing the areas.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

1) Which are Best Hair Removal Foam Spray ?
Ans : Presently Siobay Store’s Dr Me Ping Hair Removal Foam Spray is doing good in the world.

2) It is Effective in Nature in Removing the Hair ?
Ans : Yes it is effective in nature and also work in painless manner

3) Does it works as Exfoliator ?
Ans : Yes ofcoures the the Foam Spray works as Exfoliator

4) Comparison of Foam Spray with Shaving and Waxing ?
Ans : When compared to razor and wax it provides quite smooth hair removal without nicks and cuts.

5) Is it Easy to Use in the form of Application ?
Ans : Yes, it is quite easy to apply the foam spray over the body areas, it is easily spreadable and quite easily remove the hair by breaking the hair root level and hence providing the clean and soft skin.

6) It is Safe and Work Good or Best in Nature ?
Ans : Yes, it is working in very safe manner. it is quite well designed to remove the hair from hair root level and clearly provides the smoother skin in very effective manner.

7) Does it suits all skin types and work on all body regions ?
Ans : Yes, It will work for all regions of body like Hands, Legs, Underarms, Back, Chest, Private Part and Bikini Lines. As mentioned earlier it works well on all skin types like dry skin, oily skin, normal skin including sensitive skin.

8) How the hair retardation will long last ?
Ans : It will long last for atleast 1 week to 2 weeks.

9) Can we use the Hair Removal Foam Spray even though there is Skin Infections ?
Ans : It is not recommended to use over pimples, acne, open wounds or hyper pigmentation areas of skin.

Scrubi Hair Removal : How it Works Better than Shaving and Waxing

(Click Here to See Dutch Language Blog Post) / (Klik hier om de Nederlandstalige blogpost te zien)

Scrubi Hair Removal is an crystal hair removal made completely with nano technology over glass crystal, this product is basically from netherlands or it is an dutch product used to remove body hair easily especially hands and legs unwanted hair instantly without any side effects. It is having major quality of providing painless hair removal and it is best alternative to shaving, waxing and normal market available hair removal creams.

It is an instant hair removal tool and provides long lasting hair removal effect upto 3 to 6 weeks. Its nano technology clumps hair from root level with mild exfoliating effect to remove dead cells from the skin and hence skin looks bright and glowing along with silky smooth finish and also major effect is that the hair will grow very slow and wont to be seen for several couple of weeks. Hence there wont be any strawberry skin, no cuts or nicks, no skin rashes etc. Scrubi Hair Removal Tool will provide just an Smooth Skin like Baby.

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It is Completely Based on Nano Technology with micro scrub glass crystal which will makes the tool to rotate easy over the skin and hence producing zero friction during the hair removal process. This tool provides smooth and silky touch skin after the hair removal process by this tool. Scrubi Hair Removal Tool with Nano Technology uses the designing the tool to fit the needs of the user which is called as Ergonomics Design technology.

Facts of Hair Removal in Netherlands and Europe :

Women in netherlands and europe spends huge amount of money in hundres euros anually in order to get rid of unwanted hair from face and body areas, they spend money over shaving razor, razor blades for shaving legs, underarms and hands and even sometimes the facial hair removal by shaving with razor blades and Shaving foams and Shaving Creams. Hundreds of Euros over Waxing Session in Spa and Parlors or Waxing Kits for at Home use or Normal Hair Removal Creams. Hence Saves lots of money.

Scrubi Hair Removal Tool is totally eco friendly because it is reusable tool again and again upto 3 years just by washing the tool after each time of use, hence there is no metalic waste thrown to environment and every time sterilized scrubi hair removal tool can be used very well after wash and sterilizing process and as said earlier it do not dispatch any metalic waste to environment and hence protects the environment.

There is no need to Spend lots of hours while shaving because shaving needs careful and patience amount to time to remove hair by razor blade otherwise it will lead cuts and nicks and it could be severe red skin appearance with new blades. Hence all the negative effects of razor blades is totally replaced by Scrubi Hair Removal Tool.

Why Scrubi Hair Removal Tool Saves Money ? An Simple Comparison :

Usually Women and Men Spend lots of money in hundres of euros over razor blades, razors, shaving foams over the year and hence an survey as predicted around €80 per year and where for Waxing process at salons or spa and Home Waxing Kits around €1100 per year, but If you buy Scrubi Hair Removal Tool then the tool will long last for 3 years and cost of tool is €36 to €40 per tool and hence you are investing approximately around €12.6 per year.

Pros of Scrubi Hair Removal :

** It provides easy hair removal process
** gently exfoliates the skin dead cells
** Retards the hair growth by slowing down hair coming off
** Saves Hundreds of Euros over razor blades, shaving foams and waxing sessions at spa or salon
** It Brighten up the skin with extra glow
** Removes Dead Cells in the Skin
** It is travel friendly to be easy put it in small hand bag and travel any where (compact tool)
** It is instant hair remover tool to be used instantly at any spot at any time

Cons of Scrubi Hair Removal :

** Cannot be used over private part areas

How to Use the Scrubi Hair Removal Tool ?

Just hold hold the scrubi hair removal tool with the palms tightly and just move in rotational direction over the unwanted hair grown areas of your body like hands, legs, back, chest etc. This rotation movement will make the hair to come of from the root level in clumps and hence providing waxing type of effect which is painless and outcome will be long lasting for several weeks without hair and also very smooth and silky skin with baby touch feel.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

1) Which Part of the Body Areas We Could Use this Tool ?
Ans : This Tool works perfectly over hands, legs, chest, abdomen areas, back, armpits etc

2) Can we use over sensitive skin and private part areas ?
Ans : No, it is not recommended to use over sensitive and private areas

3) What is the Cancellation Period if not satisfied by the Scrubi Hair Removal ?
Ans : Within 30 days any customer could contact scrubi customer care and do returning process along with the purchase bill.

4) How are the Customer Reviews who has already bought ?
Ans : Survey show that about 98.28 % customers are very much happy with this tool which is quite an good positive review rating.

5) Where is Scrubi Company in the world ?
Ans : Scrubi company is from netherlands and it is an dutch company providing this scrubi hair removal tool

6) Any Other Plus points related to Scrubi Hair Removal ?
Ans : Yes, it will also helps not to occurr any acne, reddishness in the skin and also any other skin burning sensation and so it is totally safe tool. It do not create any cuts and nicks and it is an complete best solution for strawberry legs and hence women will be the most happiest people to enjoy the usage of this tool. Even men will have lots of happiness for their smooth skin without hair over chest, back, hands and legs. It suits all kinds of skin and hence any gender could use this tool easily and very comfortably. There is no need to do shaving or waxing process once you buy and use this tool as it long lasts for 3 years continuosly. Cost of this tool is very affordable and very handy tool to use and hence it is having very advantage among the latest hair removal products availabe in the market/

Freeman Leg Hair Removal : How it Work to Remove Hair from Root Efficiently

Freeman Silky Leg Hair Removal Cream Mask is completely non-harsh chemical base hair removal cream mask which is specialist in removing any kind of hard or soft hair from legs without any side effects. Most of the ingredients used are fruits extracts and 2 major ingredients which helps in smoothening and hydrating the skin are Coconut Oil and Argan Oil. These two ingredients are naturally know in ayurveda world as herbal hydrating and moisturizing oils. It is good alternative to normal market available hair removal creams.

This mask works very efficiently embedded with non-harsh ingredients which are skin friendly and the formula used here works efficiently in order to remove the legs hair easily within few minutes of time easily without causing any side effects.

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Using this freeman silky leg hair removaing cream mask you are going to experience silky smooth skin after the removal of hair using this mask application process. It really silky legs which will make to do some show off during public functions and parties.

One of the another Skin Benefitting ingreients used in the Freeman Silky Leg Hair Removal Cream Mask is “Kaolin Clay” it is natural available clay from the nature and mostly found in the dense rainy forest soil which wil be very rich in minerals and got enormous amount of skin benefits and it will very gentle on the skin especially for female or women skin. This Clay is basically dugged and obtained from the moist soil of rainy forests of eastern part of the world like indonesia, malaysia, philppines and other eastern countries.

This ingredients is very special because it is nature made collagen type of clay for complete skin pamping and smoothening providing enough pH level balance in the skin. This clay will be very soft and easily blend with other ingredients in order to provide cream base effect for mask cream of freeman leg hair removal product. The final look of the cream like baby pink in color which quite attractive and hence due to this presence of the clay the cream texture will be firm over the leg and hence helps to remove the hair easily from the root level without causing any side effects.

This clay helps to build strong mask base cream and also which makes the cream easily spreadable and also helps to store the mask cream stay active and durable for longer time within the sachet of freeman leg hair removla mask cream. This Clay makes the cream base very soft and texture will be so lovely to see and also apply using spatula.

Why Freeman Silky Leg Hair Removal Cream Mask is Considered to be Special :

** The Sachet comes with spout and has more quantity of hair removal mask upto 3 fl oz which lasts for many applications.
** It provides completely pore closing and easy hair removing withint less span of time like within 10 mins.
** It is completely pure fruit base and non harsh chemical base ingredients which are tottaly skin friendly.
** The Texture of Cream Mask is totally nourishing type and easily spredable and applicable using spatula.
** This Leg Hair Removal Mask suits all skin types and can remove any kind of hair irrespective of its thickness.
** It has easy format of spout for multiple times opening and closing during the applications.

Directions to Use Freeman Silky Leg Hair Removal Cream Mask :

First of wash the legs cleanly so that no oil and no dirt is on the skin, then dry up with soft towel and then take cream with spatula from the freeman silky leg hair removal crream mask sachet and apply like a thick mask layer over the legs, keep the mask for about 10 to 15 mintures maximum or in case of sensitive skin it is recommended not to exceed more than 10 mintures and then easily and smoothly wipe the mask with an light wet cloth and then rinse the area with tap water without soap or if you feel some stickyness in the skin then you could use the mild soap to wash the area with tap water or luke warm water.

Pros of Freeman Leg Hair Removal Cream :

** Provide good Hydration and Moisture to Skin
** pH Level of the Skin is retained
** No use of Harsh Chemical in it
** Easy to Apply and wipe
** Do not take more than 10 minutes to remove the hair on legs
** Provides Bright and Clear Skin after use
** Provides Smooth skin with good hydration and shine
** Feel will be totally Silky Smooth Effect
** It Can remove any Hard Hair on Legs
** It provides soft and silky smooth effect after each application

Cons of Freeman Leg Hair Removal Cream :

** Sensitive Skin People should allow the mask cream stay more than 10 minutes on legs
** Normal, Dry and Oily Skin People could use the mask cream upto 15 minutes
** This Hair Removal Cream Mask is only limited to Legs
** Cannot be used on any part of body other than legs

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

1) What are the Key Benefits of Freeman Leg Hair Removal Cream Mask ?
Ans : Basically it Provides Good Hydration and Soothing feel to the Skin.

2) Any Good Benefit of Freeman Leg Hair Removal Cream Mask for Skin ?
Ans : Other than Hydration and Smoothening Effect it provides Clear and Bright Skin after use.

3) What are the Major Ingredients of This Leg Hair Removal Cream ?
Ans : It has to 2 major pure herbal ingredients which friendly to the skin for soothing and moisturising the skin like Coconut Oil and Argan Oil.

4) What is the Complete Ingredients List of Free Man Leg Hair Removal ?
Ans : The Complete list of Ingredients used in the Freeman Leg Hair Removal Cream Mask are :
: Water/Aqua Base, Propylene Glycol, Thioglycolic Acid, Cetearyl Alcohol, Calcium Hydroxide, Ceteareth-20, Lithium Hydroxide, Octyldodecanol, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Sodium Sulfite, Titanium Dioxide , Kaolin, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Musa Sapientum (Banana) Fruit Extract, Aleurites Moluccanus Seed Extract, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Psidium Guajava Fruit Extract, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Fruit Extract, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Extract, Macrocystis Pyrifera (Kelp) Extract, Nasturtium Officinale Extract, Maranta Arundinacea Root Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ceteareth-12, Lithium Magnesium Sodium Silicate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Chlorphenesin, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Benzoate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Limonene, Iron Oxides, Red 21.