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FebriFuga Hair Removal Cream – Permanent Hair Removal in just 2 Weeks




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Febrifuga Hair Remvoal Cream is an Natural Plant extract base Pure Herbal Permanent Hair Removal Cream which is used to treat unwanted hair on face and body areas without any side effects carrying awesome customer reviews world wide and you could buy online with ease price in India. It is an customized product whose license is limited only to siobay stores, siozon sales and krozenwart, hence it is not available in amazon or any other e-commerce stores, it is pure ayuvedic specialist men’s permanent hair removal cream for face with best results for private parts, it is also good facial and permanent head hair removal cream. Even it is recommended to use pubic hair removal with cream by Febrifuga Brand from Siobay Store.


Febrifuga Hair Removal Cream Functions :

** Approved by Third Part Lab Testing Certification

** It will remove hair from facial areas like upper lip, chin, side buns and neck areas

** It will remove hair from bikin lines and private areas efficiently

** It will remove hair from body areas like legs, hands, abdomen, back, should etc.

** Make the hair root die and Stops the hair growth forever further




Results Obtained ::

Facial Hair Removal ::


Body Hair Removal ::



Permanent Hair Removal Program Contains ::

This Cream helps in eradicating the unwanted hair grown due to PCOS, PCOD, Hirsutism, Hormonal Imbalance, this cream ingredients are superbly combined together to destroy hair follicles.

Note : Febrifuga Hair Removal Cream is licensed version product limited only to us Siobay Stores, Krozenwart and Siozon and this product comes with secret verification code and 3D hologram,we are one of the top solo distributor for this product.

Direction to Use: Apply the Cream on the unwanted hair grown areas and leave it for 30 mins every alternate days then wash it off with soap and water,follow this process for 2 weeks regularly in order to Remove hair Permanently.

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