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Skin Whitening and  Skin Lightening Products (Pure Herbal) :

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Results Oriented, Effective and Pure Herbal base Skin Whitening Creams and Soap and Tonic.

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Why Skin Whitening  is Required ?

Natural Radiant  and Light Skin with even tone is an alternative to all kinds of make up to hide our skin defects over face and body areas,usage as best alternative any other home remedies or home made recipes and easy treatments at home. The following products provides safe and effects results, Everybody look for young skin with clear and even tone skin especially for women, Hyperpigmentation is one of the major issues when the facial skin exposed to sun, lack of nutrients lead to body and facial skin dullness and damages, For black and brown skinned people the higher exposure to sun will lead to hyperpigmentation which can create an uneven skin tone in african and asian people.

People of European or Asian descent, blotchiness and spots or redness or melasma caused by sun damage and the aging process stand in the path of clear and radiant skin.

How Skin Whitening Works?

The main purpose skin whitening or lightening is not to bleach the skin which is an temporary and short time lightening, fade out unwanted blemishes by inhibiting melanin, which gives your skin its color. Melanosomes which are cells that contain pigment (melanin) which gives us our skin color, when it increases whenever sun rays and pollution exposure will cause more pigment formation deeper and deeper inside the skin with external pimples, acne, black spot, patches etc.

Hence remedy for this, many skin whitening products have been formulated to inhibit tyrosinase, essentially stopping it from over production of melanin in the skin and it could be multiple layer deeper. Skin Lightening reduces pigmentation, lightens leading to discoloration, removing blemishes and evens skin tone, the main target of these products focus over discolorations like age spots and hyperpigmentation from acne breakouts and bruising. Skin Whitening creams work to reduce the melanin pigmentation in a particular area on the skin with multiple layer penetration.

Products List ::

**1)) Skin Whitening Soap ::

3_Dr Wong Skin Whiten SOAP_MOD

Product Code : Green Algae Skin Whitening Soap

Benefits of Soap :  ** Removes Black Spots

                                   ** Lightens the Skin Tone

                                   ** Expected 3 to 5 shades Change in and around 8 Weeks

                                   ** Removes White Heads, Black Heads,Freckles,Pimples,Blemishes

                                   ** Makes Skin Even Tone

Directions to Use : Wash the Face Daily 2 Times and Body One Time per body.


**2)) Skin Whitening Cream ::

1_Dr Wong Skin Whitening CREAM_Mod

Product Code : Green Algae Skin Whitening Cream (Small Pack and Big Pack)

Benefits of Soap :  **Can be Applied over both Face and Body

                                  ** Lightens the Skin  making Tone Even from 5 to 8 shades Max

                                  ** Pure Herbal Ingredients and has No Side Effects

                                  **  Removes Freckles,Pimples,Blemishes,Blotchiness, Melasma, Acne

                                  ** Makes Skin Even Tone

** Use Cream Along with Dr Wong Skin Whitening Soap for faster results

Directions to Use : Apply on the apply the face evenly during night before going to bed.


**3)) Skin Whitening Tonic ::

2_Dr Wong Skin Whiten TONIC_Mod

Product Code : Jungle Kaadubaaley Extract Skin Whitening Tonic (3 Months Pack)

Benefits of Tonic :  **Whitenings Full Body from 3 to 8 shades in 3 to 6 months

** Lightens the Skin Tone deep inner areas also

** Pure Herbal and No Side Effects

**  Removes Freckles,Pimples,Blemishes,Melasma,Blotchiness,Acne

** Creates Even Tone

** This tonic is alternative and much better than any skin whitening

pills and injections.

Directions to Use : 2 Spoons in the Morning only with empty stomach.


Results Obtained Before and After ::

Before and After_1.jpg    Before and After_2.jpg


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Sudharshan Koti Amaravati / Amravati / Amravathi Andhra Pradesh – 2019-01-09

 Verified Purchase ✓

I love dr wong skin whitening cream because, it helps to get rid of my nose and cheeks pigmentation in 3 weeks and it was quite safe and natural product I have ever used, Just awesome cream for men and even sister has got benfited in dealing with dark eye circles and acne marks.