Hair Fall and Hair Loss Causes Solutions Treatment

Now a days the problem of hair fall and hair loss has been growing day by day irrespective of gender and age,hair fall from root for female has become equal to the hair fall in men, hairfall in teenagers is also one of the biggest challenge which we are absorbing, post delivery hair fall among women, not using non anti hair fall shampoo product as regular habbit is also an lacking factor.Hair Loss due to creatine and less efficiency of home remedies and falling trap for bad habbits in life and false life cycle will be loosing factor for hair fall.

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Hair Loss and Hair Fall Due to Sweating in Scalp :

What Happens When there is Sweat Release over Body and Face Areas?
Sweating by Body is not considered in normality as some unhealthy conditions a human being
can sweat due to high temperatures in weather, due to workout and exercise practise, while
eating lots of spicy food and even during tension or stress. Beyond this factors still if a
person sweats then it is considered to be non-peaceful mind set which needs relaxation by

Usually any person who sweats a lots will have sweat release all over
body including scalp, whenever there release of sweat and when it cools down due
to the air in the atmosphere the salt particles in the sweat gets settle down over the
scalp areas evenly and it will make skin corrosive and the sclap skin starts to dry up
and the scalp skin gets peeled off at micro level leading to dandruff form and so on.

How the Hair Falls or Hair Loss Occurrs due to Dandruff and Scalp Sweating?
Hence the sweat salts will clog the hair follicle pores and stops the hair to grow further
and spoils the health of the hair root by reducing the hydration level of the scalp areas,
which makes the hair root weak and makes the hair root loosen up and makes the hair fall causing hair loss.

Solution for Heavy Sweating :

**Drinking Regular Water for Hydration and Keeping the Body fluids at normality

**Taking Bath with normal water instead of hot water

**Taking head bath with normal water and it should be soft water

**Using good quality shampoo

**Regular oiling of hair to strengthen the hair follicles

Ways to Grow Hair Faster using Products :

Use good Hair Oils produced by High Quality Companies who would have done enough research and implented and test the oil with good hair shampoo and hair products will definitely helpful as alternatives to home remedies. Using Anti Hair Fall or Anti Hair Loss Shampoo for heavey hair falling people would be good.

Best and Not Good Treatments for Hair Loss :

Hair Fall or Hair Loss is one of the curse for men who suffers this
situation but now a days the hair fall or hair loss is also increasing
among the women or female, there are various hair loss treatments exits
and those are like clinical treatment, ayurvedic treatment and treatments
by herbal anti hair loss product.

The Worst Hair Loss Treatments will be sometime clinical treatments
if the clinical staff and dermatologist is not of good practise and experience
and secondly the clinical treatments will be instant solution but not permanent solutions
because it has instant solution like hair transplantation but it is not natural and permanent
hair regrowth
like done by ayurvedic and herbal products.

For Best Hair Treatments It is always go for Herbal Product both Intake and External Applications.

How to Grow Hair Thicker Heavy and High Volume

There are many good ways to make our hair grow more thicker, heavier and high volumized but before that we should the facts why our hair has become thin and hence by knowing that fact we could easily adjust and modify our daily user habits to gain more thicker and high volume hair and also make hair growth covering hair loss areas or bald areas.

It is part of daily hair cycle that we loose 50 to 100 hairs per day regularly naturally.

Prime factors like lifestyle what we lead every day , another reason is that it will be due to heredity reasons and kind of food what we eat and also includes the type of hair care products like hair shampoo.

Many Other Factors Which Affect the Hair by making it thinner are :

** Extreme Heat Effects : Using Hair Colors, Hair Straightener Machines, Styling Gels cause extreme heat to the hair making hair thin.

** Hair Clips & Hair Caps : Using too much of hair caps and tying the hair tightly up by hair clips

** Lack of Nutrition : Having More Junk food rather than nutritious food spoil the health of hair by making it thin.

** Stress and Pressure : Too much stress and pressure due to work or personal life.

Solution to Make Hair More Thicker, Healthier with More Volume :

** Hair Oiling : Apply Castor Oil and Coconut Oil Mixed in Equal Amount weekly twice with good massage.

** Use Anti Thinning Shampoo : Pick Good Hair Volumizing Shampoo to gain Volume and Thickness after wash

** Reduce Stress Levels : Do Yoga and Meditation, Stress Reducing Exercises or Therapies.

How to Reduce Hair Loss or Hair Fall Problems Naturally?

Now a Days Hair Loss has been considered as common problem among men and women of all ages, especially from teens to 40’s aged people. Before finding Hair Loss Solution first we have to analyze and see The few main reasons which makes the hair fall is :

** Hair Products What we use regularly

** Water used to Wash the Hair

** Methods to Wash Hair

** Life Style of Ours Affects Hair Fall

** Nutrition or Daily Food Intake Matters

Now we come to details of each point


** Hair Products What we use regularly ::

Daily We use Shampoo, Hair Styling Products and Electric Gadgets for Hair Styling and if these products do not match the high quality standards and if the ingredients in it are not herbal or ayurvedic then it will cause damage to hair leading to Hair Loss.

** Water used to Wash the Hair ::

Some people got habit washing hair with hot water, some people use borewell water, some people rub the wet hair with towels immediately after wash, hence these kinds habits lead to hair fall more and more.

** Methods to Wash Hair ::

Washing Hair with Hot Water and Hard Water like Borewell water will make the hair rough and loose moisture and as well leads to more hair fall.

** Life Style of Ours Affects Hair Fall ::

The Kind of Life Style We adopt everyday will also effects the hair fall, if we watching lots of televsions late nights or using electronics gadgets and laptops etc in day or night time then it will lead for hair fall.

** Nutrition or Daily Food Intake Matters :: If our daily intake food has got lack of nutrition then it will lead to hair fall issue to crop up. If you daily intake rely on junk foods then it will lead bad hair health.

Hence the Best Natural Solution to Avoid Hair Fall are ::

** Use Herbal Hair Products :: Use Products like Herbal Shampoo and Styling Products

** Use River Water or Soft Water :: Using Soft Water like corporation water without bleaching powder in it and using River Water and use normal water to wash the hair.

** Methods to Wash Hair :: Use cold water to wash the hair and also do not rub the hair with towel when it is wet.

** Adopt Healthy Life Style :: Take Proper Sleep of 7 to 8 Hours, Sleep Early and avoid watching electronic gadgets in late nights.

** Eat Nutritious Food :: Eat Lots of Green Vegetables and Drink Lot of Water along with Good Seasonal Fruits.

Best Ways to Control Baldness and Reduce Hair Loss and Foods for Hair Fall

Baldness or Loss of Hair is one of the common life cycle problem as we grow older and older from childhood levels, it has affection around 75% of our world population, every one loses hair regularly as a part of hair fall and hair regrowth cycle each with average count of 70 to 100 hairs per day in both men and women.

Various factors which leads to baldness or hair loss in more amount is worrying factor and the reasons could be daily life cycle which includes our Diet Food, Sleep Cycle, Stress Levels with studies or work or personal life, heredity reasons or it could be due to the products used in our daily life or lots of usage of hat or cap or helmet during bike ridings or the kind or water used for hair wash.

Various Methods to Follow Stop Hair Fall or Becoming Bald :

** Wash Your Hair Every Alternate Days or Thrice a Week : Wash your hair regularly every alternative days with good shampoo (herbal shampoo) or washing the hair thrice in a week will help in avoiding creation of sweat in the scalp which leads to formation of salts and dandruffs making hair follicles and hair roots weeks and proceeding for lots of hair fall. Do not use hard water or salt water or hot waters to wash your hairs otherwise it will boost the hair fall percentage.

** Good Nutrition in the Food Diets : Our Daily food also matters that how much regular hair needed proteins are going into the body which helps in carrying proper nutrition like vitamin E and vitamin B etc to the scalp areas via blood, which helps in keeping the hair hydrated, nourished and also protect the hair color from becoming grey hair formation of premature grey hair.

** Using Regular Oils with Massage System : Using certain oil combination like castor and coconut oil combination with light warmness and apply twice in a week and then shampoo it with good herbal shampoo, if the oil application done with little of massage it will help in increasing blood flow to the scalp areas.

** Life Cycle Habits : Do not wake up late night watching televisions or mobile or laptops or watching any other electronic gadgets and do not eat more of food of junkiness or avoid junk food, sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per day and also do exercises regularly. Do not comb the hair when the hair is wet, drink lots of water and apply onion juice once in a week mixed with coconut oil. Drink Green Tea every day, Stop smoking and avoid alcohol drinking habits. Do yoga or meditation to reduce stress. Do not use more cap or helmets so keep your hair open much to hair. Avoid unnecessary medications which cause side effects like hair fall.

Will Baldness be Cured in 2020 ? Still lots of research is going on the Baldness patterns and ways to stop the Baldness percentage but prevention is better than cure and hence try to prevent it and after baldness certain instant solution could be used but right now there is still research going on baldness cure.

Can We Regrow Hair After Balding ? Yes it is possible to regrow after bald because the hair roots will be still in the scalp and if proper blood flow happens then definitely the regrowth of hair occurs.