Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask Top 5 Benefits Over Cream

Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask is an natural hair removal mask to remove the unwanted hair instantly within few minutes without any side effects. Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask has feature of painlesss hair removal with flawless skin results. This Honey Hair Removal Mask has got awesome odor which is quite attractive to tie your mind, even this honey hair removal mask wont cause any kind of irritation. Major Base Ingredient is Manuka Honey which usually available only in Australia and New Zealand made of local honey bees which usually build honey comb in tea trees. Most of the customers tell that scent of kyem hair removal mask is really awesome. This mask keeps the skin moisturised for long time and makes every feel amazing after hair removal. Skin Feels smoother and softer after hair removal. It provides very impressive results without any side effects at all.

Features Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask :

  • Provides Moisture and pH Balance of Skin
  • Painless Hair Removal
  • Flawless Hair Removal over body areas
  • Very Gentle on Skin
  • Effectively Removes Hair from root level
  • Honey has got great Odor
  • Soft Consistency
  • Easily Spreadable at large areas
  • Works better than Brazilian Sugar Waxing

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Pros of Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask :

  • Thins the Hair Effectively
  • Retards the Hair for Long Term
  • Very Effective on Thick Hair
  • No Irritation for Skin especially sensitive type
  • Filled with Lots of Natural Ingredients
  • No Burning Sensation
  • No Tingling or Itching Feel
  • Best Alternative to Waxing at Salon
  • Save Huge Waxing and Shaving Bills
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Works well with Coarse Hair

Areas of Application of Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask :

You can use the Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask on Hands, Legs, Underarms / Armpits, Thighs, Abdomen, Back etc. Cannot be used over face especially with sensitive skin areas.

Cons of Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask :

  • This mask cannot be used for face especially with sensitive skin
  • Temporary Hair Removal

Usage Direction Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask :

Take the sufficient amount of Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask and put it over the area from you want to remove the unwanted hair and then spread it well using spatula and keep the hair remover product as mask over the area for about 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe the areas with cotton roll or tissue paper thoroughly and then wash the area with warm water and mild soap and then remove dampness with clean towel.

Precaution : It is not recommended to use over Face, if having sensitive skin.

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FAQ : Frequently Asked Question :

(1) What are the Ingredients of Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask ?
Ans : Water Base, Pungetn Fragrance, Vitamin E, Cocoa Seed Butter, Ceterath Alcohol, Thioglycolate of Calcium.

(2) What is the Cost of Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask ?
Ans : Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask will cost your $24.75 presently.

(3) Does it Remove the Hair from Root Level ?
Ans : Yes, Of course the hair get removed from the root level by clump away process.

(4) Does Hair grow back Faster after Removal ?
Ans : Generally it will take around 1 week to 10 days time for hair to regrow back .

(5) How Much It needs to remove hair thoroghly from the skin ?
Ans : It take around 15 to 20 minutes for medium hair to thick hair removal.

(6) Is Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask better than Nair ?
Ans : Yes, Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask works better than nair, because nair removal has got little burning sensation.

(7) Does Kyem Honey Hair Removal MaskReally Work ?
Ans : Yes of couse it works practically and really. The Description is not the theory but practical part, whatever the Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask in reality those functions and features are described now.

(8) How is the Smell of Kyem Honey Hair Removal Mask ?
Ans : It has got really pungent odor, it is quite attractive one.

(9) Does it Work on Hair Color Types ?
Ans : Yes for sure, it works in reality that it can handle any color hair type either blonde or black or brown etc.

(10) Any Cautions to be taken regarding the usage of this mask ?
Ans : Yes, Do not use on Facial Hairs, especially if you have sensitive skin. Even it is not recommended to use over sun burn skin,

(11) Can it used over bikini line and groin areas ?
Ans : It is not recommended to use on bikini lines and groin areas or any private parts. Please avoid such applications.

12) Does it work on Ingrown Hairs ?
Ans : Yes, It will over Ingrown Hairs also. So you could over ingrown hair area also.

(13) Is it Better than Waxing and Shaving Hair Removal Methods ?
Ans : This mask is an painless hair removal and hence better than waxing and works effectively than shaving providing smooth and softer skin after hair removal.

(14) Does this Mask cause any Dryness in the Skin ?
Ans : No, It do not cause any dryness in the skin instead it will provide you the most smoother and softer skin and also retains the moisture level and pH level of the skin.

15) What is the Major Benefit of using this hair removal mask ?
Ans : By using this hair removal mask, you could save waxing service and razor blades bills.

(16) Is any Patch Test Required for this hair removal mask before starting to use it ?
Ans : Various people will have various skin types and hence patch test before going for full fledge hair removal application is recommended for all.

(17) Why Manuka Honey is used in this hair removal mask ?
Ans : Manuka Honey has got capability to make hair thinner and hence making process so easy for all.

(18) Does Kyem Stores has got any product Return Policy or Refund Policy for Hair Removal Mask ?
Ans : No, Kyem Stores do not accept returning of the items due to hygine reasons. Even Refund policy do not exist for it.

(19) Which Gender can use this Product ?
Ans : Both Men and Women can use this product, it has no side effects over skin, even transgenders can use this product for sure.

(20) Is this an Vegan Product ?
Ans : Yes, It is completely vegan product and do not cause any side effects over the skin. It works very well and got amazing results after using it even over the sensitive skin areas. It is not having harsh chemical and ingredients and product is completely safe. All most all users are satisfied by the results.

(21) Can It Remove very thick hairs ?
Ans : Yes, It can remove any kind thick hairs even though it is cut or shaved using the metals like razor blade, trimmers, shavers etc.