Best Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair and Which is Hygiene and Healthiest Method?

There are many hair removal methods exists which we could choose and follow but the question is which will be most healthiest way to follow up. All most homely hair removal process are healthiest and hygiene type. But certain place where we visit to have hair removal there we have to see the quality of methods followed to remove the hair, hence there we could judge that whether that is healthies way or the homely hair removal process.

Among many availabilities of hair removal methods to choose from clinics, some from market, some from home remedies, hence some of the methods are painful, some of them are permanent one and some of them are temporary hair removals with complication and non complications.

Homely Methods are ::

** Shaving
** Waxing
** Sugaring
** Threading

** Shaving
Shaving is one of the easiest and less cost method to remove the hair and it is more comfortable to remove the hair instantly with in few minutes. It can be used over the almost all areas of the face and body like upper lip, chin, chest, hands, underarms, legs. Some of the cons of this methods are rashes due to rigorous shaving and low quality blades, improper shaving leads to cuts, compulsory usage of shaving soap or shaving foam required to make the hair softer and helps in easy removal. It is the best hair removal tool for instant hair removal, it will help in gaining soft skin but here the regrowth of hair will be very faster and consistent shaving is necessary.

** Waxing ::
Here an Set of wax is used in the form of cold and hot wax, here either cold wax and molten hot wax is applied over the larger areas of the hair grown and then removed with strips, it is very useful for even small upper lips, eyebrows, and bikini area. If low quality wax is used then it will lead to rashes and reddishness. What will be the unhygienic thing we could expect is that if the wax stick which we used to dip in the wax bowl and apply over the skin will usually get infected by bacteria hence if used without sanitization then there will sure bacterial infection to the skin. It has capability to remove the hair from root level. If the skin is sensitive it will lead to rashes and redness.

** Sugaring ::
This method is one of the oldest method of hair removal used in western part of the world, In this method molten sugar with lemon juice is mixed to form paste and it is applied over the larger unwanted hair grown areas and then after sometime it is removed with strip and hence the hair will come off from root level providing soft hairless skin. It can be used for both face and body areas without any side effects. It is quite effective and hygienic also. This sugaring method also provide the same effectiveness as waxing method.

** Threading ::
Threading is an hair removal method basically originated from middle east Asia, an crossed thread is used to pluck and remove the hair from root level. It is like tweezing only, because here thread is used and in tweezing an tool of tweezing. Threading is very sanitized method and safe to all types of skin including sensitive skin. Hence it is quite hygienic type of hair removal. Here regrowth of hair will be of little bit longer time.

Clinical Methods are ::

** Laser Hair Removal

This is one of the modern world hair removal process, here an machine with high frequency called IPL like intense pulsed light is used generate the heat which will make the hair follicle burn and hence retarding of hair growth will happen leading to inhibition, this technique provides the long lasting results but got side effects like skin burn and rashes. Here the method takes longer time to remove the hair with sequence of sittings. It has to be attended by experienced laser therapist and doctors. To achieve 50% to 60% hair reduction it will take around 20 to 24 weeks of time.

Prescription Products :

** Eflora Hair Retarder Cream

** Vaniqa Hair Removal Cream

Here Medically Prescribed topical creams, it contains the special ingredients base advanced formula which retards the hair growth and inhibits the hair growth further, the formula is adopted is such a way that till the time this cream is applied it not only delay the hair growth but also reduces the hair, but one disadvantage is that if the application of cream is stopped then hair will regrow back.

Market Available Herbal Products :

** Permanent Hair Removal Creams, Spray, Gel, Lotion are considered to Mass Market Products.

There are lots of products available globally in this market, it has enormous market, but most of them brands are of top quality, one of the reputed brands are distributed by siobay stores, schnellmart, siozon sales, krozenwart providing top quality products. Herbal products will in cream, spray, oil, powder, lotion etc forms to treat all kinds of unwanted hair at home. Lots of products has background of lots of research in the lab by high quality medical researchers and inventors. Here in such labs lots of the formulas are invented which help in eradicating unwanted hair forever. Permanent Hair Removal and Normal Hair Removal products has become common among the grooming products, there care certain home laser machines that give home base clinical treatments and online is flooded with epilators witness enormous demand among consumers especially women, this is global product in grooming line and many top companies like Philips, Braun, Mac etc are some of the major top manufacturers of epilators and home laser machines, hence easy and hygienic way of hair removal process is using permanent hair removal products which are safe and do not cause any side effects. Now the demand among the men also there for hair removal product as a part of men grooming especially for male models and body builders. Product with herbal ingredients and plant extracts are of more demand considered the safety part of the health and skin. Permanent Hair Removal products are more in demand as it is considered as alternative to laser hair removal and electrolysis methods or any other clinical methods.

Best Way to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently : What Options Present ?

All most all the People in this world like both the genders face the problem of unwanted hairs issues, but era to era the methods of hair removal process will keep changing. Hence ultimate aim of removing hair from face and body is the main objective.
There are many products and methods exists in market claiming to provide permanent hair removal with its special treatment to get rid of unwanted hair permanently and various methods takes various time in removing the unwanted hair.

Hence finding the best permanent hair removal method or process along with its pros and cons and side effects and also the factor of results or effectiveness factor of each one is an challenging task.

Reasons for Unwanted Hair Growth ::

There are many factors which are leading to unwanted hair growth in men and women, in men hormonal imbalance, heredity and medicinal side effects will lead for excessive hair growth. In women hormonal issues like pcos and pcod, heredity issues, life style and medicinal side effects will lead to unwanted hair growth over face and body areas for women.

What are the methods we can adopt for hair removal ?

Hair Removal methods can be classified as in 3 major classification ::

** Temporary Hair Removal
** Semi Permanent Hair Removal
** Permanent Hair Removal

*** Temporary Hair Removal ::
Here methods like threading, waxing, tweezing, plucking home remedies, salon, depilatory creams visit etc are the methods come under the temporary hair removal process and here the effectiveness factor will 15% to 45% towards the permanent stoppage. In Threading process crossed thread are used to pluck the hair from the skin and it is little bit panful process, this process used for eyebrow, upper lip and chin and other smaller areas only, In waxing method cold or hot wax is poured over the larger hair grown areas and hairs are removed with strips, this process to treat unwanted hair growth over larger areas like chest, back, arms, legs etc. Tweezing method has an tool which plucks the hair from root level and this is applicable for bikini lines and private areas, but it do not suit all people. There are some home remedies like using turmeric, egg white with sugar etc, but home remedies will take enormous time to provide even temporary results. Depilatory Creams are like normal hair removal creams available in market which are made with chemicals and it has to be applied for couple of minutes over the hair grown areas and then wiped out with tissue or could be washed off then hairs from skin surface level will cut and removed keeping the skin soft, supple and hairless.

*** Semi Permanent Hair Removal :
In this hair removal method certain clinical treatment and products are used to reduce the hair growth and also inhibit the further hair growth. The Clinical Treatment like Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis are used here and also inhibitor creams or prescription creams are also part of this semi permanent hair removal methods. In Laser Hair Removal method an IPL source or intense pulsed light with high frequency is used over the clean area and hence these light product heat which make the hair root get burn due to heat produced and hence inhibits the further growth of hair temporarily. In Electrolysis method an micro needle is inserted inside the hair and make the hair bulb blow with either by electricity or by chemical. Inhibitor creams and prescription creams works almost same manner and it is used to reduce the hair growth and also to reduce the volume of hair in particular area, these inhibitor prescription creams like vaniqa and eflora will be made with chemical and hence those chemical combination formula makes the hair root die partially and hence leading to stoppage of hair growth. Here the effective efficiency rate will be 45% to 75%.

*** Permanent Hair Removal :

Here in this category herbal permanent hair removal products, here permanent hair removal cream, spray, gel, lotions, oil, powder etc will be the forms of permanent hair removal products, these product will have efficiency factor from 75% to 98.28%. These hair removal methods will be very easy to use at home without any side effects because all most all of them will be having herbal ingredients.

*** Natural Hair Removal Process :
Here homely ingredients are used to create an method to treat unwanted hair, molten sugar, honey paste and drinking pcos or pcod controlling tea called spear mint tea to stop the growth of facial hair.

Does any time We need medical consultation ::

Yes sometimes we may have to face excessive hair growth in very faster manner like during hirsutism and disturbed monthly cycles in women. PCOS or PCOD treatment will be most mandatory if monthly cycles are abnormal, even some ingrown hairs will make the hair root complication with twists and turns of hair, it will always difficulty in facing ingrown issues.

How to Remove Upper Lip Hair Naturally at Home ?

As discussed earlier home remedies is one the category of temporary hair removal process, homely kitchen items are used to treat the upper lip hair which grows in facial area of women. An mix of turmeric of wild root, milk, egg which sugar with honey combination will be prepare and applied over the upper lip hair areas and hence leading to dry for some time and then wash it with soap and water, hence gradual reduction of hair happens but it do not help in eradicating the hair permanently forever.

Final Conclusion ::

Hair Removal process is an complicated process where the body hair and facial hair has to go through various steps or methods of hair removal. Go through the reviews about the hair removal process and hence make decision about the hair removal process. There are many claims in the market about the permanent hair removal solutions in the form of products. Even certain procedures or steps seems to be easy but not seen visible. As per our analysis efficiency rate exists more in permanent hair removal products. Hence permanent hair removal product are commended to first priority and then other methods are chosen as temporary and semi permanent methods.