Best Ways to Remove Hair in Pubic Area or Private Areas ::

List of Ways to Remove Hair in Pubic Area or Private Areas ::

Many People in the globe willing to have clean pubic areas or private areas because of hygiene factor and new clean fashion trend, there are many various way to remove private areas hair safely at home without any much hazards and now a days many people want to do permanent hair removal with the help of any type hair removal methods. Efforts has been put to find best way to remove pubic hair always from unwanted hair growing areas.

Hence Hair Removal Process for Pubic Areas Classified as ::

** Home Base Hair Removal System
** Clinical Treatments
** Herbal Products

*** Home Base Hair Removal System ::

Here the methods like Cutting, Shaving, Trimming, Waxing, Tweezing, depilatory creams sort of methods can be used. In Cutting methods either knife or scissor can be used cut the hair carefully, it is one of the safe method because we could have more control over the cutting of hair but here in this method we could have hair cut up to skin surface level but we wont achieve the smooth skin. In Shaving method we use the blade with razor and we apply the foam or soap over the skin and shave the area with blade and clear the area which has grown hair. Trimming a process and electrical automated scissors are used which run on electricity and the length of the hair to cut could also be adjusted, hence trimmers are also used to have skin surface level hair cut, hence in trimmers we can achieve the rough hair cut. Waxing is an method where either in home or in salon this process could be carried out, in the waxing method we could have clean and smooth skin without single hair tangling around over the skin, in waxing either cold or hot wax is poured over the skin and removed by the strips with faster manner and then hence hairs will come out from root level sticking to strip via wax, hence in waxing an clean smooth hairless skin could be achieved. Tweezing method is like plucking the hair from the root level using the tool called tweezer, each hair is pulled out with tweezer providing either clean hair and hence method is especially used in facial areas like eyebrow shaping, removal of hair from upper lip or hair from chin area or neck area. Hence these are simple hair removal methods used at home to remove the hair, trimming, tweezing can be easily used for pubic areas but waxing cant be used because it does not work on smaller areas and more ever the skin in pubic areas will be sensitive and it may lead to skin rip off so it recommended not to use it over pubic areas. Even market available depilatory creams can be used over the hair to stop the hair growth for certain days, hence eflora or vaniqa sort of creams used to treatment the hair, these are medically prescribed creams having lots of chemicals in it and it will dissolve the hair at the skin surface level and hence making the hair to get cut from skin surface level providing hairless smooth skin.

*** Clinical Treatments for Hair Removal ::

Here in the clinical methods laser hair removal methods and electrolysis methods are used to remove the hairs. Laser therapist or specialist and electrologist are the base people who will handle the hair removal process with certain equipment in which they will be expert.
Laser Hair Removal contains machines producing intense pulsed light with high frequency and it will produce an laser light will high frequency pulses with produce heat and hence the areas of therapy is cleaned with razor blade and hence application of laser light over the area is done to so the heat could damage the hair follicle and hence stopping the regrowth of the hair to certain level like providing inhibition or retardation of hair growth. Any person has to go through many session from 4 to 9 weeks depend upon the hair thickness or length of the hair or volume of the hair grown over the areas. Laser hair removal treatments are quite expensive as well as it take more time, one of the major cons of the laser hair removal process is that if the treatment is not handled by experts or experienced technicians then it will lead to skin damage like skin burn or rashes by redness.
Electrolysis is an process where the micro needle is inserted into the skin with electrodes and either chemical electrolysis or electrical electrolysis is carried out. Here an micro needle inserted into the hair leading to the bulb of the hair follicle or hair root and then using chemical process or passing electrical powder through the electrodes then the hair follicle bulb gets damaged and hence the particular will get dead temporarily and hence leading to disruption of new hair growth or an microwave is impinged over unwanted hair grown areas to damage the hair follicles to create inhibition or retardation. Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis hair removal treatments need the experts or experience candidates to treat the hair with their hands on experience. Other than these electrolysis and laser hair removal process there are not much good methods exists to remove the facial and body hairs without much side effects.

** Herbal Products ::

There are many companies who manufacture herbal products have switch into the field of hair removal system, hence these companies do invest millions of dollars in research of the formula using herbal ingredients to make or prepare an product which can hold an advance formula to make hair die forever by cutting down the blood supply to the hair roots by which the nutrients supply will be zero and hence hair roots die gradually, hence such products will be in the form of permanent hair removal creams, spray, oil, powder, lotions, gel etc. These products will surely contain 100% herbal ingredients as herbal roots and plant extracts. Other than herbal permanent hair removal products none of the other methods has got more efficiency factor, hence herbal permanent hair removal product got 98.28% efficiency factor.

Cons of Home Hair Removal Therapies ::
** Redness / Rashes
** Irritation
** Severe pains sometimes
** Infection or itching
** Growth of ingrown hair

Cons of Herbal Products :
** Redness or Rashes if the quality the product is poor
** Wound creation
** Swelling

It is recommended to follow safety guideline before trying hair removal methods by yourself to treat unwanted hair over pubic areas.

Best List of Hair Removal Methods

Best List of Hair Removal Methods ::

Globally people are facing the problem of unwonted hair over facial and body areas which are not upto fashion trend in some society globally. Women especially do not like the unwanted hair on upper lip, chin, cheeks, back, legs, back, chest,

Many people have unwanted hair. It’s common on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, back, legs, chest, abdomen, underarms, armpits, neck areas etc.

There are many reasons which causes unwanted hair growth, one could be due to heredity issues, some could be due to side effects caused by certain medications, there will PCOD or PCOS issues exists in women.

Hence All Women and Men with unwanted hairs will be seriously searching for some kind of permanent hair removal solution and keep trying many methods including daily hair removal methods like homely hair removal process like shaving, cutting, threading. plucking and salon methods. But salon and homely process are only temporary and hence they do no provide any permanent solution and hence hairs regrow back as per the hair growth cycle.

Certain Homely Daily Methods are :

** Shaving :
Here we use the razor with blades to remove the hair grown over hands, legs, arms, underarms, facial unwanted hairs including ingrown and bikini lines.

** Plucking :
Plucking and Tweezing are the two sides of the same coin, it will lead to one of the better option in removal of hair temporarily, here many women using plucker does reshaping of eyebrows and pluck some chin or upper lip hairs. Too much of plucking back to back leads to blood clots in the skin.

** Threading :
It is a traditional process where a piece of thread is twisted and held in the form of scissor and used to remove the hair from root level and these methods are used by women in home and as well this method is adopted in salons also, it stings a lot due to friction and plucking.

Products Based Hair Removals are ::

** Depilatory Creams ::
Certain Market Available depilatory creams which dissolves the hair from skin surface levels are very much used by men and women to remove the unwanted hair from large areas, such creams are manufactured by many brands in India and globally. These creams will be completely chemical base as mentioned earlier and will definitely have slight side effects if used for longer time and frequently like skin burn, rashes and other allergic effects. Hence before trying any brand directly over the unwanted hair grown areas just do a patch test and then after finding there are no reactions then you could used directly over unwanted hair grown areas by following the directions.

** Hot and Cold Waxing ::
In this method certain women use cold wax applied over the large hair grown areas and remove with strips and certain people using hot waxing where the hardened wax will be heated first to melt it and then molten wax is applied over the large areas of unwanted hair growth and then removed by strips, hence while using the hot waxes we have to look after that the temperature should be moderate. But Waxing is also an painful process faced by waxing method users. You should be aware that there are chances skin pull off hence see the waxes of good quality and do not stick to skin too hard. Depilatory creams will be much better to use over bikini lines and upper lip hair areas.

Cosmetic Hair Removal Methods ::

** Laser Hair Removal method ::
In this method the process will take certain amount of days to reduce the hair growth or stop the hair growth, it may take around 1 month to 1.5 month of minimum in the form of sittings, here an machine yielding high frequency laser light released and focused over the cleanly shaved areas of unwanted hair growth and these high frequency beams burn the hair roots leading to inhibition of hair forever. These high frequency light the hair follicle by burning it due to its heat, but it is little painful methods as many parts of the body will have sensitive and delicate skin and may lead side effects if the laser technicians are not experienced or good at using laser machines.

** Electrolysis Method ::
This is one of the olden days methods before laser where an highly experience professional used to put an tiny needle into the hair follicle level via hair and pass electricity through it making the hair bulb to get destroyed.
Electrolysis also has 2 basic variations of hair removal one is Galvanic method and another one is Thermolytic methods.

Galvanic method : In this method chemical are used and it destroys the hair follicles.

Thermolytic method : In this method heat created by electricity will destroy the hair follicles.

It is recommend to allow only trained and experienced professions to use such methods over patients. This Electrolysis process can be done on any part of the body.

Medical Treatment for Hair Removal of Unwanted Type ::

Here certain pharmaceutical companies work in lab to implement certain medications which help in stopping or inhibiting the hair growth and certain intake pills like Spironolactone used to slow down the hair growth, and External application creams like Vaniqa are used vastly to reduce the hair growth, this vaniqa cream is FDA approved and helps in slowly removing facial hair growth in women. This cream slow down the hair growth and it can be used 2 times in a day. But Hair will grow again if this application is stopped.

Permanent Hair Removal Herbal Products ::

Now a days lots of herbal products companies working on products which could provide permanent hair removal solution to the unwanted hair grown issues in men and women and they work over the formula which can does permanent hair removal as well as it should be safe to use by any body and at any age and by any gender. Permanent Hair Removal Cream, Gels, Spray, Powder, Oils, Serums are common now a days as Herbal Permanent Hair Removal products, compared to all methods herbal permanent hair removal products will be more efficient with the rate of 98.28% in eradicating the unwanted hairs over full body including facial unwanted hairs.