How to Get Rid Unwanted Facial Hair Due to PCOS Naturally at Home

Globally Most of the Women are suffering from PCOS i.e polycystic overy syndrome enormous amount facial hair growth every day and hence they were so compelled that they choose to
shave the unwanted hair on their face everyday, hence as a side effect regular shaving lead to more thicker hair growth and hence dealing with this kind stubborn is challenge task
and hence women inner mind will be seeking for some permanent hair removal solution.

Unwanted Hair Growth over face and body area of women due to irregular production of the hormone hence to say overies producing more of male hormones, Hence this
excess amount male hormone produce male like hair growth over women face and hence PCOS issues starts to make women really embarrassing in the society due to facial
excessive hair growth and hair tends to grow like men on both face and body areas.

Hence as a suggestion permanent hair removal can be done by two methods :

** Clinical Hair Removal Permanent Process

** Natural Hair Removal Permanent Process

***Clinic Hair Removal Permanent Process : Here the clinics methods like laser hair removal is one of the good option and also electrolysis hair removal process tops the list
under the clinical process , but electrolysis method will be time consuming and cumbersome process where as the laser hair removal will easy but efficiency factor of laser
hair removal is ony 64% and also got side effects like skin burn and pre-shaving before laser process also one of the cons of this clinical laser hair removal process.

** Natural Hair Removal Permanent Process : The major advantages is having very safe and natural method process, so this process can be classified as home remedies or ayurvedic
hair removal treatment or herbal hair removal treatments like ayurvedic medicational from ayurvedic doctors or using herbal permanent hair removal cream from the market online.
As per the survery from various top companies any company product good permanent hair removal cream is performing better and faster than any ayurvedic medication taken from the
ayurvedic doctor.

Having PCOS medication parallel along with the hair removal process is the best method to adopt to cure any kind of unwanted hair caused by pcos over facial and body areas.some of the best hair removal cream which are now days available online from good companies adopted after good research to make facial hair removal with its natural hair removal process to obtain permanent hair removal and being specialist in upper lip hair removal and underarm hair removal,

hence serving as facial hair removal at home including the best solution and method for hair removal for men which includes body hair removal for men and these product form cream and gels for permanent facial hair removal
or any skin type base facial hair removal for women works the best and hence using one of the best quality permanent hair removal cream will be wise way to save money and get
rid of unwanted facial hair at home caused by PCOS.

Which Hair Removal Method Provide Long Lasting Results ?

Hair Removal Methods are already classifieds as Home Remedies, Clinical Treatments, Herbal Products, Prescription Products.If rating is given then there certain methods which will provide the data of efficiency in descending order.

Order of Efficiency in Treating Unwanted Hair ::

** Home Base Techniques has got Efficiency Factor of 45% to 64%
** Clinical Treatments are Rated with Efficiency Rate of 64% to 78%
** Herbal Products are Rated with Efficiency Rate of 98.28%

*** Home Base Techniques has got Efficiency Factor of 45% to 64% ::

Here the methods like Shaving, Depilatory Creams, Plucking, Tweezing and Waxing sort of things are used to remove the hair, these kinds of methods yields hair removal for the period of on average of 5 to 8 weeks with efficiency factor in hair removal of 45% to 64%. Shaving is an method where an sharp blade is put into the razor and then hairy area with made wet with water and made softer by shaving foam and then razor wiper hard over the area so that hair get cut and get removed from skin surface level. Depilatory Creams are market available normal hair removal creams which is made with chemical and formulated to dissolve the hair follicles or hair from skin surface level, hence depilatory creams are applied over the areas of unwanted hair growth and kept for 5 to 15 mins depend upon brand application procedure and then wiped with tissue paper or clean cloth or it could washed also with soap and water, hence hair gets removed instantly. In plucking or tweezing methods and small metal tool is used the hold the hair and pulled out from hair root level, hence it is also easy method but it is bit painful in nature. Waxing is an method used at home and as well salons where an either cold wax or hot wax, either cold or hot wax is poured over the unwanted hair grown areas then after certain second wax is removed by pulling with strip sticked to it. Hence waxing method also got providing good hairless area with soft skin but it is painful hair removal methods. Hence till date depilatory creams has given painless way to home base hair removal method but in depilatory creams most of the brands has too much odors which is unbearable sometimes.

*** Clinical Treatments are Rated with Efficiency Rate of 64% to 78% ::

Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Treatments are the two major clinical way hair removal which has efficiency factor of 64% to 78% in hair removal. In Electrolysis methods an micro needle is inserted into the hair and an chemical or electricity is passed to the hair root bulb and hence making the hair bulb damage or burst, hence hair roots get damaged and hence it may reduce itself from regrowth further and inhibits from growing further, in this method hair can be removed from both face or body areas, it is very useful to remove the hair from chest, back, shoulders, legs, hands, etc. Of course electrolysis got some side effects like little bit pain or product skin rashes around the hair individual. Most of the doctors apply anesthetic cream for the hair removal area and then electrolysis process is carried out. Before going to have electrolysis hair removal it is better to go through the reviews of the clinics or get reference from friends and known people about the clinic. Also check the specialization experience and check experience and expertise of the electrologist or electrolysis technician.

Laser Hair Removal process is also carried out at laser centers or clinics by expert or doctors or dermatologist who are good in doing laser therapy to remove unwanted hair with intense pulsed light with high frequency produced by an diode base machine, hence before doing the laser hair removal process over the unwanted hair grown area first it is cleaned by shaving process and then an laser therapist spent half an hour to 45 minutes in average to impinge IPL light over the unwanted hair grown areas, hence the light of laser impinging produces heat which will burn down or burst down the hair root bulb or follicle hence reducing the hair regrowth period with inhibition factor which it holds by the laser process.

If the lase therapist or the laser technicians are not good then it lead to damage of skin with redness, rashes, skin burns etc. Laser can effectively work over face, hands, leg, chin, upper lip, back, shoulder, underarm, bikini line also. Laser hair removal is a process which does the hair loss of unwanted hairs takes lots of time like 6 to 8 weeks of time. If the hairs are thick and deep then session taken will increase till the hair gets removed from hair follicle levels.

*** Herbal Products are Rated with Efficiency Rate of 98.28% ::

Herbal Permanent Hair Removal Products are the form of cream, gel, spray, lotion, powder or oil form. It is basically prepared based on the formula adopted by the brands or manufacturers of the product, any brand before producing any product its research teams work from several months to output an formula on that basis the product will be developed. Various factors like efficiency in hair removal, side effects, ingredients combination to provide an efficient output are checked till an final product is ready, once the product is ready then it is branded and marketed by the branding or marketing team. Major advantages of the herbal permanent hair removal products are that it removes the hair permanently and naturally without any side effects, it has got highest efficiency rating.

Most of the Herbal Permanent Hair Removal Product are available in online markets or stores, hence very rare and less permanent hair removal products could be obtained from the physical stores near by us. Herbal Products ensures that products contains only pure herbal ingredients and plant extracts and which will be suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. These products could be used by all genders of the society. More focus of the big product manufactures are growing and expanding in developing herbal permanent hair removal products globally.

Best Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair and Which is Hygiene and Healthiest Method?

There are many hair removal methods exists which we could choose and follow but the question is which will be most healthiest way to follow up. All most homely hair removal process are healthiest and hygiene type. But certain place where we visit to have hair removal there we have to see the quality of methods followed to remove the hair, hence there we could judge that whether that is healthies way or the homely hair removal process.

Among many availabilities of hair removal methods to choose from clinics, some from market, some from home remedies, hence some of the methods are painful, some of them are permanent one and some of them are temporary hair removals with complication and non complications.

Homely Methods are ::

** Shaving
** Waxing
** Sugaring
** Threading

** Shaving
Shaving is one of the easiest and less cost method to remove the hair and it is more comfortable to remove the hair instantly with in few minutes. It can be used over the almost all areas of the face and body like upper lip, chin, chest, hands, underarms, legs. Some of the cons of this methods are rashes due to rigorous shaving and low quality blades, improper shaving leads to cuts, compulsory usage of shaving soap or shaving foam required to make the hair softer and helps in easy removal. It is the best hair removal tool for instant hair removal, it will help in gaining soft skin but here the regrowth of hair will be very faster and consistent shaving is necessary.

** Waxing ::
Here an Set of wax is used in the form of cold and hot wax, here either cold wax and molten hot wax is applied over the larger areas of the hair grown and then removed with strips, it is very useful for even small upper lips, eyebrows, and bikini area. If low quality wax is used then it will lead to rashes and reddishness. What will be the unhygienic thing we could expect is that if the wax stick which we used to dip in the wax bowl and apply over the skin will usually get infected by bacteria hence if used without sanitization then there will sure bacterial infection to the skin. It has capability to remove the hair from root level. If the skin is sensitive it will lead to rashes and redness.

** Sugaring ::
This method is one of the oldest method of hair removal used in western part of the world, In this method molten sugar with lemon juice is mixed to form paste and it is applied over the larger unwanted hair grown areas and then after sometime it is removed with strip and hence the hair will come off from root level providing soft hairless skin. It can be used for both face and body areas without any side effects. It is quite effective and hygienic also. This sugaring method also provide the same effectiveness as waxing method.

** Threading ::
Threading is an hair removal method basically originated from middle east Asia, an crossed thread is used to pluck and remove the hair from root level. It is like tweezing only, because here thread is used and in tweezing an tool of tweezing. Threading is very sanitized method and safe to all types of skin including sensitive skin. Hence it is quite hygienic type of hair removal. Here regrowth of hair will be of little bit longer time.

Clinical Methods are ::

** Laser Hair Removal

This is one of the modern world hair removal process, here an machine with high frequency called IPL like intense pulsed light is used generate the heat which will make the hair follicle burn and hence retarding of hair growth will happen leading to inhibition, this technique provides the long lasting results but got side effects like skin burn and rashes. Here the method takes longer time to remove the hair with sequence of sittings. It has to be attended by experienced laser therapist and doctors. To achieve 50% to 60% hair reduction it will take around 20 to 24 weeks of time.

Prescription Products :

** Eflora Hair Retarder Cream

** Vaniqa Hair Removal Cream

Here Medically Prescribed topical creams, it contains the special ingredients base advanced formula which retards the hair growth and inhibits the hair growth further, the formula is adopted is such a way that till the time this cream is applied it not only delay the hair growth but also reduces the hair, but one disadvantage is that if the application of cream is stopped then hair will regrow back.

Market Available Herbal Products :

** Permanent Hair Removal Creams, Spray, Gel, Lotion are considered to Mass Market Products.

There are lots of products available globally in this market, it has enormous market, but most of them brands are of top quality, one of the reputed brands are distributed by siobay stores, schnellmart, siozon sales, krozenwart providing top quality products. Herbal products will in cream, spray, oil, powder, lotion etc forms to treat all kinds of unwanted hair at home. Lots of products has background of lots of research in the lab by high quality medical researchers and inventors.

Here in such labs lots of the formulas are invented which help in eradicating unwanted hair forever. Permanent Hair Removal and Normal Hair Removal products has become common among the grooming products, there care certain home laser machines that give home base clinical treatments and online is flooded with epilators witness enormous demand among consumers especially women, this is global product in grooming line and many top companies like Philips, Braun, Mac etc are some of the major top manufacturers of epilators and home laser machines, hence easy and hygienic way of hair removal process is using permanent hair removal products which are safe and do not cause any side effects. Now the demand among the men also there for hair removal product as a part of men grooming especially for male models and body builders. Product with herbal ingredients and plant extracts are of more demand considered the safety part of the health and skin. Permanent Hair Removal products are more in demand as it is considered as alternative to laser hair removal and electrolysis methods or any other clinical methods.

Best way to Remove Facial Hair :

As per the analysis done above more efficient and more safe way to remove facial unwanted hair is to use Herbal Permanent Hair Removal Cream for about 6 weeks to 12 weeks regularly, hence using for such an time period the permanent hair removal cream will make the hair root die and stops the facial hair forever permanently.

Women Specially Best List Permanent Hair Removal

Women Specially Best List Permanent Hair Removal ::

Every Women and Men follow certain process of hair removal daily or regularly as their maintenance routine in their life cycle to appear beautiful and hygiene, hence several methods and techniques adopted each individual according to convenience to get rid of unwanted hair from face and body areas without any side effects. Most of us like to find Best Permanent Hair Removal Solution so that we can get rid of unwanted hair forever in life and still certain regular hair removal methods which are convenient, easy and fast to work on will discussed below to obtain silk smooth skin after the usage.

Set of Homely Methods are ::
** Tweezing
** Shaving
** Plucking
** Waxing

** Tweezing :
Tweezing is an process where the hair are pulled out from root level with the handy tweezers easily and comfortably and it works well only in smaller areas and it is not meant for large areas, hence recommended to use on upper lip, chin and neck or side burns. Once the tweezing is done then it will be remain not grown for about 2 to 3 weeks of time. If we are using the Tweezers regularly then it is recommended to clean the tweezer after every usage to avoid certain infections in future.

** Shaving :
Here an tool called razors with blades are used to clean the areas of unwanted hair growth areas it could manual shavers or electrical shavers. The blade in the razor basically cuts the hair equivalent to skin surface level to give clean area with smooth skin touch feel. After the usage it is recommended to throw away the blades and razor should be cleaned with sanitizers to avoid infections, but before shaving it is good the make the hair wet and soft by soap or foam of shaving cream. This shaving method can be used on any part of face and body and there no hindrance in that. Too much rigorous shaving may lead to growth of ingrown hairs likely be in bikini areas.

** Plucking :
In this method metal puller or pluckers are used to pull the hair individually one by one and hence this method can be used for upper lip hair or chin hair or eyebrow hair, hence similar technique adopted in threading process where an twisted thread is used to pluck the hair which is basically used in the salons.

** Waxing :
In this method an wax is used as base ingredient to spread it over unwanted hair grown areas in past form and after drying an strip is put over it to pull of the hairs so that wax holded hairs will come off with strips. Wax used here can be hot wax or could be cold wax also. This method can used over the larger areas of unwanted hair growth like face, underarms, legs and bikini areas. After waxing hair growth wont be there about 2 to 3 weeks of time normally.

Cosmetic Techniques of Removal ::
** Laser Hair Removal Technique
** Electrolysis

** Laser Hair Removal Technique :
An Trained Doctor or Technician uses an machine which product an high frequency beam of laser light which impinged over the areas of unwanted hair growth after cleaning the area with clean shave and this process is carried it out in sessions and hence it is an long hair removal process to attain inhibition and hair reduction. In this laser technology good one will IPL (Intense pulsed light) which is of more concentration form, it is best for women facial hair removal than full body hair removal. This treatment last long from 1 month to 3 month depend on the thickness of the hair including present hormonal conditions like levels of PCOS or PCOD.
It has definitely has side effects in sensitive skin people like rashes, skin burns, etc. It is recommended to take laser hair removal treatments under high quality service clinics under more experienced technicians.

** Electrolysis Hair Removal System :

In this technique an expert of electrolysis system is involved in treatment process where and tiny micro needle is inserted via hair to make reach into hair root level then chemical or electricity is passed to damage the hair root leading to death of hair root so that there is no regrowth of hair. It is very much applicable for upper lip and chin or neck areas. Results will long last for about 2 to 3 weeks but expected side effects for sensitive skin people are red rashes and scars.

Market available Herbal Products ::

** Depilatory Creams / Medical Creams
** Permanent Hair Cream / Spray/ Gels / Lotions

** Depilatory Creams :
There are lots of companies product depilatory creams made with chemicals which has the ability to dissolve the hair follicle and remove hair from skin surface levels. It is good for larger areas like legs, hands, underarms, bikini lines, chest, abdomen, back etc. It will long last for 1 week to 10 days of time practically. Possible side effects will burning sensation, skin rashes or redness. Even medicated creams like vaniqa works well as best inhibitors till it used, once we stop to apply then the maximum amount of hairs regrow back.

** Permanent Hair Cream / Spray/ Gels / Lotions :
These will be in product form like creams, lotions, spray etc, these are produced by ‘n’ number of people globally, There are many herbal product manufacturing companies produce permanent hair removal products. These permanent hair removal creams or gels or sprays etc are made of pure herbal ingredients like herbal roots and plant extracts and it do not cause any side effects and also it has an permanent hair removal success rate of 98.28%. In this year certain best permanent hair removal gel are doing well in the market which has really done good job in past 3 years and named in the market as top hair removal products. These products should be applied for very shorter time and it will take just 2 to 4 weeks of time complete permanent hair removal process in normal cases and it will be around average of 8 weeks in case of PCOD or PCOS.

Best List of Hair Removal Methods

Best List of Hair Removal Methods ::

Globally people are facing the problem of unwonted hair over facial and body areas which are not upto fashion trend in some society globally. Women especially do not like the unwanted hair on upper lip, chin, cheeks, back, legs, back, chest,

Many people have unwanted hair. It’s common on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, back, legs, chest, abdomen, underarms, armpits, neck areas etc.

There are many reasons which causes unwanted hair growth, one could be due to heredity issues, some could be due to side effects caused by certain medications, there will PCOD or PCOS issues exists in women.

Hence All Women and Men with unwanted hairs will be seriously searching for some kind of permanent hair removal solution and keep trying many methods including daily hair removal methods like homely hair removal process like shaving, cutting, threading. plucking and salon methods. But salon and homely process are only temporary and hence they do no provide any permanent solution and hence hairs regrow back as per the hair growth cycle.

Certain Homely Daily Methods are :

** Shaving :
Here we use the razor with blades to remove the hair grown over hands, legs, arms, underarms, facial unwanted hairs including ingrown and bikini lines.

** Plucking :
Plucking and Tweezing are the two sides of the same coin, it will lead to one of the better option in removal of hair temporarily, here many women using plucker does reshaping of eyebrows and pluck some chin or upper lip hairs. Too much of plucking back to back leads to blood clots in the skin.

** Threading :
It is a traditional process where a piece of thread is twisted and held in the form of scissor and used to remove the hair from root level and these methods are used by women in home and as well this method is adopted in salons also, it stings a lot due to friction and plucking.

Products Based Hair Removals are ::

** Depilatory Creams ::
Certain Market Available depilatory creams which dissolves the hair from skin surface levels are very much used by men and women to remove the unwanted hair from large areas, such creams are manufactured by many brands in India and globally. These creams will be completely chemical base as mentioned earlier and will definitely have slight side effects if used for longer time and frequently like skin burn, rashes and other allergic effects. Hence before trying any brand directly over the unwanted hair grown areas just do a patch test and then after finding there are no reactions then you could used directly over unwanted hair grown areas by following the directions.

** Hot and Cold Waxing ::
In this method certain women use cold wax applied over the large hair grown areas and remove with strips and certain people using hot waxing where the hardened wax will be heated first to melt it and then molten wax is applied over the large areas of unwanted hair growth and then removed by strips, hence while using the hot waxes we have to look after that the temperature should be moderate. But Waxing is also an painful process faced by waxing method users. You should be aware that there are chances skin pull off hence see the waxes of good quality and do not stick to skin too hard. Depilatory creams will be much better to use over bikini lines and upper lip hair areas.

Cosmetic Hair Removal Methods ::

** Laser Hair Removal method ::
In this method the process will take certain amount of days to reduce the hair growth or stop the hair growth, it may take around 1 month to 1.5 month of minimum in the form of sittings, here an machine yielding high frequency laser light released and focused over the cleanly shaved areas of unwanted hair growth and these high frequency beams burn the hair roots leading to inhibition of hair forever. These high frequency light the hair follicle by burning it due to its heat, but it is little painful methods as many parts of the body will have sensitive and delicate skin and may lead side effects if the laser technicians are not experienced or good at using laser machines.

** Electrolysis Method ::
This is one of the olden days methods before laser where an highly experience professional used to put an tiny needle into the hair follicle level via hair and pass electricity through it making the hair bulb to get destroyed.
Electrolysis also has 2 basic variations of hair removal one is Galvanic method and another one is Thermolytic methods.

Galvanic method : In this method chemical are used and it destroys the hair follicles.

Thermolytic method : In this method heat created by electricity will destroy the hair follicles.

It is recommend to allow only trained and experienced professions to use such methods over patients. This Electrolysis process can be done on any part of the body.

Medical Treatment for Hair Removal of Unwanted Type ::

Here certain pharmaceutical companies work in lab to implement certain medications which help in stopping or inhibiting the hair growth and certain intake pills like Spironolactone used to slow down the hair growth, and External application creams like Vaniqa are used vastly to reduce the hair growth, this vaniqa cream is FDA approved and helps in slowly removing facial hair growth in women. This cream slow down the hair growth and it can be used 2 times in a day. But Hair will grow again if this application is stopped.

Permanent Hair Removal Herbal Products ::

Now a days lots of herbal products companies working on products which could provide permanent hair removal solution to the unwanted hair grown issues in men and women and they work over the formula which can does permanent hair removal as well as it should be safe to use by any body and at any age and by any gender. Permanent Hair Removal Cream, Gels, Spray, Powder, Oils, Serums are common now a days as Herbal Permanent Hair Removal products, compared to all methods herbal permanent hair removal products will be more efficient with the rate of 98.28% in eradicating the unwanted hairs over full body including facial unwanted hairs.