How to Grow Hair Thicker Heavy and High Volume

There are many good ways to make our hair grow more thicker, heavier and high volumized but before that we should the facts why our hair has become thin and hence by knowing that fact we could easily adjust and modify our daily user habits to gain more thicker and high volume hair and also make hair growth covering hair loss areas or bald areas.

It is part of daily hair cycle that we loose 50 to 100 hairs per day regularly naturally.

Prime factors like lifestyle what we lead every day , another reason is that it will be due to heredity reasons and kind of food what we eat and also includes the type of hair care products like hair shampoo.

Many Other Factors Which Affect the Hair by making it thinner are :

** Extreme Heat Effects : Using Hair Colors, Hair Straightener Machines, Styling Gels cause extreme heat to the hair making hair thin.

** Hair Clips & Hair Caps : Using too much of hair caps and tying the hair tightly up by hair clips

** Lack of Nutrition : Having More Junk food rather than nutritious food spoil the health of hair by making it thin.

** Stress and Pressure : Too much stress and pressure due to work or personal life.

Solution to Make Hair More Thicker, Healthier with More Volume :

** Hair Oiling : Apply Castor Oil and Coconut Oil Mixed in Equal Amount weekly twice with good massage.

** Use Anti Thinning Shampoo : Pick Good Hair Volumizing Shampoo to gain Volume and Thickness after wash

** Reduce Stress Levels : Do Yoga and Meditation, Stress Reducing Exercises or Therapies.