Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil Grade GROZ Hair Removal


Thanaka Grade GROZ Powder and Kusumba Oil – Permanent Hair Removal.


Natural Herbal Plant Extract


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List of Authentic Suppliers of imported brands are : Siozon Sales,Siobay Store,Krozenwart, these imported brands will come with 3D holograms for authentication. This has an manual which clearly explains how to use best thanaka powder hair removal but not patanjali powder price and it is one of the top authentic imported supplier brands but not found on amazon, Ebay, etc with Grade Groz Powder Variant.

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What is Thanaka Grade Groz Powder and Kusumba Oil and How the mixture of both works ?

Basically Grade GROZ powder is mixture of  raw and pure thanaka plant bark powder mixed with other herbs and roots powder.When the thanaka powder is mixed with kusumba oil after few seconds it release thanaka proteins and kusumba oil proteins whose combination can will make the root die gradually with day by application and stops the hair growth back.

Major Benefits of Thanaka Grade GROZ Powder and  Kusumba Oil :

** Helps in Removing any kind of unwanted hair Permanently

** No Side Effects and made of Pure Herbal

** Suitable for all skin color and hair color

** Can be used people of any age from 3 years to 60 years old


Usage Directions and Application Methods :

Direction to Use : Mix Kusumba Oil Twice the quantity of Powder and make lotion type of mixture and then apply over the unwanted hair grown areas and leave it overnight for more effective results in less time or minimum 4 hours should be kept after application at any time.

Application Methods : After applying the mixture of powder and oil then spread evenly with finger tip and slightly massage it for about 20 seconds and 30 seconds so that maximum amount can be absorbed into the skin.

Results Obtained ::

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Application Time and Schedule :

** General Cases : Apply this mixture of powder and oil for 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

** PCOS,PCOD,Hormonal Issues : Apply this mixture of powder and oil for 8 weeks to 12 weeks.


Uses : For Men,Women,small Kids from age of 3 years to 60 years
Grades : This Powder comes in Pure hair remover,with skin whitening combo and anti aging.
Storage : Store in normal cup boards
Life : Use with in 3 months since opening of seal
Authentic Sellers : Limited to siobay stores,krozen wart,siozon


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