Green Chilli Plant Leaves Tea Benefits Medicinal Value for Heart Blockages

The New Research has revealed the fact the Green Chilli Plant Leaves are beneficial in opening up the blockages is blood vessels and heart blockages. Hence One of the wonderful way to consume Green Chilli Plant Leaves will be in Tea Form.

Hence the following procedure guides us through what ingredients required to prepare Green Chilli Leaves Tea.

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If this habit Green Chilli Leaves Tea drinking adopted from childhood regularly then heart blockages never occurs in one’s life span of time.

Ingredients Required are :

** 2 Cup of Water
** 1 Cup of Green Chilli Plant Leaves
** Half Tea Spoon Cardamom Powder
** 1 Spoon Honey

Procedure :

** Put the Green Chilli Leaves in the Bowl wih 2 Cups of Water along with Half Tea Spoon Cardamom Powder for 5 mins to 10 mins and then filter out the boiled tea and after cooling add 1 Spoon of Honey and drink it, if this tea drunk weekly twice or thrice then any kind of blockages in heart will get cleared.

Hence Finally the Green Chilli Leaves Tea is Prepared :